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Submission #4474: niamek's NES Darkman in 10:11.79

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Darkman
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Darkman (U).nes
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2
Movie length: 10:11.79
FrameCount: 36768
Re-record count: 3625
Author's real name: G.B
Author's nickname: niamek
Submitter: Niamek
Submitted at: 2014-11-02 20:24:52
Text last edited at: 2018-05-10 19:04:19
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (4146 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

The game

This game is based on a movie named "Darkman". The story following is from the actual game:

Dr Peyton Westlake was a brillant scientist who was working on a new synthetic skin ideal for burns sufferers. Taking old photographs of burn victims he was able to mould a mask using a computer to recreate their faces. Unfortunaly the skin was photosensitive and could not last over ninety nine minutes on the light! An evil gang lead by Durant broke into the lab looking for an important document. They killed Peyton assistant and attempting to leave no witness... They blew up the lab and Peyton with it... But he survived!! Horribly burnt, he was given a new surgical technique which made him unable to feel any pain. Unfortunaly the treatment had side effects. He had violent mood swing and adrenalin flowed through his body unchecked giving him great strengh! Peyton escaped from the hospital and became Darkman. Help Darkman control his rage and gain his revenge!!!

The gameplay of this movie is not that great.To hit an enemy for example, you need to be very close of the enemy.


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.2
  • Aims for fastest Any% completion

PS:I've used TASeditor a lot



Running on the ground makes you gain 30 of horizontal speed per frame. Moving in the air makes you gain 5 of horizontal speed per frame.


There is three kind of floor you can run on. I'll give them two names: the slow floors and the fast floors When you run on the slow floor, the max speed you can get by running is 512. When you run on the fast floors, the max speed is 768. Moving in the air has a max speed of about 1200(Don't remember the exact number, since it was never reached). However, when you land on a floor, the speed is reset to the max speed if you were moving faster. An exception to this is the moving platforms. Landing on a moving platform reset your speed to 0. The max speed of the moving platform is also 768. When you jump through a slow platform, you don't land on it, but your speed is still reset to 512!

When you're near enough of an enemy, your speed is reset to 0.


When you climb, you have two options: You can jump from it to the opposite direction, or climb to the top or down. You can't jump from the wall and land on top of the wall you wanted to climb. So you need to climb all the way to the top if you need to climb the wall. The climbing walls have very weird physics, more detail in specific level comments.


Hitting, as mentioned early, is very hard to do, since you have to be so close of the enemy to actually hit them. There is something I used in the run is running to an enemy walking away from me and hit him from behind and make them fall from the platform. This is a frame perfect hit. The last character has 2 attack animation and you can't choose which one you choose to do: either shoot a gun or hit with your fists. if you're too far of an enemy OR no of your ball still on the screen, you shoot the gun. Else, you hit with your fists. And finally, the third character has a special bazooka that has a recoil when shooting. This recoil is abused in order to accelerate much faster from a standing point.

Specific level comments:

Level 1

I've jumped out of the rope intentionally since you are faster in the air than on the rope. Nothing more to add.

Level 2

Nothing to comment

Level 3

If I didn't hit the enemy, he would have hit me twice, losing a lot of frames. If I waited and tried to jump over him and directly on the wall, the balloon would kill me before I reach the wall(Yeah, balloons OKO you...). The balloon of the rope section is unavoidable. This level is the first level to use a cheap hit to make an enemy fall. Plus, after that enemy, I accidentally make a glitch that makes me climb inside the wall so you're a little bit more on the left. This and the enemy is used to propel me toward the left quickly(instead of a almost standing run + avoiding or killing the enemy). I didn't jump after the last flame because a balloon later would block my path.

Level 4

It's one of the four "boringest" levels in the game. It's a picture minigame where you need to do the paparazzi and capture a certain person the more often possible. But instead of going 60 seconds of that, I waste all all the ammo and "complete" the levels in 19 seconds.

Level 5

I've been able to climb very quickly on the left side of the "wall" by jumping right over the enemy(being close to anenemy in the air reset your speed) and going left after the reset. Going up is faster than going down since going down invovle climbing an another wall + waiting the enemy to go away. Going up avoid all those headaches. Later in the level, I jumped over an enemy without slowing down, then jumped over an enemy and reseted the speed to 0. If I didn't do this, either I fight the enemy, or I fall in the water...

Level 6

I've stopped climbing somewhere in this level to make only one of the two platform appear. Then I continue so I can land on the first platform and quickly jump on the 2nd platform and so on. I've already made the two platforms appear so it was impossible to jump from the first platform to the second!

Level 7

I'm not even sure if I killed the guy or not. But the fight was unavoidable, since jump is disabled during the fight.

Level 8

ONe of the two autoscroll game. It's relatively hard to avoid all the obstacles AND collecting so much things things.

Level 9

Picture minigame, skipped again

Level 10

I've stopped since the clown can throw something can OKO you. By stopping, I avoided that OKO thingy. He's also the bazooka guy. As you can see, I shoot a ball every time I move from a standing stance. !Level 11 I didn't shoot immediatly after the balloon since it's slower. Level 12: Nothing to comment here Level 13 Picture minigame, skipped again

Level 14 + Level 15 + Level 16

These three levels were tricky since you can take a little more path possibility. On the level 15, I've already succeded to get immediatly bhind the ninja and make him hit me and propel me to the left. But after some major change in the earlier levels, I haven't been able to redo it. It seems that THIS ninja depends on the time you reach him. It's a possible improvement to this movie.

Level 17

Autoscroll level that's also hard to collect AND avoid. I've collected the more thing I could collect without getting hit.

Level 18

Picture minigame, skipped again

Level 19

The most weird thing of this game. If you didn't collect that potion on the left, the third platform wouldn't even move...

Level 20

The very first jump of this level is frame precise, one before or after you touch that machine and die. He doesn't jump high enough to clear the enemy without his speed getting reset.

Level 21

Nothing to comment here

Level 22

I've succeded to jump over the enemy without slowing down since he's crouching.

Last words:

I hope that you liked this run I've made from the past days! Shoot any questions or comments you've got on the forum. :)

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