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Submission #4135: ToonLucas22's DS Tetris DS "Push Mode Level 5" in 00:19.79

Console: Nintendo DS
Game name: Tetris DS
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Tetris DS.nds
Branch: Push Mode Level 5
Emulator: DeSmuMe 0.9.10
Movie length: 00:19.79
FrameCount: 1184
Re-record count: 26
Author's real name: Lucas
Author's nickname: ToonLucas22
Submitter: letcreate123
Submitted at: 2013-12-19 23:56:42
Text last edited at: 2013-12-23 14:08:01
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (846 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Hello guys! I just made a TAS of the hardest difficulty of Push Mode in Tetris DS that is almost 20 seconds long! Hope you like/enjoy it! Depsite the fact that no one had the idea to make a TAS of Push Mode in Tetris...lol...

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DeSmuMe 0.9.10
  • Uses hardest difficulty


I decided to TAS the hardest difficulty of Push Mode, and it did go well! However, some luck manipulation was used to make the CPU act dumb at about second 18. Anyways the duration of the TAS would be about 17 seconds if we didn't count the time I was idling around. But meh, its just almost 20 seconds long.

Other comments

Well, I guess you guys always wanted to see a skilled player TAS the hardest difficulty from Push Mode in Tetris DS. More luck manipulation would have been enough to drop less Tetriminos at second 16.

Suggested screenshot:

feos: This submission was improved by 387 frames. Rejecting for sub-optimality.

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