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Submission #4480: Dimon12321's Genesis James Bond 007: The Duel in 11:46.39

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: James Bond 007: The Duel
Game version: any
ROM filename: James Bond - The Duel (UEJ) (Tengen).bin
Emulator: GENS Rerecording 11A
Movie length: 11:46.39
FrameCount: 42329
Re-record count: 4920
Author's real name: Moskovchenko Dmitry
Author's nickname: Dimon12321
Submitter: Dimon12321
Submitted at: 2014-11-11 15:54:55
Text last edited at: 2014-11-16 02:00:12
Text last edited by: sheela901
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
This is a tool-assisted speedrun of James Bond 007: The Duel. This game is a platformer where you should rescue hostages, find the bomb and escape, shooting bad guys by the way. There are 4 completely different levels. There is a big variety of actions: Bond can shoot in 6 directions (also in the air when possible), swim (instead of sinking, like in GTA 3), take cover/hide if there is a passage opposite him and climb the stairs/rope/downpipe (also shooting from that possition).

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: GENS Rerecording 11A
  • Uses hardest difficulty
  • Take damage to save time
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Genre: Platformer


James Bond 007: The Duel seems to be the only game about James Bond for Sega Genesis. Back in the childhood, with the help of piracy, each cartridge contained up to 16 games and I played each game when I was bored. As many games, I couldn't pass even 2nd mission. I think I would not soon remembered it, if not a trip to the cinema on Skyfall in 2012. After 2 years, I finally decided to TAS it though not everyone likes it somehow. Also I found a TAS which was never submitted on TASVideos, played by suklaalevy1 in 12:12 back in 2009. I think I won't even try to improve it if was published, but it was a game of my childhood... I couldn't pass by it!


There are only 2 weapons which are available in the game:

1. Walther pistol - is a simple weapon, which Bond has during all the game. There are 18 rounds in a clip. He can take up to 5 clips (when he has 5 clips, no-one of enemies drops a clip).

2. Granades - only available when he takes an ammunation kit (it gives 2 clips and 3 granades). Does 6 damage and kills every enemy, excepting bosses.

There is no hand to hand combat in the game, so the guards don't attack Bond when he is too close.

Stage by stage comments

There are also comments which compare my actions to suklaalevy1's actions.

Mission 1: Ship

We fly down on the jetpack and land on the ship. First of all I climbed down the stairs to rescue the first hostage. I killed a guard and he dropped a clip into the sea to clean the way and not take it. Small platforms were helpful because I can gain more speed and don't lose any time on getting up if I jump and land one the edge of the platform. As I've already saved some time, I didn't take damage from a guard and just jumped over him. All guards, who were interrupting me, killed. I don't know what is the point in dropping down the submarine on Bond, maybe the law of meanness... After jumping on boat, I interrupted on some frames because the guard wasn't in a good for me position and was damaging me after I climbed up. When I climbed on the next stairs, I killed the next guard immediately to do 3 jumps on my "height level", move the camera up and manipulate a guard not to appear on the long platform. That long guy on the bridge is the first mini-boss, who catches you and drops you to the sharks, but I just jumped over him. After jumping in the water, I jumped to the submarine and swam away! No clips were taken because of no free time.

Mission 2: Jungle

In this mission the secret agent must jump on the giant trees, climb the vines and still wear his costume in the boiling hot weather! Now the enemies are mercs (soldiers) and large map of the mission. I don't think it needs any comments because I just jump up and down. The jump on 2:17 in the encode was so difficult because I couldn't reach the edge of the platform and the merc shooted me. As I lost some frames just before the place with the scarecrow, which can throw knifes, I just ran past him and didn't jumped over. I took a clip because there was an ammunation kit with 2 extra clips, so no-one drops a clip. The 2nd boss is a combat machine, which has 21 HP (requires 3 granades and 3 shots). Everything else was just done quick.

Mission 3: Mine

This mission was so slow because of the elevators. Because of them I didn't improve the first part of the mission and waited a lot for the main elevator! I spent lots of time on the last hostage, but after I've done that part, I discovered that an elevator is spawning when I reach special point. As the lift, which goes to the last hostage, is always rides away when I reach the screen with it, I ran to the spawning elevator and spawned it during the travel of the lift. I wasted some shots to reload the pistol in non-wasting time. Left "arm" next to the bomb must be destroyed because it doesn't miss me at all! Second "arm" and the way to the exit arr also improved.

Mission 4: Turbine station

That was a classic platformer mission. Everything is done in the fastest time, but I slowed down a little times to go further. This mission is also improved and I didn't take damage from some fire places. The second giant turbine (9:46) works on the law of meanness: if I walk forward, it damages me twice, but if I wait a little, it drops fireballs faster and I go forward unburnt. Laser machine also has 21 HP. Final boss has 41 HP. He drops metal ball in you if you stand on one position. Bond's girl kisses you and THE END!

Other comments

suklaalevy1's TAS can be viewed here:

feos: Judging... Man, that Matt Furniss' music!

feos: Replaced with a movie that has a fix for ending.

feos: Accepting to Moons.

sheela901: Processing...

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