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Submission #3635: Cooljay's SNES Bébé's Kids in 10:19.1

Console: Super NES
Game name: Bébé's Kids
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Bebe's Kids.smc
Emulator: Snes9x v1.51
Movie length: 10:19.1
FrameCount: 37146
Re-record count: 905
Author's real name: Jarrod Cordeiro
Author's nickname: Cooljay
Submitter: Cooljay
Submitted at: 2012-06-19 23:10:02
Text last edited at: 2012-12-02 22:34:20
Text last edited by: Brandon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Bebe's Kids... It's Tool Assisted.

Okay jokes aside. This is the game off the shoddy animated film of an okay stand up act. Well known from the Nostalgia Critic's game review.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9x v1.51
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes Damage to save time
  • Takes items(projectiles) to save time
  • Kills enemies only required to progress
  • Manipulates Luck (Boss Fights)


I made a TAS of this, because no one else on TASVideos had done it already.

I was also interested in watching this poor poor game get torn to shreds.

Stage by stage comments

  • Fairway Stages:

Just the simple run of the mill beatdown of the guards, mascots. I ignore the dogs simply, because it's faster to keep going despite taking damage. For some reason I manipulated luck that the dogs only appear on the last one.

  • Haunted House:

I use various save states to find the fastest way to get to the exit.

  • Pirate Ship:

Pretty much the same ordeal as fairway stages except you have to kill some parrots to progress. However I save some projectiles for the boss.

  • Pirate Ship Boss:

Use my projectiles I had left over, and grab some more, then finish him with an uppercut. Manipulate Luck to my advantage.

  • The Pit:

Use save states to find the fastest way out. Kill only 4 enemies that are needed to progress.

  • Final Boss Lair:
Just another case of beating people up to progress, and for some reason killing the bats too.

  • Final Boss:

The most cheapest boss ever. His hitboxes are so non-existent. I have to manipulate luck for when he can be hit even if it takes getting damage.

Enemy AI notes

  • Guards/Big Pirate/Small Pirate
Does 3 Strides, turns for a few frames, does 3 more strides. Can grab you if you bump into them. Takes 3 hits to kill. Unusually fast.

Small pirate throws swords at you. I dodge one sword in the run.

  • Mascots
Can only hurt you if you bump into them. Not terribly difficult to deal with.

  • Dogs
Hard to dodge, Can't be hit with uppercut. If you continue running during damage you won't fall sometimes. I simply just keep going forward, because it would be faster than fighting them all off.

  • Booth Lady/Hiding Robot
Throws projectiles at you that are almost always aimed for you. Can be dodged somewhat if you do things in certain ways. I dodge twice from a jump at the near the end of the level, and by sliding down to below on the pit level.

  • Paintings
Just moving quickly will avoid their projectile

  • Mummies
Pretty much on pursuit to hit you. I almost get hit by one by running to a bookcase.

  • Ghost Book
Jumping while it is getting out will make you not take damage. If it hits you, then it goes back into the book.

  • Robot Bear
Hard to dodge, Can be hit with an uppercut. You will fall during damage regardless if you run or not.

  • Nixon Bot
Shoots super fast projectiles. Can be dodged from far away.

  • Parrots
Can be defeated with kicks only. Tries to hit you then go back. I let on hit me just so I can kill two enemies in a short span, and because there wasn't much of a way to avoid him either.

  • Bats
Only attack when they are fully near the ground. Can be defeated with kicks or punches in the air.

  • Hooded Robot
Not that difficult of an enemy to deal with due to him being easier to catch up to.

Other comments

Audience will enjoy
  • Watching a horrible game get dominated.
  • How stupid the AI is
  • How quickly I beat the hardest levels.

Nach: Sure, I'd love to judge what was known as the worst game of all time!
Nach: This game lives up to its reputation. Not only for regular play is it bad, it's pretty bad for a TAS too. The game looks like it's running in slow motion all the time, not just to create the TAS. The gameplay is rather boring, and 10 minutes for a game this bad is just way too much. Most of the audience can't stand this game, rejecting.
Nach: After some reconsideration, this looks like a decent vault choice. Never imagined I'd end up accepting this drivel.
Brandon: Publication underway.

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