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Submission #3934: Dooty's PSX Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee "Maximum Casualties" in 40:00.53

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee
Game version: USA v1.0
ROM filename: Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee [U] [SLUS-00190].bin
Branch: Maximum Casualties
Emulator: PCSX-RR v0.1.3
Movie length: 40:00.53
FrameCount: 144032
Re-record count: 33409
Author's real name: Evaldo Mendes
Author's nickname: Dooty
Submitter: Dooty
Submitted at: 2013-04-01 18:01:37
Text last edited at: 2013-04-21 17:46:22
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Once a proud, spiritual people, Mudokons have largely been reduced to slavery. Now, they are the disposable, abuseable workforce of the Glukkons. Let’s put them out of their misery!

Game Objectives

  • Playaround/Glitchfest
  • Heavy Mudokon Abuse
  • Uses Death to Save Time or Not

Emulator Settings

  • Emulator: PCSX-RR v0.1.3
  • Bios: SCPH1001.bin
  • Graphics: P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver 1.4 (Abe's Games Fix enabled)
  • Sound: TAS Sound Plugin 0.2 (any other causes a desync)
  • Controller 1 e 2: Segu Direct Pad Pro Driver 0.4
  • CD ROM: TAS ISO Plugin 0.2

Dooty's Comments

I still remember the April fool’s day of 2012 and after accepting a cheated run I felt really bad. This year I decided to take revenge, but since I’ve failed to attack the site with double the juice, I’m going to retaliate on every Mudokon I could possibly put my dirty green hands on.

Glitches and Oddities

Stop & Turn

When coming out from rolling stance, Abe will walk two steps before a complete stop. But if you turn around at the right moment he will stand, stop and turn at once. Useful to climb ledges on the opposite direction, but combine it with the next tricks and you’ll have a huge time savers.

Auto Turn Delay

Some actions like climb ledges or mounting Elum will automatically turn Abe around if he is facing the wrong direction. If you run as soon as he turns, that action will be delayed until he turns around again. Be careful not to jump though as it cancels the glitch.

Backward Jump

This is a combination of the Auto Turn Delay and the Stop & Turn tricks; do the Auto Turn Delay from bellow a ledge, roll toward a wall and perform the Stop & Turn. Abe will pass through any wall of the game with this trick. But some walls are too large for him to pass with this trick and he will get stuck inside. If that happens, go back to the previous screen and he will be able to walk through the wall. In Scrabanian Temple you’ll see me setting this trick up from above a ledge, but there are few of those “special” ledges in the game.

Diagonal Fall

Like the Backward Jump, you must combine the Auto Turn Delay with the Stop & Turn trick; set up the Auto Turn Delay from bellow a ledge, roll and do the Stop & Turn. Abe will fall diagonally, eventually advancing to the next screen as he falls. But he won’t pass through walls with this trick.

Death Delay Glitch

Also known as DDG, this trick can be set up in many ways, but usually with two continues jumps towards an exploding grenade. In Scrabania I did a Stop & Turn trick to set up the DDG, but it seems to only work with bats.

Invisible Abe

After setting up the DDG, entering any well will resurrect Abe again. But if he’s still invisible by an explosion he will have the better of these two worlds; he is immune to all sorts of things that otherwise would kill an alive Abe, like Slig shots, explosions, traps and animals. He can also stand things a dead Abe is unable to, like surviving high falls or bumping into walls. Advancing to the next stage cancels the trick though.

Double Control

Here’s another use for the DDG; gain control of Abe and a Slig at the same time! To set it up, while in DDG state find a place with a trapdoor controlled by a lever which has a Slig nearby. Position yourself above it and possess the Silig. With the Slig in your control pull the lever and voila! You still have full control over the Slig, but Abe won’t move while the glitch is active, he still performs every other action like roll, climb, use contraptions talk and chant though.

Ghostly Elum

You must do the Auto Turn Delay trick on Elum near a flying mine, order bomb or grenade for this to work, but do this on the wrong frame and you'll have just an invisible Elum which won't move.

Walk Through Walls

While riding Elum, hold the R1 button and run towards a wall, when you are about to bump release the R1 button to walk through the wall. Do exactly the same when you’re controlling a Slig, but it only work if you want to pass from left to right, but not the other way around.

Stage by Stage

This run is all about Killing, , blowing, shooting, grinding, smashing and bashing those poor Mudokons, so instead of spoiling the run with a detailed description of every casualty, I’ll explain only where and why I didn’t kill this or that Mudokon.

Stockyard Escape

Four Mudokons can’t be killed in this stage; two are shielded by walls and it’s not possible to kill them with the item allowed in this stage. The other two are guarded by Slogs, and unless you are controlling a Slig, Slogs won’t attack the Mudokons.


Again, the three Mudokons in one of the secret areas here are shielded by walls. Also, the only item allowed here is useless to kill Mudokons; rocks.


There are only three Modokons in the entire Paramonia, but they can’t be killed as they’re also shielded by walls, again, rocks or meat, the only items allowed here, cannot hurt them, sadly.

Special Thanks

I won’t name anyone this time, instead, I want to thank all TASvideos members; you have been a wonderful bunch of people supporting me in most of my projects. Thank you for everything!

Suggested Screenshot

Dooty The movie file was replaced by a one casualty improvement and the run was set to new again.

feos: Accepting this funny deadly thing.

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