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Submission #4647: Brookman's SNES Demon's Crest "100% " in 35:18.44

Console: Super NES
Game name: Demon's Crest
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Demon's Crest(USA).SFC
Branch: 100%
Emulator: BizHawk 1.9.1
Movie length: 35:18.44
FrameCount: 127316
Re-record count: 37211
Author's real name: Michael Brookman
Author's nickname: Brookman
Submitter: the brookman
Submitted at: 2015-04-05 23:09:10
Text last edited at: 2015-12-05 12:12:12
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (21600 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Update: Improved Final Boss fights. After Submitting my initial run I had a chance to stop in with broedgeman on his twitch channel and discuss my work. It was at this point that he (or someone in his chat) alerted me to this new strategy.

Earlier this morning, I was also in his stream while he was attempting to replicate the final boss strat on console while I proceeded to optimize my final fight. I also fully optimized the hits so that there was no excess to further appeal to the judges and viewers alike.

SNES Demon's Crest

Demon's Crest is the story of Firebrand (Ghouls and Goblins, Gargoyles Quest) On a journey to reclaim his collection of elemental crests.

Firebrand, using his super powerful crests, Has just finished murdering almost every demon in the world so he's is kinda tired. At this point Phalanx (the antagonist) sees an opportunity and decides to jump Firebrand and steal all his Crests. Phalanx Dumps Firebrands battered body in a Colosseum with a zombie dragon and heads off to cackle about how awesome he is and to unleash ultimate evil power using the Crests.

With just the Crest of Fire in his possession Firebrand has to slay the dragon, escape the colloseum, and hunt down Phalanx and exact bloody retribution. This is where the game begins...


First, I want to give Credit to ElectroSpectre, without his incredible foundation I never would have succeeded at creating this movie. ES did an incredible job optimizing boss fights and stage segments alike.

This run has been some 4 years in the making. I originally started circa 2011, when SNES 9x 1.43 rr was still accepted. At the time I produced a ~1,500 frame improvement to the currently published run. Due to extenuating circumstance I never got around to submitting the run. Fast Forward . . to ~january 2015: I'm casually watching Speed Runs/TAS movies and I stumble upon an RTA World Record of Demon's Crest by BroedgeMan and he's doing some cool tricks to save time. I'm immediately inspired and decide to get back to the grind So I head over to TAS vids.

To my dismay, SNES 9x 1.43 is deprecated and all the work I'd already done was basically worthless. Around this time the new MMX 100% run was published and seeing it was completed on BizHawk I decide to check out the new emulator. My computer is seemingly unable to operate BizHawk above ~20 fps. At this time I get on IRC and Chat with Adelikat and a few others about my options. MasterJun scolds me into shape and I resolve to start from scratch using Bizhawk.

I immediately wip up a rough draft of stage 1 and get the boss to synch up perfectly. I went back to polish up the first segment and I was able to save 5 frames. Unfortunately, the Boss fell out of synch and now created 20 frames of lag. I tried tons of things to make the boss behave better but eventually (2 weeks later) I learned something: "Frame Perfect is not always optimal"

With a new mantra I head to stage II, where I have a similarly time consuming perfectionist bout against the eye ball boss. Fast forward to .. . .~2 weeks ago.I've given up trying to improve this boss and proceed to churn out the next 100,000 frames. in about as much time as the first 28,000.

TL;DR TAS is challenging yet fun.

About This Run

Movie Info

  • Movie Version: BizHawk v2.0.0
  • Rerecord Count: 36297
  • Emulator Version: 1.9.1
  • GameName: Demon's Crest(USA).sfc
  • Frame count: 127359
  • Up/Down + Left/Right Enabled


  • 100% completion (All bosses, all items)
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Takes Damage to save time
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Uses speed/entertainment tradeoffs

About the Gameplay

  • Minor Glitch: Holding L/R glitches the placement of Firebrands attack. Right Direction takes priority but the fireball comes out of the back of his head.
  • BizHawk is Much more accurate (laggy) emulation than Snes 9x and just getting through the capcom screen, start menu and up to the dragon I am already behind SNES 9x by 100 frames from lag. Over-all, I estimate that this would have been roughly a 6,000 frame improvement on the SNES 9x.

