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Submission #3347: Dark Noob's Arcade Final Fight in 19:21.77

Console: Arcade
Game name: Final Fight
Game version: World
ROM filename: ffight.zip
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 19:21.77
FrameCount: 69706
Re-record count: 2511
Author's real name: Cristian Oliveira
Author's nickname: Dark Noob
Submitter: Dark Noob
Submitted at: 2011-10-28 17:04:59
Text last edited at: 2011-12-07 16:52:35
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (19374 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:


The mayor of Metro City, father of Jessica and a skilled wrestler. It is characterized by being physically the strongest of heroes and just wear pants and no shirt. He also appears as a selectable character for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. [Edit] Enemies

[Edit] Common Bred, Dug, Jake and Simmons: They are the most common enemies. They are not very fast and after falling to the ground, get dizzy before getting up, leaving them at the mercy of the player. His attacks are punches, kicks and knees, but Jake and Simmons, the strongest of this group have flying kicks. J and Q. Two: Two punks, much faster and less strong than the group's Bred. J's punk hair and clothing yellow and P. Two has hair and orange clothes. His attacks are just too quick punches. Axl and Slash: Two characters that are actually parodies of the band Guns N 'Roses. They're a little slow but very strong. Its main feature is to defend themselves (quite) the attacks of the player, the less you attack with this weapon. His attacks are punches and kicks with his hands, which always cause great damage to the player energy. Hollywood and El Gado: They are fast and dangerous enemies. They have various tactics of attack, fast punches and sweeps that sometimes surprise the player and also have an arsenal of knives infinity. They can throw knives, stabbing the player and run a huge leap above the player's character's head, stabbing him. There is another version of Hollywood, far weaker, where the villain wears red and throws molotov cocktails instead of knives. Roxy and Poison: The only female members of the gang. Can escape the attacks of the player jumping back. His attacks are punches, kicks and flying kicks (the latter two cause great damage to the power of the player). There is a controversy: the original Japanese story, both are transsexual, but the American version was censored this detail. When they are attacked by punches, no points are added to the player's score. G. Oribe, Bill Bull and Wong Who: If you are well characterized by fat. His attacks are butting and kicking, but the blow that causes more damage to the power of the player is running when they attack with headbutts. Family Andor (Andor Jr., Andora, Andora Father, Grand Father and Andora Andora Uncle): These are giant characters in costumes similar to those of cavemen who fight in the style of wrestling. His attacks include punches, chokes, the technique pestle, attacking running and jumping over the fallen player, and most of all the energy of these characters is removed very slowly. [Edit] Heads Damnd (Thrasher): The first of the leaders. His punches are punches and kicks flying. By losing some of its energy, withdraws and asks for help to other members of the gang and moments after the arrival of your help, returns to the player with a flying kick. Affectionately known in Brazil as 'Xuxa' because of the large and blond hair. Sodom: The second boss, far more dangerous than the first. His moves include punches, strikes with his two swords that cause great damage, runs very fast with and without swords, Sodom also has the highest resistance to impact blows throughout the game, however, throw blows (knees / head butts and throws ) cause a high damage. Sodom is also part of the series Street Fighter Zero (Alpha). Edi.E: A cop, Mad Gear gang member and the third boss in the game. His attacks are blows with his cane and shoots with his gun, causing huge losses to the energy of the player. Rolento: The fourth boss, a skilled soldier and speedy red beret. His attacks are flying kicks, blows with his stick, and throws grenades. Rolento also participates in the series Street Fighter Zero (Alpha). Abigail: The penultimate boss of the game. It looks almost identical to that of litters and his fighting style is the same from them, but Abigail can grab and attack the player with much more ease and not so easy to be attacked only with punches. His attacks are punches, throws and pitches followed by his most powerful technique: When Abigail is angry, it becomes red and run toward the player, and attack it causes a huge loss. The name Abigail is a reference to the disc's most famous King Diamond, heavy metal singer, and the character uses the same makeup that he (still, it's interesting, because the name Abigail comes from a woman in the Bible, and later helped married King David). Belger: The final boss of the game. A guy who appears in a wheelchair, bringing Jessica on her arm. His attacks are just an endless arsenal of harpoons, which quickly end up with energy from the player and even gang members themselves that they receive.

Game objectives

  • fba v0.
  • takes no damage but loses life using the super cute.
  • knife used to save time
  • I used to play hagar
  • manipulation


hello people this is one of my favorite games, then reduce my time of submission antrerior fight in the end it's 30:08 on 19 minutes with hagar hope you enjoy.

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