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Submission #4512: McW4v3-X's NES Super Mario Bros. 3mix "100%" in 2:23:36.48

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros. 3mix
Game version: USA PRG0
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. 3mix v1.0 Final (hack) (PRG0)
Branch: 100%
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2
Movie length: 2:23:36.48
FrameCount: 517840
Re-record count: 138976
Author's real name: David Royston
Author's nickname: McW4v3-X
Submitter: PikachuMan
Submitted at: 2014-12-08 23:06:12
Text last edited at: 2019-02-28 04:40:09
Text last edited by: PikachuMan
Download: Download (58663 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
This movie aims to get all the star coins and truly beating the game.

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.2
  • 100 percent completion
  • Uses death to save time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses time saving glitches
  • Uses luck manipulation
  • Unofficial game (hack)


This is an amazing hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 made by Southbird. For more info about the hack and to download the patches, visit http://www.sonicepoch.com/sm3mix/

This movie I blaze through the levels as fast as possible. I pick Toad to shorten the delay of after picking your character. A 100% run of this game involves getting all the star coins and this TAS does that.

Stage by stage comments


This is the most memorable stage to (almost) every gamer. I take the fourth pipe to the first star coin. I go in the pipe, get the checkpoint mushroom, get the second star coin, I kick the Koopa Shell to hit the Goombas, I do the slide-and-jump-while-ducking technique to break the blocks. I take damage before entering the first underground pipe. I time my jumps perfectly as I only need 2 jumps to get to the pipe on the left. The rest is a piece of cake.


Another simple stage. I get to the cloud bonus area, and we can now jump while climbing. A feature that hasn't been added before in a SMB3 hack until now. After the first star coin, I veer right out of the bonus area and wait for the piranha plant before entering the bonus area for the second star coin, then it's a long stretch to the finish and get the mushroom powerup and the third star coin.


I take damage from the Thwomp guarding the first star coin. The other two are easy to get. I take care of Bowser easily. I reenter the fortress and utilise time saving death for the sake of entering the Ghost House only once.

1-Ghost House

The stair clipping works wonders. I get the P-switch, get the first star coin, enter door number 4. Get the second star coin, activate the coin trail block, reactivate the P-switch, get the third star coin and the secret exit orb. Why I luck manipulate is to fight the Cheep Cheeps and the game thinks I got the normal exit so I don't need to reenter the Ghost House


First I go to the Mushroom house to get a Mushroom. I use the Mushroom before entering the fortress so I can wall clip between getting star coins.


I had to wait for the platform to be low enough to get the first star coin. The second requires the P-switch to be activated.


I take damage from the Thwomp guarding the first star coin. The second star coin is in an extra room beyond the pipe to the next room of the designated path. The third star coin is on a stretch above the water area. I do not have access to the Penguin Suit at this time. There is the Konami Code that can give you 50 of each powerup and 50 lives. It is unneeded for TAS purposes. Bowser is placed in the middle of the bridge so I can run under him to complete World 1.


The first star coin is a breeze. I just keep tapping the button to swim up and I don't lose speed going right. Going in the cave for the second coin. I lose speed unfortunately. Then I climb and climb and climb to the end of the level.


I use the Fire Flower, I get rid of the Ptooie, I get the second star coin. I don't lose speed when I land in the waterfall tile and not the body of water itself. In the night section, the bonus area in the pipe, I jump on the Shyguy, jump in midair, I take damage from the munchers, I jump as soon as the mercy invincibility wears off. I get the star coin and wall jump to save time, as the bonus area and the level are one.


The first star coin is barely offscreen. And It's an upward climb to the top. I bounce off the edge of a note block for the third star coin. I get the fire flower before facing Birdo.


I use the invincibility star here to avoid taking damage from the first Bob-omb. I stay back from the second one. I take damage from the rest of the explosions. It will give me the shortest time.


I take the most daring shortcut to get the first star coin, and it goes uphill from there.


Intensive tower climbing and star coin collecting leading up to Mouser.


Yay. No need to fight the Shyguys. I wait for the flames. I get the checkpoint mushroom for time saving damage. I get all the star coins before facing Wart.


I get a mushroom. Time saving damage is the key, especially waiter slows you down. Again, no Penguin suits for the time being.


I have to backtrack after getting the second star coin (i.e. taking the warp pipe back). And it is autoscrolling from here on out.


I get the Penguin Suit (Finally!) before I hit the P-switch. Doing so allows a jump right when the blocks turn back into coins.


I had to go back to do a running start to get the first star coin. I do a wall clip. Then I hit the P-switch to get the second coin. And jump while ducking to avoid touching the flames.