Stage I:

  • Zombie Dragon: The Dragon is set on a timer so I tried to narrate the fight as a sort of struggle for the recently wounded Firebrand.
  • Graveyard: Pretty straight forward. I have to waste a few frames to manipulate the boss. Grab Useless Paper #1 and head to mini-boss.
  • Hippogriff 1: Courtesy of ES.
  • Mountain area: Every time you start or stop flying your character is frozen for 1 frame, so I try to minimize the amount of times I do either. I get Urn #1 because I'll need it for the return trip for the life vessel in the next segment
  • vertical Platforms + Arma 1: Courtesy of ES

Stage II:

  • Town: pretty straight forward. Just cutting through to get to the next section.
  • drowned abbey: The first of my optimizations is noticeable here. back in ~2010 while playing on console I casually attempted to cancel the recoil of hitting statues and I succeeded (1 frame margin). It was at this time that I decided I would attempt to break the TAS Record. I go for a swim to grab the hand talisman which allows you to shoot extra spells. I manipulated a health and 20 GP. Bumping the statues saves 40 frames going into the cave.
  • Cavern 1: Pretty straight forward. The fire monsters cause a lot of lag dead or alive. I kill 1 to get through, then I take out the owls in my way.
  • Cavern 2: You can disable BG layers to see in the dark. Making sure ememies I kill and statues I break don't drop items because that causes a lot of extra lag.
  • EyeBallSoup: Waking the eye ball up later to manipulate the fight. The trip up the tunnel is very laggy. I spent a lot of time trying to improve this fight just as ES had in his run. The eyeball pulses up and down and checks how many eyeballs are left. Both ES run and mine complete the first phase in 4 pulses. Although we hypothesize that it can be completed in 3. Unfortunately, I could not crack the code and decided to move forward like this. However, I am able to take down The big eye himself in 6 hits vs. the currently published 7 so not all was lost.

Stage III:

this is where the majority of my Improvements begin.
  • Forest: Laggy enemies abound, a few movement optimizations here let me Grab Urn #2 and get out just a little faster.
  • River: More Laggy enemies. I take damage at the end because it is less laggy than taking extra damage in the next screen
  • Forest Fire: Flame Lord pops in to set the forest on fire. I get through while minimizing lag from giant fireballs and tentacle monsters. Pick up useless Relic #1. Then Die to flame lord to pick up a health vessel that was hidden under the forest fire.
  • Flame Lord: I took a new tact to try and Kill Flame Lord Low to the ground. I don't hit flamelord in the air because he only has 2 HP left and the ground shot will OHKO. I get the Platform Maker (key to my ~1,500 frame improvement) and head to Stage IV.

Stage IV:

  • Pillars and Snakes: Cut down a lot of waiting and unoptimized movement by making my own platforms. Pick up a Urn #3 and head onward.
  • Floating zombie knights: Increased horizontal movement is blessing and a curse. I try to minimize the number of times I start/stop flying and utilize increased movement speed by staying airborn.
  • Hippogriff 2: Courtesy of ES
  • Jungle Tower: The platform allows me to make another huge improvement. Optimizing the tornado jumps is pretty awkward but this segment is not as laggy as the next.
  • outer wall: I have to drop to get useless relic #2 and Tornado Jump to the top right to grab Useless Paper #2. This segment is a little more laggy and also vertical movement is altered in this room making falling speed lower and icreasing my jump height significantly.
  • Jungle Tower 2: Platform maker again saves a lot of time here.
  • Arma 2: Courtesy of ES

Stage IVb:

  • Pillars and Snakes: Same as the first visit, but I don't need to switch off the tornado so that makes the next section interesting.
  • Zombie Knights: Again, just stay air born and reduce the amount of flying.
  • Flyer 1: I hit flyer before the fight starts.

Skull Bash Game:

  • Courtesy of ES.

Originally intended to do this later I realized it didn't fit anywhere else so I had to splice it in at this point which created a whole other head ache on the back end.

Stage V:

  • Ice Hell 1: Tornado Jump to Urn #4 then Tornado my way through.
  • Ice Hell 2: Tornado to the top of the mountain and Dash my way down. Grab Useless Paper #3.
  • Animal Abuse: This boss is pretty easy. Not much to say. He gives me a powerful weapon.

Stage Vb:

  • Ice Hell 1: Again, Just tornado through the mountain up to the castle.
  • Ice Castle: Tornado jump up the surprisingly lag free passage. Headbutt the Ice block to reveal a door which leads to a life vessel.
  • Owls and Axe Men: I take this time to use Useless Relic #2 which increases the drop rate of coins. I collect ~100+ GP here for virtually no reason. No time is lost so...
  • Flier 2: Hit before the fight starts.
  • Bats in the Dark: Kinda laggy, after I spliced in the skull bash game this segment became a little more laggy. I switch to ground gargoyle to bash the statue revealing Useless Relic #3. Then Just navigate out while trying to reduce lag from bats.
  • Arma 3: Very Happy with this fight. Using the new weapon I'm able to reduce the number of hits needed to kill from 36 hits to 12 from the ES fight. Although I love his Arma 3 for entertainment value.

