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Submission #2567: maTO's Genesis Marko's Magic Football in 10:50.4

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Marko's Magic Football
Game version: any
ROM filename: Marko's Magic Football (U) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 10:50.4
FrameCount: 39024
Re-record count: 14869
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: maTO
Submitter: maTO
Submitted at: 2010-02-17 16:53:55
Text last edited at: 2010-03-10 05:02:45
Text last edited by: sgrunt
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Col. Brown has spread sludge all throughout the sewers, causing animals to mutate into hideous, dangerous creatures. It's up to you to stop these monsters before the Col. takes over the town.

Movie features:

This game lags a lot, especially in sewers. Flames cause most lag, breaking sludge barrels coming next. It's best to leave them outside of screen as fast as possible.

Lag frames: Not quite sure, but they slow you down only if you're on ground when they occur.

-Jumping is faster than walking (pretty obvious)
-Summon bouncing ball to reduce lag (less items flying around) - 3:14
-Dive into enemies and recyclers (Seen first time at 0:48)

-Corner push (If you go just over the corner in air you're pushed one frame forward)
This is seen first time just in the beginning (0:10)

-Quick overhead kick
-Quick item pick/ladder grab (Wait one frame and push down)
-Avoid collecting super cans (at the end of stage 1-3 frames is added for each can)
-Takes damage so there's no need to slow down and handle enemies after that
-Runs into enemies and takes damage to reach higher ground

There are lots of different types.
A few are really annoying and we can even take advantage of some of them.

Seagull (0:09)
Police (0:10)
Rat (0:12)
Shooter (0:16)
Sludge mutant (0:37)
Spider (0:38)
-Shoots 8 projectiles and causes major lag
Ghost (0:41)
Small Sludge (0:54)
When you get near them they turn into timed bombs. They slow us down a little at 1:07
Bouncing ball kid (1:26)
He jumps so high he's the toughest one to pass by
Flying sludge (1:43)
Dino (1:54)
Sludge piranha (3:12)
Jumping nail (4:41)
Clockwork drummer (4:47)
Construction worker (4:55)
Flamethrower guy (5:02)
Albino Mouse (5:15)
Biker (6:09)
Hedgehog (6:10)
Wasp (6:52)
Duck (6:52 - not actually trying to be hostile)
Snake (7:01)
Toy plane (7:05)
Scientist (7:08)
Clown (7:32)
Old man (9:48)
Toy tank (10:16)


Blue shoes: A gun replaces your magic ball
Green shoes: Invincibility
Black shoes: destroys enemies on screen after 1,5 seconds
Big Heart: Restores one health

Possible improvement: Level 6 in Sewer starting from 4:14.

adelikat: Good enough for publication.

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