Jumps. There's on offscreen star coin. I use the Name table Viewer to see its location. Next I fight the Big Boo.

3-Ghost House

More like a funhouse to me. I take the middle pipe for the bonus area for the third star coin.

3-Sunken Ship

The Penguin suit is the fastest. No doubt about it. Holding A+B+Up+Right to bounce above the water is slightly faster. I fight Bowser Jr. on the Big Boo machine.


Yoshi! Going down pipes with Yoshi is faster than without. I hop off Yoshi to jump on the Rex and rebound to the end of the level.


Ugh. I tried to find a way to the third star coin without getting the Tanooki leaf, but no such luck. It is a double slowdown (as in a speedrunner's double whammy). It barely made this and the level after a bit slower than expected.


I find another Penguin suit to make up for time lost. I have to be frame precise to freeze the Urchins without taking damage. For the second star coin, I have to wait for the P-switch to run out.


I get the Tanooki leaf and get the first star coin. Then the ceiling starts to move down. I go under a block without a spike to clip through. Then it's a battle with Reznor.


An uphill climb before the descent. Third star coin in Coin Heaven.

4-Ghost House

I visit this area twice. The secret exit was hardly a challenge. But the normal exit on the other hand... It was very tricky, and laggy. I barely made it to the blue doors just in the nick of time.


I use a Carrot. I had no other options. And I don't have the Penguin suit yet again. Thankfully I get another one. The invisible coin blocks are parallel to the coins en route to the second star coin. Then it's Reznor yet again.


I get attacked by the Rexes. I get a Tanooki leaf for my efforts. I lose my Penguin suit due to time saving damagage from the fire. I do a glitch against Bowser Jr. He takes damage as a Koopa Shell was about to go into Yoshi's mouth, allowing me to defeat him quicker.


It's digging time. In the second row going to the second star coin. I jump when the P-meter is full so I can see where I'm going. Another wall clip! The third star coin requires the P-switch.


I get Penguin suits from the mushroom house. Star coins: Second pipe, pyramid above quicksand, P-switch. I hit the block while ducking directly under it.


I fight the Gaos for another Penguin suit. I use a Tanooki leaf to fly to the first star coin. I jump to the wall and I walljump from the quicksand tile. It's uphill to Totomesu.

5-Ghost House

This level has a sinking feeling in the first area. I swiped the Penguin suit in the next room. I have to reenter the level 'cause I need the secret exit.


It's the revenge of the Angry Sun in this autoscrolling level. Thankfully I defeat it with a frozen Cheep-Cheep.


I cannot do a long jump from the quicksand. I have to take the long way.


A blast from the past! (sort of) I fight Clyde. Although the Iceballs have no effect, I pelt him with 'em for fun.


I cannot scroll the screen by swimming up unfortunately. I had to jump from the vine.


More penguin suits! Welcome to Pianta Paradise!


M0AR KRABS! N&B Blocks. I had to take damage to save time from the Fire Bro. Third star coin in Coin Heaven.


Piranha Plants galore! Third pipe to second star coin. I get checkpoint mushroom for shorter jumps in room with the third star coin. Fourth upward pipe to enter. Next is Petey Piranha.


I use a Penguin suit before entry. The bonus area has no star coins unfortunately. Wall clipping after third star coin.


Another autoscrolling level. Third star coin in bonus area.

6-Ghost House

Anti-gravity features? Check. Start by jumping in midair? Check. Shortest level ever? Check.


I use a Tanooki leaf before entering to make the most daring flight in the castle. Time saving damage in second section. I make short work of Petey Piranha.

6-Rocket Ship

It's an uphill climb to the cockpit of the rocket ship. Another glitchy battle against Bowser Jr. The last Bob-omb about to explode turns into a Koopa Shell for some reason, and Bowser Jr. attacks himself with his own Koopa Shell. Twice.


Welcome to the Galaxy! I use a Penguin Suit before entry. Anti-gravity features in water is awesome.


A colossal revisit to The Lost Levels. I used a double wall jump for the third star coin.


One penguin suit in the mushroom houses this time. I dash upside down under the stage to save time.


Another upside-down level. We take a visit to Coin Underworld Galaxy.


I get a Tanooki leaf in the level. Anti-gravity for the third star coin. I fight the Topman master.


I clip through the breakable blocks for the second star coin. I fly after the third star coin.


I love to fly. I use a Koopa Shell to eliminate the Ice Snake.


Mario meets VVVVVV. I take upward pipe to secret room with star coin.


Gravity switches galore! This is the most difficult time savers of all. I had to fly while upside down. I go out the exit pipe the wrong way. Which was cool and all.


Upside-down world again. I fight the last of the Topman tribe.

