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Submission #4195: grassini's SNES Justice League Task Force in 09:12.09

Console: Super NES
Game name: Justice League Task Force
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: Justice League Task Force.smc
Emulator: lsnes-rr1-delta18epsilon3
Movie length: 09:12.09
FrameCount: 33180
Re-record count: 870
Author's real name: João Grassini Ferreira
Author's nickname: grassini
Submitter: grassini
Submitted at: 2014-02-20 17:56:29
Text last edited at: 2018-05-10 19:37:27
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (138455 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is a TAS for an obscure fighting game on the SNES, which follows a few conventions of the genre and breaks others.

Story mode has 6 characters only, the other modes allow to choose the boss characters.

(Link to video)

Character choice:

Flash and Wonder Woman are the ones with stun combos. Super and Green Archer can combo with multiple freeze attacks and everybody can throw on hit-stun (Batman has a lot of fun with this) and block-stun. Everybody has dashes forward(WW, Super, Despero, Darkseid hit for little damage with the dash)and back-dash with initial invincibility.


This game has no cancels (except for flight cancel but it's not very useful), you can only link moves. Wonder Woman has a hard time hitting her lasso which doesn't have a lot of priority, so Flash was chosen because not all characters could be manipulated into successive stuns.

EVEN when they are STUNNED,they take random times to recover and some moves activate the AI block so I'm obligated to do a jump attack before the dash attack,it's easy to see if you try do the final combo on flash using only the dash uppercut, he will block instantly even if you cross him up with the teleport.

Flash moves used:

  • Teleport: Half circle back kick
  • Dash uppercut: This game has no dragon punch motion at all, it has instead: charge forward, quarter circle and forward punch


Cheetah and Aquaman were really annoying to manipulate, Aqua's blocks/jumps too much and Cheetah has a lot of priority on her moves.

Characters with uppercuts like Despero and cheetah didn't get the immediate jumping attack for their behavior, others were just optimizing the combo to minimize landing time and testing if the raw uppercut would end the fight. Darkseid and Despero were bigger and therefore, faster to hit.

Everybody should be allowed to format this, I'm lazy.

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