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Submission #4623: Spikestuff's NES Titenic "Xx960LEETSINKxX, Dank Memes, 1 Frame Kill Joy" in 00:00.96

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Titenic
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: DOUBLE KILL.nes
Branch: Xx960LEETSINKxX, Dank Memes, 1 Frame Kill Joy
Emulator: Magical Rainbows
Movie length: 00:00.96
FrameCount: 48
Re-record count: (unknown)
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Spikestuff
Submitter: Spikestuff
Submitted at: 2015-04-01 00:00:05
Text last edited at: 2015-04-01 23:00:37
Text last edited by: Spikestuff
Download: Download (446 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
                 .                           oNMMMs
                 y.                         /dMMMMM+                         .
                 /m-                       `NMMMMMMh.                      /y`
                  NN/                      MMMMMMMMM.                    /dd
                  sMMN-`                  +mMMMMMMMMd.                 /dMM.
                  /MMMMN:`                yMMMMMMMMMm/               /mMMMy
                  `mMMMMMMo              smMMMMMMMMMMs             -NMMMMM+
                   oMMMMMMMhs           .oMMMMMMMMMMMh-          /MNMMMMMN-
                   /MMMMMMMMMs+         `NMMMMMMMMMMMd.        :NNMMMMMMMo
                    oMMMMMMMMMM+:       /mMMMMMMMMMMMM-      `omMMMMMMMMd.
                    .hMMMMMMMMMMM-.     .mMMMMMMMMMMMN+     /yMMMMMMMMMMy
                     oMMMMMMMMMMMMM:    oMMMMMMMMMMMMm.    /MMMMMMMMMMMm-
                       +mMMMMMMMMMMMM+- .NMMMMMMMMMMMh` /dMMMMMMMMMMMMm-
  /oo/-``               +MMMMMMMMMMMMMm  sMMMMMMMMMMMs :hMMMMMMMMMMMMd             ..:/+o/-
    -omMMmyds-+:         -mMMMMMMMMMMMMd/+MMMMMMMMMMN--MMMMMMMMMMMMMs`      .+-ohhMMMh+-
                     .-/oo+shooho+/`   -MMMMMN`ss-hMMMMm`       `
                                      :MMMMMy: ss `sdMMMs
                                     `hMMMN+   +y   `hMMm`
                                     .MMN/     /y     `yM/
                                     -Mh.      /h       :y
                                     -h        :d

Spikestuff: I know I'm killing it a whole hour early but I gotta leave before April Fools ends so I'm doing it now.

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