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Submission #1876: pekopon's GB Looney Tunes in 09:39.32

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Looney Tunes
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Looney Tunes (U) [!].gb
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 09:39.32
FrameCount: 34759
Re-record count: 9249
Author's real name: Brian Inwood
Author's nickname: pekopon
Submitter: pekopon
Submitted at: 2008-03-02 03:58:27
Text last edited at: 2008-03-28 06:00:49
Text last edited by: pekopon
Download: Download (3053 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is my fourth, and most likely final run of Looney Tunes. I canceled the first two runs, and my third one was published. This improvement run is 284 frames faster than my previous run, not losing any frames in any of the levels. I'm afraid I can't say for certain how many frames I saved in each level, since there are 8 saved frames unaccounted for. They may just be frames I saved in between levels, but I'm still not sure where these frames were saved.

I used VBA-rerecording 19.3 to record this run.

      * Record from Power on
      * Game Boy
      * No BIOS
      * Aims for fastest possible time
      * Takes Damage to save Time
      * Abuses Programming errors
Daffy Duck Stage

This is the level that was improved the most. In my previous run, after sliding down a hill for a speed boost, I hit the wall and lost my top speed while fighting Yosemite Sam. This time, I was able to beat him without stopping at a wall, but I had to slow down a little bit. Since I still had some of my extra speed, I got through the next room way quicker. Also in Daffy Stage, I was able to get through the falling rocks by walking on them rather than dodging them, so that also saved time saved. time. Due to these improvements, I can say for sure I saved 169 frames in this level.

Tweety Bird Stage

Pretty much the same as the last time. By jumping on Sylvester, you speed up slightly. By doing this repeatedly, I save lots of time than if I just ran. Once again, I could have jumped on him more, but some jumps had to be skipped in order to get Sylvester to jump over obstacles without stopping. I can say for sure I saved 1 frame in this level.

Porky Pig Stage

Side Scroller Level. Did some kinda neat dodging to keep it interesting, and I killed lots of enemies. Due to a very slightly faster boss fight, I can say for sure I saved 4 frames.

Tazmanian Devil Stage

I shall once again mention the problem with this stage. Spinning through the bricks causes major lag. Due to this, I do not spin through many bricks. Since I don't spin through many bricks, not much happens in this stage. I could make it more interesting by spinning through more bricks, but this would cause the amount of frames wasted to sky rocket. Due to less lag, I can say for sure I saved 35 frames in this stage

Speedy Gonzalies Stage

There is a certain Ghost whose position depends on the frame. In order to sneak under it, I had to wait for a split second before going into the next room. If I went in right away, I would not be able to go under it and get hurt. I need to have the extra health to use a trick to speed up, that involves getting hit by a certain enemy. I was able to go under it in my previous run right away since I got to that room a few frames later than in this run. I'm pretty sure that I neither gained, or lost any frames. I probably could have saved time at the Mummy fight, but it would just be extra waiting at the ghost.

Road Runner Stage

Not much different here. The injuries were both deliberate. Both injuries were because Road Runner will bounce up a little bit as a sort of extra jump when he gets hit, which was just enough time needed for Wile E. Coyote's invisible time to end. I'm unsure how many frames I saved here, but I know it is either 4 or 7 frames saved.

Bugs Bunny Stage

This was the level that made me put the project on hold for quite a long time. I thought that my fights with the Mini-Bosses were perfect, but I did manage to save some time this time through. There were other areas where I saved some time, and I had an improved Elmer Fudd fight. I can say for sure I saved 63 frames in this stage.

I think that this will be my final TAS of this game. Hope you enjoy it!

adelikat: Accepting and encoding.

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