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Submission #384: slash_star_dash's NES Metal Gear in 30:22.87

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Metal Gear
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Metal_Gear_(U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 30:22.87
FrameCount: 109372
Re-record count: 239
Author's real name: m.t.
Author's nickname: slash_star_dash
Submitter: /*-
Submitted at: 2004-10-28 22:31:36
Text last edited at: 2004-10-30 13:40:28
Text last edited by: /*-
Download: Download (11812 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

no warps/passwords


-glitch at tank battle allowing me to bypass it completely after taking some damage. -glitch at supercomputer allowing me to skip it all together and head right for big boss. -glitch where you use the transciever to make items and ammunition reappear without leaving the room (this is also used in the Arnold boss battle to defeat him more quickly with the Rocket Launcher). -walk through enemies to save time -(unsure) slowing down gameplay so i could optomize going through the menus.

i take damage. gas rooms, heat panels, sewers, some gun shots, and a few boss battles. i do NOT use death.

i aim for fastest time with fewest items found throughout the game.

Metal Gear: metal gear is not the shoot-em-up game for soldier boys... its tactical action. is stealth. its using your head to get passed soldiers instead of mercilessly killing them. it is also the bastardized version from the ORIGINAL MSX console game.

Movie making was tougher. variables seem to tackle me at every turn this time around. however, through help from several board members (as well as previous knowledge that some things will happen for odd reasons), i have completed the game. its not that its hard, its just that it took longer with the speed trick. this movie is definitely not for anyone who doesn't know metal gear. dont expect me to walk through walls or do any other awesome tricks over and over like bisqwit can. i suggest you watch it, keeping in mind that games are intended for different audiences.


after the tank battle, when i take out a few mines, it looks as though the game skips. i have no idea what that is. it happened when recording as well, so it may just be from taking out the mines.

i utilize the slow down to the best of my ability, learning late in the game i do not need the menu to load to move the arrows (by about half a second).

i also seem to take a bit more damage this time in one form or another (just to get through things quicker). its still a combo of killing, stunning and avoiding... so dont expect anything to be a set pattern... EVER.

when i contact jennifer AFTER the arnold battle, it stays black for a while with no sound. DONT worry. everythings fine, the game just needs time (its like its playing the transciever but not...it also seems to have wasted a moment or so...but i could tell no difference between waiting for the sound and not).

bisqwit, i do hope you enjoy this one better. dont let the rerecord count fool you... i put everything into this.

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