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Submission #4478: SDR's Arcade X-men vs. Street Fighter "Ryu and Cyclops" in 12:09.73

Console: Arcade
Game name: X-men vs. Street Fighter
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: xmvsfjr2.rar
Branch: Ryu and Cyclops
Emulator: FBA-RR
Movie length: 12:09.73
FrameCount: 43784
Re-record count: 26415
Author's real name: DavidPAZ
Author's nickname: SDR
Submitter: SDR
Submitted at: 2014-11-09 22:34:01
Text last edited at: 2014-11-20 19:42:46
Text last edited by: Nach
Download: Download (16945 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Howdy TASvideos members. I bring another run of X-men vs Street Fighter. However this is a playthrough in which it shows a great balance, amount of possible combos, tricks and glitches.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: <Finalburn Alpha re-recording v0.0.2>
  • Game: X-Men vs. Street Fighter <(960909 Japan)>
  • <Level: 8 and 1 and 2 players>
  • <Aims for the entertainment>


The run show off ton of combos and tricks that are possible in this game version. Unlike my previous crossover runs where I used to adding 2 players in order to get more entertainment. This one I just looked for making a run where there was 1 team passing through for all exploring everything what they can do, bringing a interesting "gameplay" ( I don't know if it this would the right word that I could say it) . The reason by using the player 2 was showing a glitch at the end of the run.

Stage by stage comments

<Apocalypse vs Apocalypse>

It's a glitch that is performed by adding the second player after right of defeating apocalypse. Once that the glitch worked out, there are 2 way to end the game . First one, the play 1 is the winner then the next fight is going to be between your previous team. For example in this run could be the last fight between Ryu versus Cyclops. Second one, Whether the player 2 defeat the player 1, you(p2) will face the apocalypse again, but this time The CPU is going to take it.

Other comments

Overall the run is not supposed to replace my current one because that's not similar to it at all, but only another way to show a run of this game here.

Sorry for my mistakes in English I'm learning.

Nach: This run in and of itself is terrific, and does a wonderful job showing off the ability of Ryu and Cyclops. Audience response was also quite good.

However, we already have a playaround for this game, which while doesn't show off as many things about Ryu and Cyclops as this run does, it does show off quite a bit of them, and has way more variety across the entire TAS. It's very hard to justify publishing this one alongside it, therefore, sadly, rejecting.

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