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Submission #4443: packsciences's SMS A.L.F. in 02:03.24

Console: Sega MasterSystem
Game name: A.L.F.
Game version: USA
ROM filename: A.L.F. (U).sms
Emulator: BizHawk
Movie length: 02:03.24
FrameCount: 7385
Re-record count: 136
Author's real name: Alexandre
Author's nickname: packsciences
Submitter: packsciences
Submitted at: 2014-09-22 18:30:49
Text last edited at: 2014-09-23 16:46:49
Text last edited by: packsciences
Download: Download (1090 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

SMS A.L.F. gets a new TAS with a new 'secret' found in game. The previous TAS was about 2 minutes longer.

A.L.F. wants to go back to his planet. To get his aim, he needs to collect some items.

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.8.1


  • Finish the game
  • Be the closest possible to opponents
  • Avoid to strafe a lot because the TAS would be unviewable
  • No DeathWarps (which is very used in last TAS)

I found a chinese video on the Web and I found it strange no TAS has been done with this 'trick', then I checked GameFAQ mentions it as a 'Secret' so I made this TAS.

TAS walkthrough :

The first thing is to get the salami, then the cat. You have to go to the children's bedroom then Pause the game, press Left, Up, Button 1 and Button 2 and you get all items. Then unpause the game and get back to your overboard. The pause skip is optimized. The second level is the last because of the trick mentioned previously. I takes place near planes in air, then in space where you need to buy a Space Suit 100$ (well actual spacesuits cost more I guess). I took a bunch of time to have perfect shop menuing. But the trick doesn't give you money. Whatever, you just have to sell the pearl in space shop and buy a spacesuit.

In deep space, you meet satellites I like to call "Spoutnicks" and comets I like to call "Green poo". You need to avoid them. I tried to be as close to opponents so it is cool to watch. Unfortunately, A.L.F.'s hitbox isn't very glitchy and is sometimes unfair thus I am sometimes one pixel to get killed but it seems like I am 3 miles away. Then, the moon gives you an awesome item to get to Mars to be with your girlfriend Rhonda.

'What if I want to play this game casually ?'

Some people thinks A.L.F. game is bad. It isn't actually. If you try to do a playthrough, try to remember Alf's hitbox is large, and the game's plot is very complex. I recommend the use of savestates even with a casual playthrough.

Things that could be improved

I supposed walking movment was faster than jumping because last TAS didn't jump to gain time but if somebody find a heavy glitchy way to run, tell me. The shop is frame perfect and moon's talk too. I am not sure if salami's speech is perfect. Also, for space and planes part, I supposed straffing a lot didn't win time for two reasons : the TAS wouldn't be cool to watch and it seems in real time it wasn't faster.

Have fun watching my TAS

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