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Submission #1742: AKA's Genesis Quackshot in 22:23.07

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Quackshot
Game version: any
ROM filename: Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (W) (REV00) [!].gen
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 22:23.07
FrameCount: 80584
Re-record count: 16314
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: AKA
Submitter: Mitjitsu
Submitted at: 2007-10-26 16:59:13
Text last edited at: 2007-12-01 01:15:40
Text last edited by: adelikat
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Quackshot is debateably the best Disney game ever made and somewhat overlooked as well. The movie improves nifboy's version by about a minute and its also a good example of how far TASing has come since then, mainly through the advancement of better tools and experience.

Unlike Megaman, the main character Donald duck slides on his belly and has to obtain items in order to advance further in previous levels and to sometimes return in future to make a further advancement in the current level. The game is relativley sequence break proof, mostly because the items required are either needed to be used time and time again or that its simply impossible to avoid using the item at all. In the Egyptian pyramid (not the first one entered) its possible to skip the sceptor, but unlike Flashback the game does not make any kinds of assumptions that you already have aquired an item before reaching a certain point.

Level notes


Some improvements in the slope glitch. Basically, Donald maintains the same speed when he runs up a slope from a sliding position although it doesn't last forever since the glitch acts as if the sliding it about to come to a halt. The glitch will be more noticable on steep slopes since the glitch tries to maintain the same horizontal speed. The second part of mexico may seem entirely automated but the platforms only load when you reach a certain postion so its important to be as quick as possible and only wait until the gaps become narrow enough to make the oposite platforms.


I sacrifice a little time to get a pop corn pellet by jumping slightly higher after stunning an enemy this is neccessary for a big time saver later on in the Egyptian level


There is a weird pause glitch I discovered late on in the run so I had to test various places after to see if it saved time. This is the first place that saved time, it might not look it but it saves 3 frames. length of the black screen depends on the length of the text and it generally only saves time when you need to switch weapons or use an object anyway. I use bubbles on dracula since I had great problems with the final hit. plus the game lags a bit when you kill Dracula with a plunger plus Donald needs to stand directly under Dracula to hit him since he can't hit him off screan


A new trick which saves a lot of time at the end. I'm surprised it was overlooked in the past.

South Pole

Potential sequence break here but the bubbles were falling just pixels short of breaking the ice cubes at the start, so I couldn't obtain the book earlier, which would have been a good thing since the game unavoidably lags like crazy. My guess is that the programmers used near perfect checks and also had too many things loaded on screen at once.


I sacrifice a frame to show off a little glitch at the end of the mine cart section. Also there is a nice shortcut here towards the end that saves 12 seconds, maintaining sliding in mid-air for that long is difficult but I successfully managed it in the end.

Final level

There is a ceiling boundary which prevents what could have been a very cool shortcut

Bisqwit: Correcting the ROM name; without, NesVideoAgent would have no hope of guessing the right ROM...

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. I'm not sure I got the right ROM though. (I tried Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (W) (REV00) [!].gen, which was the closest match to what you wrote.) Well, here goes! Feel free to clean up the list.

Removed because it desynced.

Truncated: Accepted. In spite of the bad votes, noone have pointed out any technical mistakes. It is also a big improvement over our current movie.

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