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Submission #4591: adelikat's NES Donkey Kong Original Edition "All Items" in 01:33.83

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Donkey Kong Original Edition
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: Donkey Kong Original Edition.nes
Branch: All Items
Emulator: BizHawk 1.9.1
Movie length: 01:33.83
FrameCount: 5639
Re-record count: 2866
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: adelikat
Submitter: adelikat
Submitted at: 2015-02-26 00:35:34
Text last edited at: 2018-10-16 16:59:23
Text last edited by: GoddessMaria
Download: Download (1985 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is a 85 frame improvement over the rejected movie by Fortranm

Improvement breakdown: Level 1: 22 frames Level 2: 11 frames Level 3: 22 frames Level 4: 18 frames

Note - as you can tell from the numbers, there is an 11 frame rule in this game.

This is actually potentially a very interesting version of this game, that brings up a lot of issues to sort out, but I will break down the issues and what I think the results are:

One final thing to sort out on this submission is the category.

This is the "full completion" type category for this game and is thus vaultable. It is arguably rather trivially different from the any% movie, but that shouldn't be a factor with vaultability. The items collected are clearly intended to be collected as part of a full completion (it is even mentioned in the instruction book as such).

adelikat: Replaced submission file with a 12 frames faster movie. I made a mistake in the original submission and forgot a ladder boost near the end of the movie.

GoddessMaria: Judging this one as well.

GoddessMaria: It appears that the responses for this game and goal choice are divided. Some are okay with it and others are not. Considering that a consensus was made in the IRC in regards to the game and goal's legitimacy, I have come to the decision of accepting it for the Vault. The optimization is solid and the goal is considered "100%" by the game's manual.

The Consensus:

The ROM has been confirmed to run as a proper NTSC game at 60 FPS by BizHawk. As for the region coding, the game is identical for both NTSC and PAL regions and as such works for both regions as evidenced by the Wii and 3DS releases of this game. The extra stage was excluded from the NES DK game due to size and time constraints, but looks as if it were probably planned to be included. As such, we can consider this game extract of the Virtual Console WAD to be the "true" version of the game. The goal is also considered valid, as the game's instruction manual refers to the collecting the accessories as an extra goal, mentioning it as "what a true hero would do", and fitting the basic criteria for 100% completion.

Guga: Processing...

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