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Submission #4612: Asdrien's SNES The Blues Brothers "1 player" in 15:51.25

Console: Super NES
Game name: The Blues Brothers
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Blues Brothers,The (U) !.sfc
Branch: 1 player
Emulator: lsnes rr1-(delta)18(epsilon)3
Movie length: 15:51.25
FrameCount: 57169
Re-record count: 5109
Author's real name: Adrien M.
Author's nickname: Asdrien
Submitter: Asdrien
Submitted at: 2015-03-11 23:53:21
Text last edited at: 2015-03-24 15:26:57
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Following an argument between the two brothers , Jake carry out the mission in solo mode.

Game objectives

  • Type : Action/platform
  • Emulator used: lsnes rr1-(delta)18(epsilon)3
  • single player mode
  • Suicide to save time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Scrolling manipulation


I decided to TAS this game because it is ridiculous and difficult. The single player mode don't offers known glitchs.

Tricks Used in this Run

Scrolling manipulation :

Objects are in charge near the screen. So we can delay or advance loading by scrolling the screen. Used to avoid the pike balls , enemy like " ghost " , crushers ... Used to manipulate aerial platforms.

Saves speed :

Avoid maximum draw vinyl record because it lost speed for a few frame.

Stage by stage comments

Level 1

I use a disc to eliminate two enemies at the same time. pull a disk loses speed.

Level 2

I do all the level avoiding the enemies.

Level 3

Nothing special.

Level 4

I'm hanging onto the chains for a frame before jump back. Thus I backup my momentum. I make a short stop for time to load the vinile disk and make a scrolling of the screen to the right ( frame 5747 to 5755 ) . This allows me to move suddenly pricked ball immediately. I also use the disc loading to eliminate two bats in same time.

Level 5

nothing special

Level 6

I concerve few frames at the end of the level by colliding with the bat . My speed exceeds the maximum value ( max speed = 3,0 velocity after collision = 4.128 ).

Level 7

This is a rather complicated level for optimization. I go through the chains in my grip for a frame . Any optimization is reflected in the number of frame " jump down key" because it depends on the height to go and there is no set formula . I lose my momentum in the end because the platform is almost impenetrable . (Can not escape )

Level 8

I bent down and get up at the last moment to avoid the spikes because Jake down that speed (speed.x: 3.0 vs 1.128). In the frame 11175 I decided to spend the bottom to load the platform (frame 11242) earlier. I wait before the ball picnic while scrolling the screen to the right (frame 11470 to 11511) to go directly to the next pic ball. I lose my momentum (frame 11802 and 11898) to be projected after collision left. I used frames of invulnerability (frame 11971) to pass the spikes. I die while finishing the level at frame 12157. No need to specify the priority!

Level 9

frame win at the end of the level by colliding with the ghost

Level 10

nothing special

Level 11

I look at some crusher scrolling the screen to pass the following immediately.

Level 12

(frame 18761 ) I decided to go through the top rather than the left. (saving several seconds !)

Level 13

I economise few frames jumping several times the dragon to accelerate a bit. I leave the dragon as soon as I bit to complete the ! Level 14 Nothing special

Level 15

(frame 23734 to 24181 ) I manipulate the screen to avoid all bats I economise few frames thanks to the end collision.

Level 16

Nothing special

Level 17

I lose my momentum to get me thrown left after collision. I take frames of invulnerability to pass the spikes. I look to the frame 27372 to pass the ball picnic .

Level 18

nothing special

Level 19

30658 to the frame , I decided to move from the bottom because it keeps the momentum and only electricity is going on. Frame 30863 : I stop to make a scrolling to the right to avoid the crusher.

Level 20

nothing special

Level 21

Here we can use secret passages as shown in my run 2 players. Instead, I opted for a forced passage for entertainment.

Level 22

Nothing special

Level 23

Same technique as for the level 13.

Level 24

(frame 38815 ) I perform a skip that saves me several seconds. I economise few frames thanks to the end collision.

Level 25

(frame 41274 to 41300 ) Scrolling of the screen to the left to initialize the platform troublesome later.

Level 26 to 34

Everything is based on previous statements Technical.


  function on_paint()
   xposition = memory.readword(0x7e0f2c)
   yposition = memory.readword(0x7e0f58)
   xvel = memory.readsbyte(0x7e10b9)
   xsubvel = memory.readbyte(0x7e104a)
   yvel = memory.readsbyte(0x7e10cf)
   m = string.format("position : %d,%d", xposition, yposition)
   gui.text(1, 1, m)
   m = string.format("xvel : %d,%d", xvel, xsubvel)
   gui.text(1, 20, m)
   m = string.format("yvel : %d", yvel)
   gui.text(1, 40, m)

Special Thanks

@Grincevent for his advice

@Alowishus for his tricks in speedrun

Mothrayas: Judging.

Mothrayas: Compared to the 2-player run, this run was not nearly as well received. Normally, that would mean that the slower run would be rejected. However, the 1-player and 2-player modes of this game actually have different sets of levels, so they are not directly comparable to each other, and thus can be published as separate game modes. Accepting for the Vault.

feos: Pub.

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