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Submission #4720: NYMX & EternisedDragon's SNES Super Metroid "100% Map Completion" in 1:14:51.54

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Metroid
Game version: USA
ROM filename: SuperMetroid.smc
Branch: 100% Map Completion
Emulator: BizHawk 1.7.0
Movie length: 1:14:51.54
FrameCount: 269936
Re-record count: (unknown)
Author's real name: Doug Albanese
Author's nickname: NYMX & EternisedDragon
Submitter: nymx
Submitted at: 2015-06-08 03:36:56
Text last edited at: 2018-05-10 20:24:56
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (61688 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Super Metroid 100% Map Completion (Code Name: Shinespark Amusement Park) This TAS aims to color in any and every map square that can be colored in. It visits places on Zebes that are normally never visited in other categories. In doing so, the primary goal of this game are met and beats the game in a non-glitched run.

I am adding an extra comment that I failed to add previously !!!

My appologies for not giving credit for the 5 to 10% of code created by Cpadolf. Please don't think that I purposefully missed this. You can confirm from my previous two submissions that I give credit to CP for his optimized work. Again, this was missed by accident.

This TAS uses a variety of techniques to accomplish the goal of completing the entire map by coloring in all blue areas...pink. The route for this TAS was dramatically different from that of the human RTA WR. This change reduces the amount of "Revisits" to already colored areas. Shinesparks are primarily used to color in hard to get to places and quickly allows movement through rooms where repetitive jumping is needed. Many non-human tricks contribute to goals where frame perfect, pixel perfect, and speed perfect allowed best efforts to move quickly through areas.

This is the first known calaboration between a TASer and community. The primary contributor to my TAS was the amazing EternisedDragon, who has a deep understanding of the physics of the Super Metroid engine. Other contributors to this project include: Straevaras, Sweetnumb, Redslash, Grommie122, Foosda, RodrigoAndrade7, Nintoaster_81, Mawcdrums, nutella4eva, Starzonmyarmz, Jronaggaz, Tewtal, Kojakt, EODTex, Anoraz_Xarona, UFabianx, JoshButro, Stigzilla, Hetfield90, Edu207, DasBlurr, OldSchoolTribe, Mishrak109, Sickents, Matrick2298, Benlake412, lxx4xNx6xxl, Lioran, BlackStarKupo, Hubert0987, Moe_187, Overfiendvip, WildAnaconda69, MartyMoinklers, RetrophileTV, Omnissam, AxlSR, sniqwc3, Nighty93, Mechashiva76, Full_Halfie, Torment99.

Shinesparks of this game:

  1. Post Crocomire Shinespark
  2. Watergate Shinespark (NYMX/EternisedDragon)
  3. Post-Grapple Shinespark
  4. Alpha Spark
  5. Post X-Ray Shinespark
  6. Red Tower Shinespark (NYMX)
  7. Mote Shinespark (NYMX)
  8. Partial Ocean Shinespark
  9. Bowling Shinespark
  10. Dragon Shinespark (EternisedDragon)
  11. Maridia Shinespark I
  12. Maridia Shinespark II (Post Spring ball)
  13. Maridia Shinespark III
  14. Maridia Mountain Shinespark I
  15. Maridia Mountain Shinespark II (Common Any%)
  16. Botwoon Swagspark
  17. Roly Poly Skip Shinespark
  18. Post Roly Poly Shinespark
  19. Draygon Attack Shinespark I
  20. Draygon Attack Shinespark II
  21. Draygon Attack Shinespark III (Blue Suit)
  22. Reverse Fullhalfie Shinespark
  23. Wave Substitute Shinespark
  24. Fast Pillars Shinespark
  25. Pinata Shinespark, Ninja Pirates
  26. Post Ridley Shinespark
  27. Maridia Shinespark IV (NYMX Original)
  28. Crateria Coloring Shinespark I
  29. Platform Shinespark
  30. Guanlet Shinespark
  31. Dechora Shinespark
  32. Charge Spark
  33. Blue Brinstar Shinespark
  34. Pit Shinespark
  35. Old Tourian Shinespark
  36. Mother Brain Death Spark (NYMX Original)
  37. Escape Shinespark I (NYMX Original)
  38. Escape Shinespark II
  39. Crateria Coloring Spark II

There are many things that need to be corrected and should remove about 1 minutes and 30 seconds worth of time. These problems range in all kinds of techniques and routing problems. A follow up version will be worked on.

Final Stats:

  • In Game Time: 00:44
  • Percentage of Items Colected: 33%
  • TAS Time: 74:58.93
  • RTA Converted Time (Human comparison): 72:41.516
  • Beats the human record by 10:22, currently held by SweetNumb at 1:23:03.00

Mothrayas: Judging.

Mothrayas: First of all, I'd like to commend NYMX and the Deer Tier community members involved with making this TAS. It is a good attempt, and it is clear that a lot of work has been put into the run. Unfortunately though, I will reject this run for publication on this site.

One thing I find problematic is the lack of description put into the submission topic, resulting in questions which are left unanswered. When it became clear that over three minutes of cpadolf's 100% run input was copied, I would really have liked to know exactly how much input and which parts were copied, and read it in the submission comments - but instead, all we got was a cryptic "5 to 10%" input by cpadolf. The important specifics are left unanswered. Requests by many people for coauthoring cpadolf for copying a significant amount of input were also ignored. We also never got any specifics in the submission text about the 90 seconds of known improvements, the routing, or 'new tricks' which were talked about. Information about these was also asked by various people including myself but again never addressed. There is a nearly four-hour commentary video on twitch.tv, so I find it weird that so little information could be given about the run in the submission text itself.

However, that is not even the major issue - the actual reason I am rejecting this run is because, quite simply, viewer feedback to the category was poor. Many people in the submission discussion disagreed with the category choice not going for 100% items, making a large part of the run look like entering through rooms and 'oddly' leaving without picking up any visible items, or otherwise entering rooms without any purpose. Obviously it's a part of this category, but it still appears odd. We understand that this is a recognised category on Deer Tier, but here on TASVideos we can only publish the categories that we deem interesting and entertaining enough, and Super Metroid is already overflowing with categories on this site as is. Deer Tier is a community dedicated to Super Metroid and we are not, so we have different standards here. If Deer Tier wishes to host this TAS on their own site, then more power to them; but the category just doesn't click with the TASVideos audience here.

The lack of optimality, particularly compared to current Super Metroid publications on this site, and compounded with the relatively large 90 seconds of known improvements, didn't help viewer response either - but I don't believe that an optimized improvement would be enough to save the category.

As such, rejecting for poor viewer feedback and bad goal choice.

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