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Submission #2185: dezbeast's SNES Mega Man X in 34:00.75

Console: Super NES
Game name: Mega Man X
Game version: USA v1.1
ROM filename: Mega Man X (U) (v1.1) [!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 34:00.75
FrameCount: 122445
Re-record count: 124090
Author's real name: Desmond Meredith
Author's nickname: dezbeast
Submitter: dezbeast
Submitted at: 2009-02-16 04:36:33
Text last edited at: 2009-02-16 23:49:56
Text last edited by: dezbeast
Download: Download (7772 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Edit: Canceled to improve the Sting Chameleon re-fight.

Emulator used was Snes9x v1.43+ v15.1 The only thing changed was allowing L+R/U+D, but it was never put to use.

I always wondered why this site didn't have a Mega Man X 100% run. Everyone who attempted it seemed to always give up on it after they started. That kind of made me think that this game is too hard for me to do. But after a while I decided to give this run a shot. So here after 5 months of tedious work, I finally finished.

All credit must go to FractalFusion on this one. I learned pretty much all of the tricks in my run by analyzing his published any% run and 100% test run. Not to mention all the tips he gave me as I progressed through the game.

Ok I'm not really that good with words so I'll summarize to the best of my ability.

Intro Stage

Nothing much to say here except that I found a quick strategy with vile. I kept him from going into the air.

Chill Penguin

The stage was pretty straightforward, but Chill Penguin was giving me problems since I was fairly green this early into the game. Thankfully, FractalFusion redid the fight and was able to save over 15 frames.

Boomer Kuwanger

This was the first stage where I encountered a lot of lag. Some was avoidable, some was not. You'll notice that I shot for no apparent reason a couple of times. That was to reduce lag. The boss battle went pretty well. It was 6 frames longer than the battle in the any% run, but I was still pretty green when it came to boss battles so I was happy with that and kept it.

Storm Eagle

More lag. There's not really anyway to avoid it. The only thing I didn't do optimally from what I can see is the part right after I got the helmet. I wall jumped to the left side losing 9 frames. I should have wall jumped from the right. This was before I learned that wall jumping from the opposite direction of where you will end up is always faster. FractalFusion came to my rescue again and redid the Storm Eagle battle, this time saving almost 100 frames. He demonstrated that it's possible to jump over Storm Eagle while he's flapping his wings and go straight to doing the wall trick. He also demonstrated that having the boss explosion out of view get's rid of the lag.

Flame Mammoth

The level and boss went very smoothly. I see no errors. One thing of note is that I used 2 charged storm tornados on Flame Mammoth, something I noticed was not done in the re-fight in the published any% run. It turned out to be 9 frames faster.

Spark Mandrill

The hardest part of this level was the miniboss. Everything else was a piece of cake.

Armored Armadillo

By far the most aggravating level of the game. Not only is there lag after lag after lag, but I played through the last part of the level 3 times (required for hadoken weapon), and there's still 2 to come. I had to move around on the cart like an idiot in order to avoid the lag. It wasn't for entertainment. There is something I spotted in the any% run that I didn't do in the stage this time around. That is dash jumping off the cart as early as possible. I estimate around 15 frames can be saved by doing that in case anyone wants to improve this run. The Armored Armadillo fight was so hard to manipulate because he just wouldn't go out of the ball form right away like I saw done in the any% run. But after hours of hex editing and wall slide testing I finally got him to do it.

Launch Octopus

There was a lot of lag in this level, but most was unavoidable. The ones I could avoid I just shot the buster. I enjoyed doing this level because it was nice and short. Also pretty much everything went my way. I didn't have to manipulate the boss battle at all.

Sting Chameleon

Nothing to say about the level. The Sting Chameleon fight could be improved by 4 frames if he's manipulated to jump lower. I didn't notice that until much later.

Chill Penguin revisited

Very straightforward. Just watch the run.

Armor Armadillo revisited

I really hate this level. But at least I get hadoken at the end.

Sigma 1

I calculated everything precisely, and I'm pretty confident that where I took the damages is optimal. I even played from the first part of the level up to Vile two whole times. Taking the damage from Vile was hard to do optimally, but I think I got that part pretty tight. Everything else after that was easy except having to manipulate Bospider.

Sigma 2

Pretty uneventful stage. Just Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle getting owned with hadoken. I think you'll like the face boss battle.

Sigma 3

Just features ownage in the rest of the boss re-fights and the D-Rex fight.

Sigma 4

I haven't seem to have gotten wall climbing down to an exact science. After 2 tries of climbing to the top, I decided that's good enough. I got it one frame slower than the published any% run. In the battles I just hadokened the dog and Sigma's first form. His final form as far as I know, is invicible to hadoken.

I know there are a tons of strategies that I didn't cover. I'm not good at explaining them. If you want to know more about the tricks I used, FractalFusion covers a lot of them in his submission text for his any% run. In any event, please enjoy the run.

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