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Submission #3906: kaizoman666's SNES DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken in 59:48.19

Console: Super NES
Game name: DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Doremi Fantasy Milon no DokiDoki Daiboken (J).smc
Emulator: Snes9x rerecording 1.43 v17
Movie length: 59:48.19
FrameCount: 215646
Re-record count: 82907
Author's real name: Thomas C.
Author's nickname: kaizoman666
Submitter: kaizoman666
Submitted at: 2013-03-26 18:18:16
Text last edited at: 2013-05-05 17:59:43
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
A note to the judges: This run was actually finished seven months ago (back before the Snes9x deprecation), but I hadn't submitted it at the time.

(Link to video)

This run is an improvement of 5184 frames (1:26.4) over the previous movie.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Snes9x 1.43 v17
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck

New Tricks

  • Normally, when shooting a bubble, Milon's speed will drop to 1 pixel per frame. This can be prevented by releasing the directional button at the same time.
  • Staying on the ground whenever wind is blowing against Milon will make him run faster than he does in the air. Likewise, staying off the ground is faster when it's blowing with him.
  • Shooting bubbles in the air will produce less lag than shooting them on the ground.
  • After obtaining the glide boots in World 3, the speed of Milon's falls can actually be increased by tapping B for a single frame when he starts to fall.
  • When swimming, it is slightly faster to release the directional keys after boosting. This also lets you charge attacks while still swimming forward.
  • When Milon has the ability to form ladders, pressing up+A after forming one will cause it to disappear sooner.

Level Comments

The two numbers in parenthesis are the number of frames saved in each segment and the total number of frames saved, respectively.

Title Screen and Intro (172, 172)

I ended the intro earlier, I'm not quite sure why Mukki didn't.

1-1 (0, 172)

No change.

1-2 (45, 217)

Sitting on the ends of the logs instead of riding in them saves quite a few frames. Thanks to bullethead2022 for that idea.

1-3 (69, 241)

Frames are saved by optimizing the jumps over the falling logs and getting boosts from the falling leaves.

1-4 (17, 258)

Taking the lower route at the start is a bit faster thanks to the slope. The lower route at the end is also a bit quicker, as it gets you past the bird in the way of the gondola without slowing down.

1-5 (27, 285)

Running in on the ground in windy levels is a bit faster than jumping through the air, so that saves most of the frames here.

1-6 (-42,243)

Normally, no change, but frames had to be lost after the level in order to manipulate the boss's attack pattern.

World 1 Boss (0, 243)

No change.

2-1 (51, 294)

Breaking the blocks is improved so Milon doesn't have to slow down at them.

2-2 (229, 523)

Block breaking is improved, and the path for jumping up to the area with the star is a bit faster. Jumping off of the ladders also saves a few frames over just climbing down it. In the second area, I also change the path in the middle slightly so that less blocks have to be broken.

2-3 (50, 573)

Block breaking is again improved, and the turns at the cookies are faster.

2-4 (4, 577)

Autoscroller, so there's not much room for improvement here. The transition between the first and second parts is improved, though. Bubblegum is also grabbed here for use in 3-2.

2-5 (128, 705)

Breaking blocks is improved, as well as the jumps off of ladders. The third-to-last and last champagne shots are improved by not holding a directional key, as well.

2-6 (134, 839)

Improved ladder hopping, and the path taken after the first ladder is changed. The turn at the key is also faster, as well as the fall after it.

World 2 Boss (1, 840)

A single frame is saved by hitting the boss with a bubble sooner.

3-1 (86, 926)

The turn at the star is faster, and after the star, a block hidden behind a pillar is used to make one of the jumps rather than an enemy.

3-2 (832, 1758)

The bubblegum obtained in 2-4 is used to skip a considerable part of the level. Tapestry hopping is also improved, as well as the charge shots near the star. In addition, jumping out of the area from the star is quite a bit faster than going back around.

3-3 (131, 1889)

The turns, falls, and tapestry hopping are all improved.

3-4 (84, 1973)

Improved tapestry hopping, turns, and falls, and also gained extra boosts from the arrow platforms and musical notes. In addition, the path taken at the end of the level is improved so you don't have to use an enemy.

