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Submission #2740: Kyman & SilentSlayers's NES Digger - The Legend of the Lost City in 03:26.93

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Digger - The Legend of the Lost City
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Digger - The Legend of the Lost City (U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 03:26.93
FrameCount: 12436
Re-record count: 11103
Author's real name: Kyle L. & Conor S.
Author's nickname: Kyman & SilentSlayers
Submitter: Kyman
Submitted at: 2010-07-11 14:29:57
Text last edited at: 2010-07-15 10:03:50
Text last edited by: sgrunt
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Digger - The Legend of the Lost City is a game where you star as Digger T. Rock, who must dig his way through 8 caverns to find the lost city, which if you look in the credits, still has a running water fountain! This game is fairly hard in real-time but with tools it becomes quite fun.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.1.4a
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses warps
  • No longer colours a dinosaur :'(


We started this run when SilentSlayers looked at my submission. He ended up saving a few frames, and when he found the new way to do the shortcut on Cavern 3, I canceled my run and we decided to improve it. We also found a tons of new routes everywhere that save a lot of time. We also optimized a lot of movement and saved a lot frames on every level.

Stage by stage comments

Cavern 1

Easy stage, didn't save any frames though because you have to wait for the enemy.

Frames saved in this level: 0 Frames saved overall: 0

Cavern 2

Another easy stage, just collect 2 items and don't break the ground. A bit more optimization here too.

Frames saved in this level: 12 Frames saved overall: 12

Cavern 3

A bit harder of a warp to do, but still quite easy. SilentSlayers figured out that you can get the power up first and then kill the ghost right away and trigger the warp, which saved a lot of time.

Frames saved in this level: 104 Frames saved overall: 116

Cavern 4

The first level without a warp. We discovered you can skip the dynamite buying without losing time later on, which saved a huge amount of time. Other than that, a few frames were saved from just more optimization.

Frames saved in this level: 295 Frames saved overall: 411

Cavern 5

We found that you could get 3 dynamite in this level while still making the elevator by using a power up. That's why Digger can survive that big fall. Other than that, we saved a few frames from optimization.

Frames saved in this level: 21 Frames saved overall: 432

Cavern 6

We take a whole new route that involves going left at the start. This saves a lot of time. SilentSlayers also found a glitch involving getting inside the time pillar, which we used to get higher and skip digging, which saved a good amount of time too. Other than that time was saved from optimization.

Frames saved in this level: 375 Frames saved overall: 807

Cavern 7

Most of the optimization comes from the ladders areas. Nothing too special here.

Frames saved in this level: 45 Frames saved overall: 852

Cavern 8

The final cavern. We use a diamond on the first dinosaur because it is faster than TNT, and we just crawl by the second dinosaur, because it's faster than TNT and diamond. Then like usual we distract the final boss with a diamond and beat the game.

Frames saved in this level: 200 Frames saved overall: 1052

Note: Overall we didn't actually save 1052, we lost some frames from the timer. So when I save 1052 frames I mean in the levels.

Special Thanks

We'd like to thank nitrogenesis for his original run. We would also like to thank the academy for-*shot*

Suggested Screenshot

Final Thoughts

Thanks for watching our movie, and don't forget to question yourself as to how there is dinosaurs living in caves underground.


Nach: Nice improvements to the past submissions. Accepting as a first run for this game on behalf of the academy, and my parents, and my coach, and my coworkers... *shot too*

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