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Submission #3671: hellagels & red-crowned-crane's DS Mega Man ZX Advent "100%" in 1:33:22.76

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Mega Man ZX Advent
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Rockman ZX Advent(J).nds
Branch: 100%
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:33:22.76
FrameCount: 335191
Re-record count: 62973
Author's real name: 刘容僖 & 陈星
Author's nickname: hellagels & red-crowned-crane
Submitter: hellagels
Submitted at: 2012-08-12 08:48:53
Text last edited at: 2012-08-15 20:30:07
Text last edited by: Guga
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hello, everybody. Here is hellagels. It is around one year that I have not submitted more movie. I with red-crowned-crane finished such a long movie this time. It is my fifth movie or red-crowned-crane's second movie.


  • Emulator used: DeSmuME 0.9.7 with Advanced Bus Timing OFF
  • Aims for fastest real-time, on normal mode
  • Collects all secret disks, life ups, BM upgrades, sub tanks. (Metals are not collected for it makes the boss battle long but boring.)
  • Takes damege to save time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Manipulates luck

About the game

Mega Man ZX Advent is a little Metroidvania-like. Most of the areas are connected. You can activate warp points, so you can transfer to it with a transerver. Activating a warp point cost EC(energy crystal) which can be got by finishing a mission or just touching it. Half of the stages should be went to twice in this movie, so warp points play a important role.

When get to a transerver or get a recovery item, you recover HP. But recovering every HP pauses all in-game action for 4 frames. So unnessesary damege-taking should be avoided. Taking damage gives you temporary invincibility, sometimes we save time by taking damege.

You can transform in the game. There are 15 forms available. They have very different ability, some items can only be got by a special ability of a form. To transform cost 44 or 64 frames, so we reduced the times of transform if we can. While a cutscene start, you always transform to the form Model A.

When you hit a enemy or a shield with a slash (Model L's halbert, Modle H's sabers, Model ZX's ZX saber), all in-game action pauses for 4 frame. So we use Model H' charge attack or Model ZX's gun when using Model H or Model ZX to avoid the pause.

You can go for a quest in the game. You can get some awards after a quest, such as EC, Armor. Secret disk O02 ,O04 and one of the sub tanks should be got by finishing quests.


(Regards Train 3 as a part of Legion HQ) -Raider Pursuit -Train -Tower of Verdure -Arctic Ice Floe (1st) -Oil Field (1st) -Legion HQ (1st) -Highway (1st) -Floating Ruins (1st) -Control Center -Scrapyard (1st) -Quarry (1st) -Arctic Ice Floe (2nd) -Mysterious Lab (1st) -Waterfall Runs -Bio Lab -Underwater Volcano -Quarry (2nd) -Oil Field (2nd) -Floating Ruins (2nd) -Highway (2nd) -Scrapyard (2nd) -Mysterious Lab (2nd) -Legion HQ (2nd) -Legion HQ (3rd) -Ouroboros

Stage by Stage Comment

Raider Pursuit

There is no collectables in the stage. We collect 100 EC to activate a warp point.


Now we can dash with Model A. The stage is very short, has only one collectable. We reduced the used BM(JAP:LM) to remain enough BM after the boss battle.

Tower of Verdure

We choose this stage because Rospark can get the sub tank in Arctic Ice Floe 2. I found an irregular way to get Disk E16. The form Buckfire has a big wall jumping, we pass the spikes with it. How to get both Disk E15 and the Life Up troubled us. At last, fortunately, I work out with an interesting idea.

Arctic Ice Floe

1st: Disk M07 should be got by the form Chronoforce, so we need to get into the stage twice. Activates the warp point between Arctic Ice Floe 1 and 2. Disk E21 is got by both Model A and Human Form, it is difficult in real-time.

2nd: Transfers to the warp point. The miniboss battle is finish very fast by using Model F. Deaths after getting Disk M07, restarts the game from the beginning of Arctic Ice Floe 2. Disk E22 can be simply got by Buckfire.

Oil Field

1st: Activate the warp point between Oil Field 1 and 2. Human Form is used in the miniboss battle. Human From can shoot every frame. (We do not do like that in Tower of Verdure because it will increase the times of transform twice. )

2nd: We got the Disk E19 without Wing Armor. Use Chronoforce's charge attack to slow the time down, so Hedgeshock can go through the small corridors before the tube is broke completely.

Legion HQ

1st: Activates two warp points, one is in Train 3, the other is in the middle of Legion HQ 2. After the miniboss battle, there are many buildings with glass. Some glass can be broke by your attack or the hit from flyer, or both. We use Model P to reach high place.

2nd: Use Bifrost to force the flyer down with its weight, looks funny. So the glass can be broke. (The glass cannot be broke by your attack.)

3rd: We escape there by a man in Train 3, cost a few EC.


1st: Disk M01 is not collected, or we would lead the miniboss to the left side, lose much time.

2nd: There is a doot before BM Upgrade, we hit the button to the door with Model H' charge attack, a slow attack just we need.

Floating Ruins

1st: Most of the collectables is difficult without Model H. Only Model A is used on the path. We used Model F on the battle against Model H, to our surprise, it is around 110 frames faster than to use Model L.

2nd: Model H has a great show there. There are some enemy that can force the button B to be unavailable. So we need Model H's air dashing.

Control Center

Model H climbs the wall very fast. Against Queenbee, we use Model F to destroy her hive, then use Rospark.


1st: Model P has a great show here. Model P as Ashe can put up a shield, which helps a lot against the falling scrap shafts. Model P is also necessary for some switches which you need to cling on.

2nd: Just collect the sub tank.


1st: Quarry 1 is in dark. We transform into Model H, because Model H can reach the place that Model A not. The miniboss in Quarry 3 is very different. I has invincibility like regular bosses. Model ZX is just available and we use it. For Model ZX' rolling slash causes to much pause, stops the miniboss' movement, it is not used.

2nd: Costs some EC, then the man in Quarry 1 will open a shortcut to Quarry 3.

Mysterious Lab

1st: Hedgeshock is needed to get the Disk E01 in Waterfall Runs, but Argoyle & Ugoyle are needed to get the sub tank in Mysterious Lab. We choosed this stage first because the sub tank is closed to a warp point and the transerver.

2nd: The form Argoyle & Ugoyle is much useful than I had thought. It move the object to the door very quickly.

Waterfall Runs

The stage branches into two at Waterfall Runs 2 and 3: we can go left or right. Both two paths have disks. Disk E47 is at the beginning of the right path, and the Disk E30 is at the end of the right path. So we collect E47 first, then E01, then E30.

Bio Lab

I found an interesting way to get the BM Upgrade. The BM Upgrade is in a poor. Opens the outfall, then closes it in a certain time, creates a path to get it.

Underwater Volcano

No collectables in this stage. We finish the boss battle around 3 seconds faster than Mothrayas done.


Model ZX makes the boss battles very short. We take damage in Ouroboros 3, stand on spikes and get the last disk.

In-game time when beat the game: 01:32'54 (after staff)

Thanks Rolanmen1 and Mothrayas for there nice movie on ZX series.

Enjoy the run!

Mothrayas: Judging.

Mothrayas: Very well played run. For such a long run, it contains a fair amount of variation throughout the run, so that even though it's quite long, it doesn't get boring or repetitive. Accepting for publication.

Guga: Processing...

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