3-5 (197, 2170)

Various minor improvements again, and at the end of the level the flying sheet music is used to bounce up to the goal without having to wait for the mouse to pop out of the wall.

3-6 (160, 2330)

Various minor improvements, and instead of having to wait for the second moving platform to come down to Milon, just hopping up to it will save a fair bit of time. In addition, I managed to avoid the attack from both the microphone near the glide boots and the one near the end, which saves a few frames. Getting the key is also improved, at the cost of spending a little time in darkness.

World 3 Boss (201, 2531)

I get a slightly different attack pattern, which lets me get on top of the boss's head sooner. An extra frame is also saved during the transition to 4-1.

4-1 (79, 2610)

Improved block-breaking, swimming, and turning, and avoided having the land in the water near the end.

4-2 (6, 2616)

The only improvement here is an extra boost from one of the waves.

4-3 (43, 2659)

Improved swimming and the charge shot.

4-4 (8, 2667)

Improved turns.

4-5 (125, 2792)

Improved swimming and charge shots.

4-6 (79, 2871)

Improved swimming, turns, and block breaking.

World 4 Boss (24, 2895)

Reduced lag. I could have also killed myself on the last frame before fadeout to glitch out the game, but unfortunately that creates a ton of lag.

5-1 (44, 2939)

Improved falling through the ice at the start, reduced lag from the bumpers. Block breaking and revealing is also improved.

5-2 (28, 2967)

At the end of the level, I reveal some blocks to reach the goal instead of using the bumper.

5-3 (58, 3025)

Improved turns.

5-4 (57, 3082)

Improved turning, block breaking and revealing, and melting the ice at the end of the level.

5-5 (158, 3240)

Increased time spent on the ground when going right, and decreased it when going left to save a considerable number of frames.

5-6 (50, 3290)

Improved turns and melting the ice.

World 5 Boss (3, 3293)

Optimized hits.

6-1 (194, 3487)

Improved block breaking and ladder hopping. In addition, took the lower route instead of the higher one, which skipped a ladder and a fall completely. The ladder formed near the door to the second room is also made on the edge of a block rather than on the floor below the door to reach it faster.

6-2 (40, 3527)

Warning: Incredibly long autoscroller. Frames managed to be saved by reducing lag and improving the transitions between rooms.

6-3 (394, 3921)

Pressing up+A will make ladders disappear earlier than they do on their own, which saves quite a bit of time in the places where you need to use multiple ladders. In the room with the star, a ladder is also used without ground to connect to in order to reach the star sooner. In addition, improved the ladder hopping as usual.

6-4 (4, 3925)

Another incredibly long autoscroller (thankfully, the last). Only a few frames saved from lag, this time.

6-5 (166, 4091)

Improved ladder/wall hopping and turns, and took the middle path halfway through the stage instead of the left to reduce horizontal travel.

6-6 (229, 4320)

Improved turns and block breaking, and took the higher route after pressing the black switch rather than the lower one to avoid one of Milon's "oh shit" animations. On the way to the end, I use a ladder so that I don't have to wait for the fire to subside.

World 6 Boss (57, 4377)

I managed to get a faster attack pattern for the sun.

7-1 (29, 4406)

Reduced lag and improved the turns and cannon shots, and also managed to clip a wall after being shot out of one of the cannons, which let me land sooner.

7-2 (20, 4426)

Increased time spent on moving platforms.

7-3 (611, 5037)

Huge chunk of time saved by running ahead of the toy horses instead of waiting for them to catch up.

7-4 (11, 5048)

Improved turns.

World 7 Mid-Boss (61, 5109)

I can't even tell where the improvement here came from. Lag, I guess?

7-5 (28, 5137)

Improved turns.

7-6 (0, 5137)

No change.

7-7 (8, 5145)

Improved block breaking.

Final Boss (39, 5184)

43 frames were lost due to a block of lag after the first phase is defeated, but 82 frames are saved in the second phase by manipulating the boss better for a difference of 39.

Special Thanks

  • Mukki for making the original run of this game
  • Bullethead2202 for providing me with her own run of the first world
  • DarkMoon for encoding the TAS

feos: Accepting to Moons. Great improvement! As for final snes9x 1.4x deprecation, this run was proven to be in progress long before that, and it was liked, so an exception is made.

feos: I'll encode this I think.

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