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Submission #2554: TASVideos Grue's NES Publication Grue in 07:54.12

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Publication Grue
Game version: any
ROM filename: The Ominous Eater of Bad Submissions [o1] [b2] (JUE).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 07:54.12
FrameCount: 28494
Re-record count: 12345
Author's real name: TASVideos Grue
Author's nickname: TASVideos Grue
Submitter: adelikat
Submitted at: 2010-02-06 04:30:27
Text last edited at: 2014-12-27 21:53:12
Text last edited by: CoolKirby
Download: Download (2014 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

on nom nom nom...TASTY!

I thought this would be a good idea for "obsoleting" outdated publications. The discussion about unpublication has been brought up before but think this could be a good compromise. If this were published, any movie could be set as "obsoleted by" the publication grue. This can be useful in some publications where a movie is indeed obsolete (due to an abundance of new tricks, or a change in TASVideos quality standards) but has no movie for which to replace it.

The currently published any% version of Ocarina of Time is a good example where the current run is heavily outdated and improvable by about an _hour_! Yet we are nowhere near seeing an improvement. In such a case it could be obsoelted by the publication grue. This way the movie stays on the site (and treated just like any other obsoleted movie) but is not displayed as a current "record".

The actual movie file for this submission is moot. I picked .fm2 since it was text and allows me to explain the purpose of it. I chose rerecord counts and movie length as such that they wouldn't mess with site statistics in any meaningful way. If published it would be in its own unique "Grue" category so it would not interfere with movie lists.

I could have brought this up in a discussion thread but I thought a submission would be more appropriate and a better attention getter. Voting yes on publication of this is voting for this implementation of "unpublication". Any movies it would obsolete, however, should have their own poll or discussion beforehand.

Commence discussion.

On a side note, if published, I think we could have a lot of fun with the video file & screenshot ^_^

adelikat: Rejecting this submission due to not being popular by the audience.
adelikat: Changing system ID so that I can "grue" the Grue ID

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