Stage IIb:

  • Town: I stop into the potion shop to fill my 4 Urns with 2 mercury and 2 sulfur (32 GP total). These allow me to save boat load of time and are worth the minor side track and then some.
  • Drowned Abby: Grab Urn #5 and head to the boneyard.
  • Boneyard: Dash and Jump through, grab the Life vessel from bone Pile and head to the boss, pretty straight forward.
  • Skeletor: Skeletor pops of of the ground and seems to beckon you to finish him off?? Crest of Time Wipes him out in record time and Mercury #1 saves me a trip to the world map.
  • Drowned Abby: Just a straight shot to the caverns.
  • Cavern 1: Grab Useless paper #4. Having more health lets me get through with a little less lag.
  • Caver 2: a quick trip to the bottom to grab a health vessel and Sulfur #1 saves me the treck through the rest of the stage and teleports me to world map.

Stage Ib:

  • Graveyard: Hop, Skip, Dash, Jump Straight through.
  • Mountain Area: Same deal. mitigate lag between dashing and pillars collapsing.
  • Platform Area: Tornado Jump again saves a lot of time and Sulfur #2 saves me another hike to the end of the stage.

Stage IIIb:

  • Forest: Dash through. I opt to cut the vine for appearances, although with all the pause menu it is not as fast as it appears.
  • water cave 1: pretty straight forward. Useless paper #5
  • Water cave 2: Water floods pretty quick and owls at the top of the cave cause some lag. I have to break into the cave to grab another Life vessel then I head to the easiest boss in the game.
  • Scula: Scula is a 2 piece boss. The roly poly part requires 2 hits from the Crest of Time while the main body requires (IIRC) 4. In ES run he kills the head first, which freezes the game till it dies. I took a que from SOTN and killed the bosses simultaneously. They drop 1 health vessel.

Stage VI:

  • Moat: Skeleton Birds and fishmen make this segment a little hard to navigate while the pots dropping coins can cause lag.
  • Castle: Dash up to the hidden section, fly up the hole, break the statue for a life vessel and head up to the boss. Crawler Drops down behind you and tries to scare you into moving forward but I take damage and walk through him and head up from where he came to grab a life vessel. I noticed that when I drop down from this room, my character is in standing animation so I am able to ground dash in mid-air.
  • Crawler: manipulate crawler to throw babies at you so you can hit him three times a cycle. Mercury teleports me back to where crawler came from. Drop down, Dash down back to the bottom floor of the cavern and take a swim.

Stage VIb:

  • Under the sea 1: Use the standing animation trick to dash and switch to tidal gargoyle before I take damage. Moving around in this section is awkward so I use the spikes/enemies to propel my character in the right direction. The latter half of this section and the next section were definitely the laggiest/most awkward section to TAS.
  • Under the Sea 2: Lots of lag from breaking blocks and dealing with awkwardly placed enemies/hazards (come on Capcom. . .)
  • Holothorion: I kept wondering why I wasn't able to hit him till I removed BG layer 1 and revealed Holuthorion is two separate hit boxes that aren't attached. After I did this the fight became much easier.

Final Stage:

  • Cathedral: Pretty straightforward walk to the end. Dashing is laggy here due to enemies breaking windows/shooting arrows so like ES I opt just to use Crest of Time.
  • Hippogriff 3: I kinda style on this boss. I know in the guidelines it says . .. not to spam excessively but as a stylistic approach I think I did a good job so I hope this will be accepted.
  • Bell tower 1: Tornado to the top, knock the bell for the last life vessel. Long wait time allows me to create some shenanigans.
  • Cross the gap: Another section with improved horizontal speed. Using the Claw spell allows me to stick to the spikey stage hazards. Grab Useful Relic #2 which increases the damage of my spell attack.
  • Bell tower 2: Getting the floating bull heads to behave was kinda funny. Otherwise, thanks ES.
  • Mummy Hall: Straightforward, no lag or anything. Just a walk to the next boss.
  • animal abuse 2: with Crest of Time and Fang Relic, This boss goes down in 4 hits.

Final Boss

  • Phalanx 1 & 2: Tornado platform allows me to jump higher and thus optimize the hits a little better. In Phalanx 1 and 2 Demon fire does 6 damage while Legendary Gargoyle does 5. In the first phase, Phalanx does not have enough health for this to matter. However, in Phalanx 2 I am able to kill 3 hits faster with extra damage. Pause menu at end of fight to use tornado to Damage Phalanx 3 ASAP.

  • Phalanx 3: Still Very Laggy. Optimized hits for cleaner appearance.

I think I covered everything.

Suggested Screen shot: i.imgur.com/CjFbEZD.png

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