7-Space Ship?

Yet another autoscroller. I fight Bowser Jr. at the end.


All Mario games re-revisited! I do a wall clip in the bonus room to the next section of the level. I go up a waterfall without a Penguin suit.


I press left at the beginning of the level to move me to the left side. I go down toe pipe for the star coin journey. I jump over a spark while a donut block is falling.


Another auto-scroller. Sheesh. In the next area I illuminate the whole area so that the Boos won't chase me.


No need for a Penguin suit. I do a glitch which involves hopping off Yoshi. I do it from a note block. I get a speed boost from a note block.


I fly to the first star coin. I attack the Gaos and the Pokeys to get the star coins. I wall clip to get a star coin whilist taking damage.


Yet another autoscrolling section for the second half of the level. The third star coin is offscreen.


I use a Penguin suit to get the star coins faster.

Bowser's Castle

First section is an autoscroller. Lag is unavoidable with 2 Fire Snakes onscreen. Spinies cause lag too. Second section the interior. I freeze the two Hammer Bros. I jump over the Sparks to hit the ! switch. Thwomps won't fall when offscreen. I jump with the noteblock to get the third star coin. I knock Bowser into the firepit below three times to finish the game! The game doesn't autosave until after the credits, which makes resetting the game pointless.

8-1 Daredevil

I start small. I finish small.

8-3 Daredevil

Autoscroller, ugh.

8-5 Daredevil

I reenter after getting the fourth star coin. I get the secret exit.


I get the mushroom, that means wall clipping. I get the coins that's coming from the pipe for the first key.

8-7 Purple Coins

I use the Penguin Suit

1-1 Purple Coins

After getting the hardest ones out of the way, This one is too easy.

1-3 Purple Coins

I get the Purple Coins with ease.


I use the same tactic as before in 3-Sunken Ship. A+B+U+R is slightly faster than swimming straight.


I throw Koopa Shells at the blocks to get the first star coin.

1-Fortress Daredevil

Activating the comet is faster than triggering the cutscene. I lose my powerup prior to entering the level after completion however.

1-5 Daredevil

The path to the level closes after beating the game somehow.


Southbird made it impossible to fly to the section with the second star coin. Without vertical scrolling, it's impossible to reach the upper section.


I use a Penguin suit for this level.

1-7 Purple Coins

No comment

2-1 Purple Coins

Very simple.


I swim upstream and get the star coins. I lose the Penguin suit for time saving damage.

2-3 Daredevil

Parabeetles hardly slow me down. There was one Ptooie that did however. But I blazed through the level like it was nothing.

2-Fortress Daredevil

Ugh. More climbing. I make short work of Birdo though.

2-4 Purple Coins

Just jump jump jump.

2-Ghost House

Flying is faster than the vine. I get the Secret exit first, then I get the star coins. I fly to the second star coin. I enter door number 3, take damage after getting the third star coin. Wall clips skips the need for hitting the ! switches


I use a Penguin suit as this is a water level. Going under the level in the second section is faster between the last 2 star coins. Then I play one round of Mario Bros. for a key.

3-1 Daredevil

Water slows me down. I hate it.

3-2 Purple Coins

I jump and climb to get the Purple Coins.

3-3 Daredevil

Water slows me down again. But hitting the P-switch makes up for it.

3-4 Purple Coins

Jump! Jump!


Two ! switches! I wallclip after hitting the second ! switch. A 6x6 wallclip is the hardest of all.


Lights On! Star Coins! Penguin Suit helps in watery areas. I fight Big Boo. Boss Nearby music cancels out when P-switch effect ends.

3-Ghost House Daredevil

There goes my Penguin suit. Swimming while small is practical for the second visit.

4-1 Purple Coins

Yoshi helps.

4-3 Purple Coins

I use a Tanooki leaf 'cause I don't have any Penguin Suits in my inventory. Good thing I get said powerup in one of the boxes.

4-4 Daredevil

No comment


Yoshi somehow eats a Piranha Plant and we enter. Another Yoshi related wallclip.


I use a Tanooki Leaf in order to get the second star coin. Time saving damage from the Thwomp. I fight Reznor.

4-Fortress Daredevil

I enter the level without the comet's effect and after completion, the game thinks I got the star coin from the comet.


Like I said, no Penguin Suits in my Inventory. Say hello to Boss Bass. Everybody's moI hated enemy in the Mario universe. I get the first star coin. I come close to Boss Bass and I don't hesitate to swim under him. Another duck-and-jump technique used here. Now run like a maniac! Another round of Mario Bros. afterward.

5-1 Purple Coins

Same wall clip as before. I restock on Penguin suits.

