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Submission #446: Ouzo's Genesis The Lost Vikings in 50:02.95

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: The Lost Vikings
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Lost Vikings, The (U) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 50:02.95
FrameCount: 180177
Re-record count: 9696
Author's real name: Geoff Moldenhauer
Author's nickname: Ouzo
Submitter: Ouzo
Submitted at: 2004-11-29 22:57:34
Text last edited at: 2004-12-17 12:46:13
Text last edited by: Phil
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Whew! Finally done with this.

The Lost Vikings is about 3 Vikings, each with their own unique features, are abducted and have to make their way out traveling through different worlds and eventually encountering their abductor.

Each character has two major attributes:

Baloeg - Uses a sword and bow+arrow

Olaf - Uses a shield as protection and a glider

Erik - Jumps and uses his helmet to bash walls and enemies

The goal is to get all three vikings to the exit to continue to the next level. There are 42 levels in all. For some reason the SNES version only has 37.

Emulator used: Gens_Movie_Test9a_exe

-As fast as possible

-Uses no passwords

-Abuses programming errors in the game

-Takes damage to save time

-One player controls two characters simultaneously

-Genre: Platform

-Genre: Puzzle

A long game done quick.

I did the game with two players, and player 2 has to be on the same screen as player 1 or else player 2 won't move.

I abused a well-known glitch where I use a key in order to avoid being hurt from falling. I abuse some more here and there.

If you find some of the levels repetetive, I don't blame you. This game wasn't exactly built for speed, but I tried to make each level as interesting, unique, and efficient as possible.

I had to hesitate or slow down sometimes in order to control other characters, enemies or objects. Also, a few times I switch characters in order to control actions that, without doing so, would cause major damage or death.

I tried to get hit only in places where it would save the most time. Most of the time, getting hit will not save time.

Some enemies you can pass right by, some will hurt you by attack, and some are impassable so the enemies that are killed or attacked are done so for a reason. I tried to avoid as many enemies as possible.

Recorded at 6%. Anything faster would not have worked out too well.

Oh, and the Candy World music kicks ass. :)


Bisqwit: processing... by Phil.

Phil: Published.

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