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Submission #4244: TASeditor's A2600 Frogger in 01:39.36

Console: Atari 2600
Game name: Frogger
Game version: any
ROM filename: Frogger (1982) (Parker Bros.).a26
Emulator: BizHawk-1.5.3
Movie length: 01:39.36
FrameCount: 5954
Re-record count: 3420
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: TASeditor
Submitter: TASeditor
Submitted at: 2014-04-01 04:35:25
Text last edited at: 2014-04-04 17:17:05
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hello everyone, this is my attempt getting the Wii TAS of the year.


Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.5.3
  • Plays all difficulties once
  • No heavy luck manipulation
  • No speed/entertainment tradeoffs
  • No heavy glitch abuse
  • No game restart sequence
  • No memory corruption
  • No save file corruption
  • Controls a frog


About this game

The game Frogger features, as the title tells, a frog. The frog of the game Frogger is a very quick frog, so that you ask yourself, if it's really a frog or not. No it isn't. The frog is actually Sonic in disguise. Frogger has a high quality game, even better than todays AAA-titles. It has a few sets of difficulties, one amazing level, graphics from the future and an outstanding soundtrack which put todays composers into shame.

Oh god, why did I TASed this?

The reason I did this TAS is very simple. On March 26th at 7:32pm Nach wanted to bake a delicious cake. Unfortunately he broke his leg after he threw two toothbrushes on the wall. "Oh, shit!", thought Nach while looking at his leg, the bone stabbed trough the flesh, "I can't finish my cake. I need the backup of my leg." The backup was also affected and could only heal 65% of the damage. "If I only enabled the rewind function...", thought Nach. After 23.334343 minutes he got the idea how to recover his leg. He smeared his leg with 2 liters of Guga Cola syrup, which immiditely recovered his leg, it was like a new leg.

Now he was able to bake a cake. But what did he saw sleeping on the kitchen table, it was Spikestuff, being fluffy as always. Nach couldn't resist. Nach pets Spikestuff. Spikestuff purrs. Now Spikestuff meowed and wanted something to eat, Nach gave him his favourite cat food, but Spikestuff was more interested in Nach's foot, he licked it and Nach was very confused. Nach ultrapets Spikestuff. Spikestuff purrs. Finally he ate the cat food and Nach can finally bake a cake.

He thoght it was a good idea to reprogram NachBot to be able to bake a cake.

The news Nach bakes a cake spread the world very quickly, because NachBot posted this on IRC. Just a fraction of a second after NachBot started to put milk and eggs into a bowl, the bell of his house rang. It was Mothrayas. Nach:"Mothrayas!", Mothrayas:"Nach!". Both of were very exited to see each other. They wait in the kitchen and watched NachBot's attempt to bake a cake. NachBot had his difficulties as he couldn't tell apart which one was sugar and which one salt. But Nach himself thought he was doing his job very well. Spikestuff returned from his feeding session, jumped on Mothrayas and rubbed his head against his elbow, because Mothrayas hasn't the smell of a fluffy Spikestuff on his body yet.

Later the doorbell rang again, it was scrimpy, he was completely naked. "Hi guys," said scrimpy and waited until he recognized that he forgot to put clothes on. He leaved in order to get some sexy clothes. scimpy brought his best friend FerretWarlord with him, who was riding the long way to Nach's house on a stickhorse. He joined the group and wait nervously for the cake.

Nach checked the progress NachBot has baking the cake. "0.20% done, sir!" Nach was very sad that NachBot isn't the fasted baker, because he really wants the cake.

For completeness Angerfist also went to Nach house. He was very happy to hear Nach bakes a cake, he was already smiling all day. Not a single sign of anger is visible.

Then out of all sudden scrimpy appeared under the kitchen table. He weared three layers of pullovers as he wasn't sure if he was still naked or not. "How was it?" asked FerretWarlord. "How in the fuck did you get there?" asked Angerfist. "Amazing zipping glitches, I guess." answered scrimpy. But in reality he used a cheat code, which caused him being rejected from the chosen ones who where allowed to eat from Nach's glourious cake.

Nach checked the progress NachBot has baking the cake again. "0.21% done, sir!". What Nach didn't know is, NachBot found a way to bake the cake in a very short time, but the setup takes its time. As soon as Nach turned around and started walking towards the table, NachBot alerted with a very high sound that the cake was finished. Nach frightened and almost fell death to the floor.

Now the cake was ready to be eaten. Everyone got a huge piece of it, exept scrimpy. But the cake was very salty, because it's all NachBot's fault. "We can't eat that shit!" shouted Mothrayas, as he accidentally swallowed a piece of the cake. "Let me handle this," said Nach as he hex edited all the grains of salt to be sugar, "now this should be better." The cake was very delicous and everyone liked it.

Other comments

This is actually a serious submission.

Note to encoders

It is highly recommeertt iuslys ima e t3t µal püq es t.

Nach: Rejected.

feos: Accepting to Vault.

feos: Cleaned up the movie header.

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