5-3 Daredevil

Another autoscroller. And it is unavoidable unfortunately.


We have to play this level twice.

5-4 Purple Coins

No comment


I don't need a penguin suit. Wall clip after star coin.

5-5 Daredevil

I gotta activate a ! switch


First star coin and quicksand jumping. P-switch for the second star coin.

5-6 Daredevil

No way to defeat the Angry Sun this time.

6-2 Purple Coins

Chucksters ahoy! What's up with the placement of the purple coins. A row of coins is impossible to reach without getting chucked into the air.


Avoid the Piranhas and jump from vines

6-4 Purple Coins



The optional casino is unnecessary for TAS standards.

6-6 Daredevil

Autoscrolling water level. What the heck was Southbird thinking when using this type of comet. There needs to be more variety when it comes to Prankster Comets.


Unfortunately the jump glitch makes the anti-gravity feature fail to work. I have to do the level normally. This level is similar to on the original SMB3. I use the Tanooki Leaf at the start of the level. I now have to uncover 5 coins from the boxes in this minigame. Unfortunately I can't jump while climbing here.

7-1 Purple Poins

Penguin Suit!

7-3 Purple Coins

Jumping on icy planetoids for purple coins is so tricky.

7-Fortress Daredevil

The Topman Tribe's last stand.

7-8 Daredevil

An underwater passage? Gotta get another Penguin Suit from a Mushroom House.

7-7 Daredevil

I do the comet skip glitch to do the most difficult time saver again.


This is the last one. I use the last Penguin suit.


I activated only 2 P-switches and I took only one pipe and got all the star coins and went for the finish.


I have to watch out for lava and the spikes when the platforms are low. I use the Koopa Shell to help me in getting two of the star coins.


I freeze the Piranha Plants so I won't get harmed by them.


Blackout Basement? It's so a-maze-ing what they done here.


This is it! The definitely final level.

0-Boss Rush

I take on the Topman Leader, The Big Boo, King Totomesu, Mouser, Reznor, Birdo, Petey Piranha, and Bowser.


And now, the tree final boss of this hack: It's Count Bleck! I get the last star coin and I end playback right after the second hit on the boss.


Wall clipping

Typical for a Mario TAS.

Comet skipping

This is a technique I discovered. When you move to the level with a comet and the screen scrolls, right after it finished scrolling, A is pressed at the precise moment and you enter the level without having the comet's effects. Finishing the level counts as getting the star coin and the comet level is completed.

Possible Improvements

Barring the Konami Code, there are some improvements possible.

  • 2-1; Wrong Warp in 2-1 puts you near the end of the level.
  • 2-any; It is questionable in how long the jump needs to be before jumping off a vine, rope, etc.
  • 3-1; Wall jumping to avoid the water area.
  • 3-Ghost House; Wall clip
  • 4-2 and 4-3; Jumping off Yoshi to reach the third star coin without aid of the Tanooki Leaf in the former to save time in the latter.
  • Rex encounter; Depends on the RNG.
  • 5-Pyramid; Hitting the 1UP Mushroom to do a wallclip?
  • 5-Ghost House; Getting only the Secret Exit.
  • 6-Fortress; Avoid damage?
  • 1-5 Daredevil; Clip through the pipe to the next area.
  • 2-2; Using a Tanooki Leaf instead of the Penguin Suit is debatable.
  • 2-Ghost House; Stair clip to star coin.
  • 3-1 Daredevil; Same as before.
  • 3-5; Collision detection error to get star coin.
  • 4-3 Purple Coins; Entry with Penguin Suit
  • 4-Trial; Penguin Suit to finish level quicker?
  • Certain comets can be skipped (only works on a few)

Special Thanks

  • Southbird - for creating this hack.
  • Nintendo - for the making of Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • TASVideos - for hosting many great TASes.
  • Me - for creating this TAS.

Nach: As far as this hack goes, it seems to be well written, and there's plenty of rave reviews all around praising its technical feats and its play, making it acceptable. However it does introduce new things which aren't immediately obvious which should be mentioned in submission posts, as hacks are nowhere as well known as official games.

For example, you should mention that you need to collect 3 stars in the levels, and only by doing so is certain content unlocked. As far as the run goes in this regard, there should also be an explanation on why certain levels were skipped, and what star road is, and why visit levels afterwords vs. the first time around. It's best if these things are documented, instead of forcing the audience to go hunting for manuals and walkthroughs, and trying to piece together tricky information on their own.

In terms of the run, the play does not appear to be as polished as it should be. A significant chunk of the audience found noticeable issues throughout the run. Therefore, I do not find this run meets minimum quality requirements for a first run of a game, rejecting.

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