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Submission #3763: JWinslow23's NES North and South "Playaround" in 05:04.1

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: North and South
Game version: USA
ROM filename: North & South (U).nes
Branch: Playaround
Emulator: FCEUX 2.1.5
Movie length: 05:04.1
FrameCount: 18276
Re-record count: (unknown)
Author's real name: Josiah Ryan Winslow
Author's nickname: JWinslow23
Submitter: JWinslow23
Submitted at: 2012-11-17 19:33:05
Text last edited at: 2012-11-19 08:47:21
Text last edited by: JWinslow23
Download: Download (4565 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
North and South is a game released for the NES based off the Civil War. You can fight battles, go on trains, capture forts, and destroy the Union or Confederate armies in this suspenseful game!

The details of this run are as follows:

And here is a play-by-play of what happens.

Title Screen

The button press mosaic appears (if you are seeing it in TASEdit). Other than that, this is normal.

There is an Easter Egg in this game in which if you press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, and A (the Konami Code) when the copyright text has stopped scrolling, an elaborate "sound test" feature appears, with a keyboard and everything! You can choose to play up to 32 sounds from the game. I play Sound Number 2, which is an 8-bit version of the "Star Spangled Banner". Then I start entering the settings.

Settings Screen

This is where you choose what side you are on, the difficulty level, the year, and much more!

I make myself a level 1 Union Soldier, and the AI a level 3 Confederate Soldier.

I then turn on the "Indian" setting, which has an Indian occasionally kill an army unit in western states, and sometimes has a Mexican toss a bomb on Texas if you are on it.

I turn on the "Weather" setting, which makes inclement weather appear over a state. If one of your army units are on the state it goes to, it cannot move until the next turn.

I then turn on the "Sea Port" setting, which, every four months, starting with month 5, brings reinforcements to whoever controls North Carolina

I set the year to 1864, poke the photographer in the butt three times, then I start the game!

Battle 1

I make my cavalrymen "split up" near the rock, then use my infantrymen to kill the Confederate cavalrymen. I use my cannon to kill most of the Confederate infantrymen, then have some cavalrymen go past the log cabin to kill some infantrymen, therefore sending me backwards. (Even I don't know how this glitch works!) Then I use my infantrymen to kill all but the Confederate soldier manning the cannon. I kill him using my cavalrymen, adding one win to the Union side.

Battle 2

I have showed off all of the glitches I know on Battle 1 (that is, unless I can get somewhere with glitching my infantrymen through the cabin, which hasn't worked yet). Because of that, I go for speed on this one.

Train Capture

After some tedious map movement, I decide to rob a train.

I climb the first ladder I see. I jump to the next cart, and who do I see? Why, it's none other than another one of those Johnny Rebs! Luckily, my jump avoids his sword, and I use my recovery time to dodge another one. I then jump, avoiding two more swords thrown at me. A punch is thrown at me, but I quickly duck before it hits.

Next, I see another Rebel, but I quickly jump two times to avoid getting hit by swords. Little did I know, however, that another graycoat was waiting for me on the other cart! I avoid everything he has to throw at me. I get no more than two carts ahead, and another challenger awaits me there! Luckily, I know how to avoid his attacks, but he stays persistent. I jump over him, trying to get to the end of the train, cleverly dodging his attacks. But, just as I am about to hijack the train, he jumps over me to try and block me, but I do the same. He then gets partly stuck in a wall, which then becomes the Confederacy's undoing.

Fort Capture

Ugh, here we go again! I climb up the first ladder I see, and I see none other than a Confederate soldier waiting to kill me with his swords. I dodge all of them, including his punches. Another greycoat then waits for me just a few yards away, but he has really bad aim. (Thank God!) In fact, so does the next soldier I encounter. The streak didn't last, however, and the next few swords that were thrown almost hit me! He quickly ran out of swords, and luckily, his punch was weak for a soldier. *laughs* Pretty soon, I captured the fort, and all in one piece, too.


The Native Americans off to the west do not like war, so he just straight up kills my latest reinforcement. Luckily, I will not be needing it in...

Battle 3

Well, this is it. The final battle of the Civil War (as presented by this submission). Let's make it count.

The cavalrymen "split up" again, and two horses go up without me pressing up! One cavalrymen kills one of the other cavalrymen, but they retaliate, trying to kill the soldier manning our cannon! Luckily, they do not live to do so. The cavalrymen kill the other cannonman, while our cannon kills the last remaining soldiers in the Confederacy.

The Outcome

The Corporal has "put an end to this bloody war by defeating the South in 5 months." America is now "again the land of freedom. The South, however, lays in ruins. Andrew Johnson does nothing during "Reconstruction", making him one of the least useful presidents to succeed Lincoln.

Note to Encoders (I'm talking to you, flygon!)

Set the emulator to pause at frame 19,950, which shows the TAS, plus a few seconds of the ending screen.

Well, see you until my next TAS! :-D

JWinslow23: This submission is cancelled.

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