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Submission #3548: Mukki's GBA Sonic Advance "Sonic, no Ultraspindash" in 13:17.22

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Sonic Advance
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Sonic Advance (U) [!].gba
Branch: Sonic, no Ultraspindash
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 13:17.22
FrameCount: 47833
Re-record count: 71957
Author's real name: I. Masterson
Author's nickname: Mukki
Submitter: Mukki
Submitted at: 2012-04-01 21:56:39
Text last edited at: 2012-05-05 15:38:51
Text last edited by: natt
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

"I hope to get back to the less glitchy run at some point" were my words at the end of my first Sonic Advance submission. Now, almost 18 months later, I have actually finished the run. The run itself wasn't particularly arduous, but I did work on various other things and also had a number of real life commitments that held up progress. I first began TASing Sonic Advance with a view towards making a run that offerred something different from nitsuja's glitchfest, but unfortunately I was able to make a greater glitchfest myself. I always felt that this run should be made at some point so I continued progress. The glitched run of Sonic Advance features considerable use of a glitch that can be dubbed 'the Ultraspindash'. This glitch occurs when one revs a spindash 11-12 times on alternate frames. The effect of this is that a very high speed is unleashed (the velocity is over 17000, as opposed to 2000 to 3000 from a normal spindash). This high speed allows the player to pass through walls and other solid objects; in other words, it completely dictates how the game is to be TASed. This run does not utilise this glitch, and is therefore intended to represent a run more closely related to other Sonic games. In depth notes as to the mechanics of this game can be found in the submission text to my previous Sonic run. Enjoy!

Level Glitched This Run TSC Difference
Neo Green Hill 1 0:12:67 0:12:67 0:23:97 0:11:30
Neo Green Hill 2 0:29:15 0:29:40 0:43:23 0:13:83
Secret Base 1 0:19:03 0:26:37 0:37:82 0:11:45
Secret Base 2 0:32:02 0:46:63 1:05:72 0:19:09
Casino Paradise 1 0:13:95 0:19:78 0:34:25 0:14:47
Casino Paradise 2 0:34:25 0:36:88 0:50:95 0:14:07
Ice Mountain 1 0:10:43 0:27:90 0:44:55 0:16:65
Ice Mountain 2 0:42:37 0:44:40 1:05:22 0:20:82
Angel Island 1 0:13:58 0:36:05 0:57:45 0:21:04
Angel Island 2 0:36:53 0:50:65 1:19:78 0:29:13
Egg Rocket 0:52:71 1:45:63 2:24:07 0:38:44
Cosmic Angel 0:35:68 0:44:63 1:14:88 0:30:25
X-Zone 0:43:13 0:43:62 0:48:75 0:05:13
Total 6:16:04 8:44:61 13:33:46 4:48:85

FractalFusion: Looks very good. Apart from the first zone, it is very different from the heavily glitched version, especially in the Egg Rocket level. Accepting for publication alongside the Ultraspindash version, and the Knuckles version.

natt: Processing. Will publish with the usual encodes. A downloadable camhack would be nice, but at least we have the youtuber of that.

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