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Submission #1952: symbolic X's NES Total Recall in 07:32.38

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Total Recall
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Total_Recall_(U)_[!].nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 07:32.38
FrameCount: 27143
Re-record count: 756
Author's real name: s. swinson
Author's nickname: symbolic X
Submitter: p0rtal_0f_rain
Submitted at: 2008-04-26 06:14:30
Text last edited at: 2008-04-28 04:49:14
Text last edited by: symbolic X
Download: Download (6779 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is based upon a movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger playing as Quaid. A lot of people never liked this game and it was probably one of the worst movie-to-video-games released. Another reason why this game can not be what it is, because it can lag here and there, and the controls are not always responsive. Maybe this can be used to an advantage, though! The overall goal was to make way to Mars and recreate an atmosphere to save a dying world. But, it all starts with a series of gangs pursuing Quaid through a city.

The streets were straight-up improvement from my first WIP. Not once was I surprised by a drunk guy hiding in an alley! What took up time, though, was the police guys jumping through the second floor. I was pretty much on the run the whole time. (1,4,5)

Richter's apartment, I guess, was the next stage where a woman was on her way in with a gun. I had to wait on her! So what was I doing while I was waiting? That's right. Dancing... pretty quick. First, dancing to the beginning of the music, then dancing to the open gunshots fired by that crazy chick. I did defeat her a lot quicker than I thought. (1,2,4,5)

The security hall toward the subway would involve fighting with a gun, but after I already discovered hundred-hand slap punches from the streets (major abuse of the B button), I was able to turn Quaid into E.Honda out of Street Fighter and take down the security guards quicker! I didn't start making my way to the other end until I had three out of four guys defeated. I managed to corner the fourth guy and tear his rear-end out the frame! Finally, I found some kind of glitch where Quaid was walking in the air after jumping through a glass window at the end. (1,3,4,5)

Downstairs to the Subway boarding dock, again, the hundred-hand slap was used toward the gray and red soldiers and finishing them off quicker. Also, I made sure that I didn't touch any rabie dogs and even made sure most of those dogs come in from the right-side of the screen. Another round of improvement on this one! (1,4,5)

Then at the concrete building, I didn't hesitate to start climbing, coming down, and going directly after that one guy with a briefcase. I started tearing him out the frame while making sure I didn't get hit by his own "Kung Lao" hat. I was surprised that I had to go all the way back to the beginning of the stage just to complete it. But, I played fast and safe. (1,4,5)

Off to Mars, where Richter waits for Quaid... bah...

There were a few blue rooms I had to walk through. One of my main focuses were to get rid of the floating UFO's and laser guns attached to the wall. So far, defeating just those (while avoiding those red robots) will be enough to open a door to the next room / terminal area. Since I did avoid the red robots unlike doing this in my first WIP, I did improve here too. =) (1,4,5)

Driving a crazy-looking green vehicle through so many twists and turns made me had to play it like a racing game. But it's not drag racing, so it does require slowing down. I didn't really go on a collision course as much, and I had to plan a slightly better racing line, so that should be indeed improvement. (1,4,5)

Running through a certain area where a bunch of rednecks had to throw ninja stars, boomerangs, explosives, and even send down Martian Cats?! I had the ability to take my time and stop some of those cats before they even appear. I am sure that was a clean run through there if so. Then, I finally caught the doors of The Last Resort which didn't take too long at all. Improvement! (1,4,5)

Some mine field was my next sweep. Compared to my first WIP, it looked about the same. I wasn't too fast or too slow going toward Digger Dan, another boss. (1,4,5)

Then at the boss stage was where I made serious improvement. Majority of my laser-firing was a little more precise and quicker. That saves me some time here. =) (1,4,5)

Now, the last stage. Electrifying in some way. A dark room with huge machines just zapping electricity. It was pretty easy eliminating the flying tigers and the red guys until I met them for the third/fourth time. That was where it was lagging a little bit and I could not turbo-fire the laser gun. I had to back off of it a little. But still, I didn't kill a lot of time. The biggest improvement of all is the Richter boss. I was able to kill him easily with a laser gun, and it probably took about 3 seconds instead of up to 20. From there on, the planet was saved. (1,4,5)

My goals were:

(1) Aim for fastest time

(2) Show entertainment

(3) Abuse programming error(s) in this game

(4) Manipulate luck

(5) Do not die (no death)

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