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Submission #1456: mmbossman's Genesis Spider-Man vs The Kingpin in 06:21.22

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Spider-Man vs The Kingpin
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Spider-Man vs The Kingpin (U) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 06:21.22
FrameCount: 22873
Re-record count: 5352
Author's real name: Nick Mong
Author's nickname: mmbossman
Submitter: mmbossman
Submitted at: 2007-02-17 02:21:21
Text last edited at: 2007-06-30 19:03:25
Text last edited by: adelikat
Download: Download (2466 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
In this movie we watch Spiderman act more like Superman, dodging bullets, not losing any health, and flying (well, swinging anyway) through the air, not to mention turning many infamous villains into whimpering children. This movie obsoletes the previous movie by Neofix by slightly over 1 minute.

I used Gens version 9Z Build Version 20070209, with Allow U/D+L/R, although I didn’t find any ways to abuse this. No warps or passwords. I first and foremost aimed for maximum speed, with taking no damage as a secondary goal.

This is actually version 2 of this run; I completed the first version in around 4000 rerecords, but I found an improvement on the first level. Hex-editing for this game is a total nightmare due to dead frames causing desynchs, but even though it cost me another 1500 rerecords, I managed to save another 10 seconds spread throughout the levels, so it was worth it. Improvements are many and varied. A lot of time saved came from beating the bosses faster due to Spiderman’s kick being more powerful than his webbing, which was used extensively in the previous run. More optimal web swinging, improved tactics, and lag reduction at the end of levels also played a part. Here’s a breakdown of my level split times compared to Neofix:

Level Finish times Neofix Run My Run Total time saved Level Time saved
Level 1 4885 4449 436 436
Level 2 8236 7465 771 335
Level 3 11761 10268 1493 722
Level 4 14604 12898 1706 213
Level 5 18500 15718 2782 1076
Level 6 22678 19519 3159 377
Level 7 26502 22873 3629 470

The most frustrating part about this game was it’s ungodly like ability to desynch during hex-editing. It always chose the most inopportune times to add in a dead frame, especially during the Lizard and Venom fight. I can imagine another run of this game maybe taking off 5 or 6 more seconds due to velocity control (ie through a RAM viewer), but it better be done right the first time around. Anyway, I hope you like this as a much needed improvement to one of the oldest (and least optimized) runs on the site. Happy viewing!

Truncated: Accepted as an improvement to the current run.

mmbossman: Canceled due to Neofix creating a faster, damage taking run.

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