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Submission #3062: theenglishman's NES Castlevania "POVERTY" in 00:20.37

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Castlevania
Game version: any PRG0
ROM filename: Castlevania (PRG 0) (U)
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 00:20.37
FrameCount: 1224
Re-record count: 2012
Author's real name: Noah Tomlin
Author's nickname: theenglishman
Submitter: theenglishman
Submitted at: 2011-03-31 19:53:28
Text last edited at: 2011-04-03 20:09:29
Text last edited by: DarkKobold
Download: Download (685 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hi guys! This is it! The bestest thing EVER! This is the start of what I hope will be a mainstay here at TASvideos: Project POVERTY! It stands for Passed OVER To You!

So here's how it works!! We take an old game and each runner does one map or screen!! Then you submit it to the workbench under the POVERTY name, it gets rejected, someone else rummages through the Gruefood and does another map, and submits it to the workbench!! And so on!! It's totally logical!! Plus Gruefood is hungry and this is an awesome way to make sure he never gets below the POVERTY line!!

Console subforums are for pussies!!! Real men submit their unfinished run to the workbench and expect to be able to update it as they go!!! DO NOT DOUBT ME, FOR I AM YOUR NEW MASTER!!!

Happy April Fool's btw ;)

DarkKobold: Real men handle rejection like a champ.

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