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Submission #232: Arc's NES Rush 'n Attack in 09:41.15

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Rush 'n Attack
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Rush'n Attack (U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 09:41.15
FrameCount: 34869
Re-record count: 1265
Author's real name: Jeff C
Author's nickname: Arc
Submitter: Arc
Submitted at: 2004-07-26 21:01:02
Text last edited at: 2011-07-16 22:07:50
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (1920 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
It's a rare 'one player controls both characters' movie. It looks cooler and is 10.45 seconds faster than the previous movie.

The two main tasks in this game are to prevent the shooters from firing and to avoid ladders, which the character automatically will grab.

The red guy's goal is to run forward. The blue guy's goal is to help the red guy run forward. Neither guy dies.

Level 1: 40 frames faster.

Level 2: 164 frames faster.

Level 3: 43 frames faster. The most difficult part of the movie was getting both guys up the short ladder. (It has to be climbed because of the mine under it.)

Level 4: 180 frames faster.

Level 5: 63 frames faster.

Level 6: 143 frames faster. Same ladder/mine problem as level 3.

Most of the improvements are from the power of teamwork!!

Playing 2-player simultaneous was a lot of fun. I would like to make more 2P-S movies.

Bisqwit: Accepted, thank you :)

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