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Submission #2061: adelikat's NES Double Dragon II: The Revenge in 08:54.05

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Game version: USA PRG1
ROM filename: Double Dragon II - The Revenge (U) (PRG1) [!].nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 08:54.05
FrameCount: 32096
Re-record count: 14293
Author's real name: adelikat
Author's nickname: adelikat
Submitter: adelikat
Submitted at: 2008-08-16 19:07:59
Text last edited at: 2017-12-07 04:11:36
Text last edited by: thecoreyburton
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is a 26.7 second (1603 frame) improvement over my previous Double Dragon 2 movie. Like the previous, it uses 2 player Mode B.

This was recorded using the new release of FCEUX which uses a .fm2 file format. This can not be played in previous FCEU versions! You can get a copy of FCEUX here.

Note, FCEUX supports the use of metadata. You can view the submission info by clicking on the "metadata" button on the replay movie dialog.

I found a couple nice tricks involving the players doing a flying knee on each other at the same time or jump kicking each other at the same time. These tricks inspired me to make an improvement. Along the way I found several more new strategies.

New Tricks

  • Simultaneous Flying Knee
    • Under certain circumstances while bother players are in the same x,y position, you can have them perform a flying knee at the same time. The knee will register as a hit on both players at the same time, vaulting them both forward at high velocity (Physics be damned!)

  • Simultaneous Jump Kick
    • Again both players must be in the same position and perform a jump kick at the same time. It will register as a hit on both players and send them forward. This is used to make jumps of a greater distance than normally possible.

Improvements Level by Level

  • Level 1: 297 Frames
    • About 50 frames of optimizations throughout the level.
    • A surprising new strat on the boss saving 240 frames

  • Level 2 69 Frames
    • Use of Flying knee on enemies jumping out of the Heli
    • Other minor frame improvements.

  • Level 3 192 Frames
    • New Fighting Strat allowed me to not have to use the door of the helicopter to kill the last enemy. This saved most of the 192 frames.

  • Level 4 75 Frames
    • Better screen scrolling manipulation in the first section
    • Use of the flying knee trick to get past the claws faster

  • Level 5 97 Frames
    • Faster method of killing the enemies that descend from the vine.
    • Faster strat on the train enemies
    • Lag reduction

  • Level 6 29 frames
    • Better strat on the enemies. Sending them off screen into spikes.

  • Level 7 526 frames
    • First screen improved with the simul. jump kick
    • Third screen improved a lot with simul. jump kick & flying knees
    • Final room improved with better strats

  • Level 8 304 Frames
    • Many new fighting strats

  • Level_9 14 Frames
    • Using punches to save some time.


  • Emulator Used: FCEUX2.0
  • Aims for Fastest Time
  • 1 Player controls 2 characters
  • Mode B (friendly fire?)
  • Takes damage to save time

mmbossman: Nice work. Accepting as an improvement to the published movie (and fixed some spelling).

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