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Submission #1887: Shinryuu's NES Mega Man 6 in 30:54.55

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Mega Man 6
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Megaman VI (U) [!].nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 30:54.55
FrameCount: 111273
Re-record count: 212460
Author's real name: Timo Taipaleenmäki
Author's nickname: Shinryuu
Submitter: Shinryuu
Submitted at: 2008-03-13 22:33:54
Text last edited at: 2008-03-17 18:07:55
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Hello TASvideos, it's been a while again!

About my run

This is my story about fighting against the game's laws and psychics. i want to tell you clearly things that i did and didn't do.

When i started this project i wasn't sure how much it can be improved and what different problems, things i am going to face in my journey. I was really amazed after starting this project how you can detect certain lag points by sliding, charging, even pressing right,down while sliding sometimes.

I think some of you are wondering and so on why my re-record count is so high but there's a clear explanation for it.

- I am calm but stubborn person in a certain ways because i love to overdue my projects with great amount of caution. When i faced problems with this game, i got really excited and i tried to use every button-combos even weird ones that came to my mind to see if i can find something unexpected that helps. This way worked the most but it caused a lot of extra work and re-records. I can't say any other reason for my different way of working.

About the game

This game may look really simple and easy but that thought isn't correct its hard, laggy, feed out of bugs, filled of randomness kind of game.


Sub-pixel position isn't a big problem actually you don't need to worry about it so much expect if you face 1-2 frame of lag-points but they can be simply avoided by pressing A near of the edge or charging your weapon. If i had problems where i lost frame or two i simple stopped sliding somewhere and repeated that until i get the right or faster frame to land.

For the bosses i entered the door in different position or in a different frame to get good distance.


  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
  • Manipulates luck

Here's the improvements for each stage

Saved Difference
Flameman 127 127
Blizzardman 49 176
Plantman 117 293
Tomahawkman 144 437
Yamatoman 20 457
Knightman 19 476
Centaurman 60 536
Windman 43 579
Mr.X Stage 1 16 595
Mr.X Stage 2 20 615
Mr.X Stage 3 30 645
Mr.X Stage 4 42 687
Dr. Wily Stage 1 191 879
Dr. Wily Stage 2 7 886
Dr. Wily Stage 3 150 1036
Dr. Wily Stage 4 31 1067

Special information about the stages and work

I found improvements from the each stage but they were yet insanely hard to find.
I tried to change the game route example. start with the windman stage first and use
buster in the boss fight, for some reason sliding, charging was much slower if compared to
Flameman fight.


One of the stages that haves much lag and randomness, i tried to solve myself out from that puzzle. Later i realized that you can reduce lag by sliding (or charge your buster faster) this technique worked best in the Flameman fight for some reason.

AngerFist thought a little faster way to the third screen, but randomness forced me to gain only "2 frames" for a while and after that everything was lost and much more.


Simple stage with a high load of lag, i realized how to use flameman's weapon to minimize lag better


Well.. one of the stages that caused me to take a little break because there was many ways to improve things and i need to test them all out. For the boss i found a good way to less lag.


I decicated to use Buster instead of Flame weapon because it wasn't so slow as it looks and it handled the lag much more better and smoother in the end.


Nothing special, tried to fight against lag that flying enemies made a lot.


This was a weird stage, i won or lost frames there and there and i need to do that level couple of times to see what is the fastest way to beat the level.


I found out that you change the gameway bit and you were able slip below the pelican and continue your sliding. I took damage instead of waiting charging buster in the room with two mine enemies.


In the fifth screen i didn't take damage and i used a bit different route because it changed the gameway a bit later so i was able to skip lag-points. I also realized that its better to walk/jump near of the moving enemies to detect lag.

Mr. X Stage 1

I didn't expect to find any improvements from the stage but i tried to change weapon in a different time and jump lower or higher while using megajet.

Mr. X Stage 2

Didn't expect to see improvements here but i had good luck and i found a few little things out that can help you to go forward.

Mr. X Stage 3

I had to minimize lag from everywhere by sliding, shooting and so on with millions of different strategies.

Mr. X Stage 4

Same goes to here just minimizing the lag and prey for a good luck, in the end i found out a better techniques to minimize lag there and there.

Dr. Wily Stage 1

I changed weapon straight way to yamatoman's weapon instead of buster and then to yamato again. Weapon changes takes much time to do so i was curious and it was a good idea in the end.

For the boss i found the key route so i was able to get that elevator to spawn so fast as possible and shoot every time as possible.

Dr. Wily Stage 2

Only got few frames from the stage and they come from the enemies that are in the end of the stage.

Dr. Wily Stage 3

Found a technique that saves a lot of time in the boss re-fights. I Changed my weapon after i defeated the boss because i realized that it tooks much more time to change your weapon outside of the bossroom expect between Centaurman and Windman because it appeared to be 30-40 frames slower.

Dr. Wily Stage 4

"i came from the base and i aim to the wily's base." I found a good way to hit huge machine wily 5 frames faster while trying to hit second time.

I manipulated flying wily to the right upper corner to shoot from more far away to "shoot earlier."

Special thanks goes to..

  • Kopernical, For making historical yet enjoyable Mega Man runs existed in the TAS world.
  • Kyrsimys, For doing a great (route) no damage run that was really exciting to watch.
  • AngerFist & Adelikat, For their tightly optimized run and great work made together.
  • Randil, Being friendly and supported my work.
  • FinalFighter, For he's tips and strategies.
  • Bisqwit, For he's great community and being friendly to everyone.
  • And to all TASvideos users

Bisqwit: Tidied up the submission message markup. And accepting for publication and claiming for processing!

Bisqwit: Changing ROM name to aid NVA's ROM matching feature.

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Oh! I also corrected the ROM name.
  • You indicated Megaman VI (U).nes
  • I updated it to Megaman VI (U) [!].nes

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