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Submission #4634: EgxHB's NES FCEUX "Unlock MLG Mode" in 00:06.99

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: FCEUX
Game version: any
ROM filename: fceux.exe
Branch: Unlock MLG Mode
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2
Movie length: 00:06.99
FrameCount: 420
Re-record count: 69
Author's real name: S.G.S.
Author's nickname: EgxHB
Submitter: EgixBacon
Submitted at: 2015-04-01 05:15:20
Text last edited at: 2015-04-04 09:52:52
Text last edited by: Mothrayas
Download: Download (520 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Are you ready for your mind to be rekt?


  • TASes the emulator instead of a game
  • Uses a secret code
  • Colours dinosaurs/ponies/triangles/EVERYTHING
  • Improves your overall gaming experience

How to use this movie file

1. First, you scrubs will need a bong, a bottle of Mountain Dew, and a Dorito.

2. Fill the bong with the Mtn Dew, and drink it all up in three gulps or less.

3. Place the Dorito in your computer's DVD drive. Don't actually close the tray, or you'll rek your comp.

4. Switch on your computer's microphone, and say the word "ILLUMINATI" five times.

5. Take any one of your NES ROMs, and rename it to "smokeweedeveryday.nes" (case sensitive)

6. Launch FCEUX, and open smokeweedeveryday.nes.

7. Make sure that Input Display is on, and that the emulator is paused (this is very important!).

8. Open the movie file in this submission.

9. Advance through the movie frame-by-frame. You will see a Morse-coded message in the input; write it down, and decode it.

10. Invoke FCEUX's Game Genie decoder, and enter the message into the box.

11. If you did everything correctly, you should hear a PCM sample of Snoop Dogg saying "Smoke weed everyday!" This indicates that the super-secret MLG Mode has been enabled.

To begin using MLG Mode, close the current ROM, and now open the ROM of the game you wish to play.

MLG Mode has the following effects:

  • The game's music will be overlaid with airhorns and various Snoop Dogg PCM samples.

  • Any shapes that even vaguely resemble triangles will have pixelated Eyes of Providence superimposed over them.

  • In-game text will randomly be replaced with phrases such as 'Sample Text', 'Darude - Sandstorm' and '360 NoScope'.

  • Whenever you do anything that scores points, sprites of Mountain Dew cans, bags of Doritos, and marijuana leaves will spawn all over the screen.

  • Whenever you pause the game, a Swag-Dancing Snoop Dogg will appear in the centre of the screen.

Well, that's all, skrublawds. I wish a merry 4/1 day to you all!

Special Thanks

NFKRZ, BlazinSkrubs et al: for inspiring the creation of this submission. FCEUX devs: for implementing TASEditor. This movie would have been nearly impossible to create without it.

DISCLAIMER: EgxHB has no affiliation with Major League Gaming, nor does he smoke cannabis in real life.

Mothrayas: I now have a bitchin' emulator that reminds me plentifully about the merits of smoking weed on a daily basis. However, actual gameplay is missing. Rejecting.

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