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Submission #3874: Remzi's Arcade Penguin Brothers in 17:02.68

Console: Arcade
Game name: Penguin Brothers
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: penbros.zip
Emulator: FBA-RR v0.0.7
Movie length: 17:02.68
FrameCount: 61361
Re-record count: 1844
Author's real name: Josh Smith
Author's nickname: Remzi
Submitter: Remzi
Submitted at: 2013-02-22 06:35:23
Text last edited at: 2013-03-26 21:49:51
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (5509 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Subsino's 2000 title Penguin Brothers (ペンギン ブラザーズ) is an adorable arcade platformer starring two penguins who's objective is to run a key into the goal after defeating all of the enemies on screen.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FBA-RR v0.0.7
  • Fastest completion
  • Single-player in a multiplayer game

Stage Comments

  • Map : Selecting different stages in different orders leads to different results.
  • 1-1 : Quickly spinning to kill the only enemy on screen.
  • 1-2 : Abusing the way objects clip to kill enemies extremely quickly.
  • 1-3 : A rush to get the clear-all. Killing enemies individually isn't nearly as fast.
  • 1-4 : Penguins like powerups, and using the ring shot to kill enemies is quite fast.
  • 1-5 : Generic boss fight, easy peasy.
  • 2-1 : The enemies I don't kill rapidly clone when hit. However, the one I did attack instantly kills all clones.
  • 2-2 : Just good movement.
  • 2-3 : Picking up a barrel, which kills enemies, is rather nice.
  • 2-4 : AI manipulation to keep them in place.
  • 2-5 : This boss is rather predictable when hit, so just place bombs on his landing spots.
  • 3-1 : Using the clipping glitch by using the extra height gained from a bomb toss in order to get better positioning, allowing faster kills.
  • 3-3 : Explosive barrels work in a similar fashion to regular barrels, except they explode when broken.
  • 3-5 : Using a fling glitch, extra speed is gained when the platform is scaled.
  • 3-6 : This boss is simply horrible. While it likely could have gone better, I'm unsure of how to manipulate this stage well.
  • 4-1 : Barrels to kill everything, spawning a fish and giving myself a 1-Up in the process.
  • 4-2 : Clipping out, I ignore all the walls and instantly move to the enemies.
  • 4-3 : A neat little portal stage. It works very well with clipping through the map.
  • 4-5 : Although they eat bombs, they can't stop barrels. They always chase bombs, so it's easy to manipulate the AI.
  • 4-6 : This boss fight is actually rather fast if you have the green power-up. Alas, I didn't incorporate one into the route yet, so a bit of time was lost.
  • 5-2 : Odd glitch using the enemies feet to clip.
  • 5-3 : While bombs can extend jumps, it has little use excluding this stage.
  • 5-7 : Hitting the boss while he hovers over the lava causes him to fall into the lava, taking an extreme amount of damage in little time.
  • 6-2 : Time could likely be saved with better movement. Jumping into the pit would likely save a second.
  • 6-4 : An impressive series of head-bounces lead the way to ideal movement.
  • 6-6 : This is the worst stage in the game, although it doesn't look it! Any mistake leads to death.
  • 7-1 : Quite a pushover, having virtually no health and not moving from his platform.
  • 7-2 : Damage the body to make the head fall off, and kill the head. The body doesn't seem to have an actual form of health.
  • 7-3 : A slow, tedious boss which would normally shoot a large amount of enemies onto the screen. Unfortunately for him, he falls right into your bombs.


  • Clipping glitch : On any half-sized platform, such as barrels, you can often clip into objects by using objects to push you inside of them, or, on certain surfaces, by simply jumping through the map. This can also be done with other objects, and once done with a non-player object, it completely ignores walls until it comes into contact with something that can actually hold it.
  • L+R / U+D oddities : L+R gives you a run to the left and a jump to the right. This can save a frame in certain situations where turning around would otherwise cost said frame. U+D allows sliding on spinning platforms where you cannot crouch.

feos: This submission generated quite some interest directed to the game, but for now it is not as optimized as it can be. I encourage Remzi to co-operate with Odongdong and make a really tight TAS. Co-authorship would not only help to optimize the run, it will also help Remzi to improve as a TASer. Rejecting and hoping to see a deep improvement.

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