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Submission #3052: PangaeaPanga's SNES Super Demo World in 18:23.02

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Demo World
Game version: any v1.1
ROM filename: Super Demo World - The Legend Continues.smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 18:23.02
FrameCount: 66181
Re-record count: 23665
Author's real name: Alex T.
Author's nickname: PangaeaPanga
Submitter: PangaeaPanga
Submitted at: 2011-03-21 22:33:53
Text last edited at: 2015-01-02 05:45:57
Text last edited by: PangaeaPanga
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

This is an improvement of 2672 frames (44.53 seconds) over the previous submission.

Game Objectives:

  • Emulator used - SNES9x 1.43 v17
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Uses a slower route to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Uses warps


This run has compiled a different proposed route for the any v1.1, traveling through Desert World, ending up back into the original route at Desert Star World. However, this route actually costed a loss of more than 700 frames, but in return, lets me gain more than 100 frames when I acquired Yoshi and the shell from Desert Secret.

Stage-by-Stage Improvements (Parenthesis indicates number of frames gained or lost):

Misty Isle 1 (1)
Had a 1 frame improvement of acceleration; No fadeout lag was gained/lost.
Misty Isle 2 (3)
Had a 2 frame improvement of acceleration. When landing on downward slopes, I was actually able to get an oscillation of 49-48-47-49, essentially doing a "6/3". However, this did not seem to save any significant time. No fadeout lag was gained/lost.
Misty Isle 3(-60)
64 frames were sacrificed in order to get the fireflower. 1 frame was gained from fadeout lag.
Misty Isle 4 (-57)
Was able to acquire the feather 3 frames faster.
#1 Misty Castle (-42)
Building up P-Meter to allow flight when entering the pipe in the first room did cause a loss of 12 frames, but air-cancelling allowed a total of a 17 frame gain in the second room.
Salty Isle
Just your average hopping/flying level at constant 51.
Desert World 1
Just your average hopping/flying level at constant 51.
Desert World 2
Due to Mister's proposed way of acceleration, I was able to keep the fireflower needed for Desert Pyramid.
Desert Pyramid
I had a bad oscillation with the Reznor fight, so he shot out a fireball at a bad time. I was unable to use my cape to destroy it at an earlier time, so I had to lose some time.
Desert Secret
Acquired the shell and Yoshi needed to save time.
#2 Desert Castle (-747)
Just your average hopping/flying level at constant 51.
Desert Star World (-736)
11 frames were gained from lag management.
Water Star World (-734)
1 frame was gained from entering the pipe earlier. Another was gained from fadeout lag. In my opinion, this had quite some entertainment even though you aren't provided much to work with.
Crystal Star World (-737)
Was able to duplicate a Yoshi Wings block 5 frames earlier from getting a positive X speed while diving facing left to allow a higher-X-speed head start rather than hitting Mario's head against the wall. However, 3 frames were lost total because I needed to keep Yoshi.
Sky Star World (175)
Roughly 900 frames were gained from the Yoshi Wings exit here.
Ice Star World (163)
12 frames were lost from lag.
Pipe Star World (488)
6/5'ing with the cape allows me to have a 2 frame gain. Double-hitting the key box allowed me to boost through the top of the wall, saving much time.
Bowser's Star World (2631)
A whopping 2000 frames were saved here from flying under the level, rather than completing the level regularly.
Backdoor Star World (2669)
I was somehow able to enter the pipe much earlier. Keeping flight until next room helped get a head start and then build up P-Meter again. A total of 9 frames were saved here also from lag management.
Bowser's Back Door (2772)
1 frame was saved from lag management from the first room. 2 frames were gained from ending the last frame of input earlier. Also, in my opinion, the Bowser battle has provided more entertainment.

A Couple of Potential Improvements:

  • Better lag management from Ice Star World
  • Better execution in Pipe Star World (I had saved 4 frames over this run, but found out I wasn't recording and was unable to repeat this)
  • Many minor improvements overall throughout this run

Overall, I think this run was quite a success overall. I would like to thank bahamete, TheFinalBoss726, Kaizoman666, and DJSecret for continuous support and for giving constructive criticism on this run.

Nach: Judging.
Brandon: Added HD YouTube stream.
Nach: Although this submission has many many flaws, it had a nice reception, with an overwhelming majority to accept it. While this movie is low hanging fruit, I find it offers a fresh look at the warped run through Super Demo World, and still manages to surpass the previous run. Therefore, I'm accepting it.
Brandon: Publication underway.

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