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Submission #3440: GoddessMaria's SGB Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie in 24:17.32

Console: Super Game Boy
Game name: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie
Game version: USA/Europe
ROM filename: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (USA, Europe).gb
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 24:17.32
FrameCount: 87439
Re-record count: 1723
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: GoddessMaria
Submitter: GoddessMaria
Submitted at: 2012-01-24 04:29:28
Text last edited at: 2012-02-18 14:50:06
Text last edited by: Toothache
Download: Download (8654 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA v22
  • Plays on Hardest Difficulty
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses no Passwords
  • Contains Speed/Entertainment trade-offs


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is a game based from the movie of the same name. Ivan Ooze, the main antagonist and main bad guy, has been freed from his prison and now intends to take over the world! Not if the Power Rangers have anything to say about it! This run uses all 6 of the Power Rangers and aims to complete each stage with a matching Ranger/enemy pairing. The first five stages can be played in any given order, but Stage 6 is only playable once you clear the other five stages.

The reasoning for the Power Rangers being chosen in the order that they were in the run is to try and pair the Rangers with their respectable enemy bosses. The stage order didn't seem to matter that much since almost all, aside from stage 6, can be played in any given order. Each suited and unsuited ranger does different damage. Like Kimberly (Pink Ranger), she does less damage to enemies while Tommy does more to enemies. In ranger form, the damage increases a bit and they are able to move quicker than their unsuited versions.

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1: "Mordant"

For Stage 1, Billy (Blue Ranger) is chosen here to take on Mordant. Seeing as Billy cannot easily take care of the big guys as a civilian, he uses the Putty as his warm-up for the battles to come. After the many beatings given to the putty group, he decides to morph into the Blue Power Ranger. From there, the mid boss gets handled rather easily and soon confronts Mordant. Mordant tries his hardest to outwit the Blue Ranger, but Blue was just too smart to fall victim to the attempts of his tricks. With Mordant defeated, time to go to the next Stage!

Stage 4: "Goldar"

Adam (Black Ranger) decides to go on pursuit for Goldar and put the winged monster down in his place. Like his companion, Billy, he also decides to get a bit of warm-ups in using the Putty so he will be ready for his foe. After training, he then morphs into the Black Ranger and proceeds to find Goldar. With high jump reach, he scales the platforms in no time at all. Now for Putty on Jetpacks..? They are no match for Black as he makes easy work of them and eventually comes face-to-face with Goldar. Goldar is quite the pushover and gets handled rather quickly. So long, goldy! Onto the next stage!

Stage 2: "Queen Tengu"

Up next is Aisha (Yellow Ranger), looking to dethrone Queen Tengu and show her who the real queen is! She starts by showing her how much she is willing to endure while doing some training of her own. Sooner or later, she morphs into the Yellow Ranger preparing for what might be a daunting challenge. Eh? A sand wall..? Aisha turns around to find a destructive bulldozer after her. Taking her lovely time in destroying the sandy walls, she eventually manages to escape the clutches of the Bulldozer and soon finds her way to the mine carts. It appears as if she is having fun riding the carts, but she must also be careful not as falling from them means instant death. After much goofing around she realizes that she can levitate in the air for a minute before she crashes into the sign. More Putty bashing goodness to show her Highness that she is ready to do battle with her. Queen Tengu is quite the pestering bird with high hit points, but after mustering the strength in her, Aisha then defeats the queen and lets her companions go from there!

Stage 5: "Lord Zedd"

Lord Zedd is a longtime enemy to Zordon and the Power Rangers, whom he wants to destroy more than anything. Rocky (Red Ranger) is chosen to face the menacing lord of evil and prove to him that he will never succeed with his plans! Even though Rocky can deal with evil with little to no difficulty, he still feels the need to train and ready himself for what may be his toughest battle yet. After making quick work of the enemies in his path, including a mechanical bird, Adam then confronts the evil Lord Zedd and then they start their fight. Zedd focuses on trying to play mind games with Rocky, hoping to catch him off guard and attack afterwards. Too bad that Rocky had anticipated each of his moves and attacked before he had the chance to strike. After taking down Lord Zedd, Rocky poses for a minute before leaving so the rest of his friends can have a turn at facing evil.

Stage 3: "Man-Sized Rat"

Now for the lovely, yet quick, Kimberly (Pink Ranger). As much as she detests sewers, she continues through the filthy rat and apparently bat infested place. She starts by defeating some bats as a sign of potential stress building from her dislike and disgust of the sewers. After getting fed up with the bats and the spinning cross wheel like things, she morphs into the Pink Ranger and starts laying waste to anything that got in her path and soon makes her way to the boss of the sewer, which is also a rat. Though not just any kind of rat! This rat is the same size as a human and can spin as its means to attack its foes! No problem for Kimberly as she takes out all of her frustrations out on the man-sized rat until eventually she sends it to rat heaven. After leaving, she leaves it to the last of her friends to take down the final boss.

Stage 6: "Ivan Ooze"

Ivan Ooze is the true criminal mastermind and the true boss behind all of the evil taking place everywhere. Ivan manages to revive the 5 previous bosses and have them all prepare for a devastating assault against his enemies, the Power Rangers. The leader of the Power Rangers, Tommy (White Ranger), steps up to the task as he gets ready to take on the big boss and his minions simultaneously. He first decides to warm-up for a moment and morphs into the White Ranger before he faces the first of 5 enemies that his friends had previously defeated, Mordant. Mordant tries to rely on the same antics twice, but it gets halted and defeats the boar handily! Now Tommy faces the former queen, Tengu and boy does her antics grow weary! Tommy manages to clip those wings of hers and moves on to Boss 3, the Man-Sized Rat. Just as Kimberly has done before him, Tommy takes down the Rat after what seems as if the rat were trying to play "Peek-A-Boo!" and moves on to face an old ally, now foe in Goldar. As always Goldar has proven his worthlessness to the evil empire and now leaves it up to Lord Zedd to face his former slave/puppet, Tommy. This just goes to show that even without the power of the Green Candle, Tommy can still kick major butt and have plenty of time to kill. After defeating Lord Zedd, Tommy makes his way to Ivan Ooze's chambers, avoid lava and floating mechanical eyeballs. After some Putty crushing, Ivan Ooze sits in his chair with some sort of telekinetic armor or something, waiting for the to strike the White Ranger. This part was a major nuisance as he makes Tommy wait about 200+ frames before he launches an attack at the Ranger. With plenty of perseverance, Tommy manages to destroy Ivan's puppet and then the real Ivan Ooze appears before him, ready to begin the final fight! Sadly Ivan turns out to be mere pushover and no matter where he tries to disappear and reappear to, he is caught and attacked by the White Ranger. Tommy jumps up and delivers the final blow to Ivan Ooze, thus putting an end to the evil madman's plans once and for all!

Other comments

Thanks/Special Thanks

I have to give a major special Thank you to Toothache, who has dealt with my many questions and given me total support overall throughout the makings of this run!

Also thank you to CoolKirby for giving me some feedback on my run!

Suggested Screenshot(s)!

Frame 27320; Frame 35588; Frame 47653; Frame 58142

Toothache: Encode added

Dooty: Nice use of the resources at your disposal, good positioning during boss battles and the choice to use a different character for each stage added variety and entertainment to your run. Congratulations GoddessMaria, your run has been accepted.

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