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Submission #1291: Trask's Genesis Death Duel in 08:24.73

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Death Duel
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Death Duel (W) [!].bin
Emulator: Gens 11 svn304
Movie length: 08:24.73
FrameCount: 30284
Re-record count: 1048
Author's real name: Gregory Young
Author's nickname: Trask
Submitter: Trask
Submitted at: 2006-09-18 15:35:41
Text last edited at: 2012-12-17 23:47:56
Text last edited by: nanogyth
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Recorded with Gens9j

Death Duel is a first-person perspective combat game for the Sega Genesis. Fight through a series of nine enemies using various weaponry to win the tournament. Each enemy you face has certain weakspots which, for the most part, can be blown off.

Between each battle is a shop where you can purchase weaponry and make repairs. No damage is taken throughout this run so the repair screen never appears, saving precious time.

Missiles are used almost exclusively as they are inexpensive but very powerful. Homing Missiles are also used when needed, as they are extremely expensive.

You must purchase weaponry for each battle based on the credits you have earned. You can gain credits in three ways.

Qualifying Rounds are shooting gallery levels where you must shoot critters to earn a certain number of credits. There are seven Qualifying Rounds, one between each battle.

Note that even with rerecords and frame advance it is damned near impossible to hit those flies worth 5000.


Round 1: Shanox Moisail

You begin with default weaponry, though only missiles are used in this run. Although Shanox's wings, arms and legs are vulnerable to attack, it is not neccessary to destroy them. Two quick shots to the head and it is blown clear. A further two missiles blow the remaining stump of a neck away and it's on to Qualifying Round 1.

Round 2: Forsal Jeraba

Instead of destroying Forsal's limbs with seperate shots, a single homing missile does all the work. It's a few quick shots to the headcannon and head and we stroll past the remains and on to another Qualifying Round.

Round 3: Krax Xarkton

A pair of missiles quickly destroys Krax's fake head. Instead of taking the time to destroy the limbs to make the second head vulnerable, a single Homing Missile does him in.

Round 4: Darrius Morb

Glorious Missiles! Darruis doesn't even get to blink before he's dissected by a precision salvo of deathdealing projectile goodness.

Round 5: Borb Eubistapcia

What a serious waste of time. Borb is fought very similarly to Shanox, although he is able to regenerate his head and most of his limbs. Thankfully, a single Homing Missile destroys all his limbs at once. I blow off the first head and his second pair of legs so that he can't run away. Destroying the second head kills Borb but it takes a really long time for him to die. While I wait, I blow off his forearms for extra cash and carnage.

Note that I fire a missile into the wall on purpose, as it provides just large enough a hole to fire through.

Round 6: Karl Borgas

A pair of Homing Missiles takes out his limbs and a quick cluster of Missiles to the head leaves the cockpit exposed even before Karl can move. One final missile to the now-exposed cockpit finishes him off. Normally, he would bail out of his mech and run along the ground, firing at you but it seems the Homing Missiles "killed" him beforehand.

Round 7: Kuros Tizrak

Walk without rhythym and it won't attract the worm! Kuros can be very deadly to an uneducated foe. It seems that Kuros is blind, unless you move around. I blow off one of the pincers before Kuros can react, then switch to "stationary mode." I blow off the second pincer, both arms and both heads with my remaining missiles.

Round 8: Yorgik Somtix

Time to start spending that surplus cash! What is normally a difficult battle is completely trivialized by a pair of Homing Missiles followed by a pair of Missiles to the face.

Round 9: Simas Julies

Simas is the ultimate foe - extremely difficult to kill and able to dish out massive amounts of damage quickly. Too bad for him I've got FIVE Homing Missiles for him to chew on.

Note that when the battle ends, the battle does not end. He waves the white flag and "surrenders."

If you do not destroy him quickly and completely, he retaliates by transforming into a massive set of cannons and obliterates you in a single barrage. He then taunts you with "A cyborg never surrenders!" and your game is over regardless of any remaining lives you may have had. We, however, do not even wait for him to land on the ground before he is pulverized by a pair of Missiles.

And so our hero becomes the new champion and earns his prize!

This is my first submission and my first TAS. I hope you will enjoy it!

Truncated: It looks very well played, but the qualification rounds kill most of the entertainment. Since voter feedback has been negative, I'm rejecting this. Like I said in the topic, you seem to have talent, so good luck with your next project.

adelikat: Unrejecting and accepting for publication to the Vault

nanogyth: Processing for publication...

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