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Submission #4781: mmbossman & Alyosha's FDS Arumana no Kiseki in 08:24.64

Console: Famicom Disk System
Game name: Arumana no Kiseki
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Arumana no Kiseki.fds
Emulator: FCEUX 2.2.2
Movie length: 08:24.64
FrameCount: 30328
Re-record count: 13557
Author's real name: David M
Author's nickname: mmbossman & Alyosha
Submitter: Alyosha
Submitted at: 2015-07-28 22:54:25
Text last edited at: 2015-08-04 15:10:59
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (4048 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Arumana no Kiseki is an FDS only platformer with an interesting grappling hook mechanic. Perhaps not surprisingly for a rather complicated mechanic like this one, it is abused heavily to clip through walls and most of several levels.

This run is an update of mmbossman's original, with improved boss fights, implementing the improvement missed in the original submission, and better control over scrolling in level 3.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.2
  • Beats the game as fast as possible

Temp Encode:

(Link to video)


Stage 1: mmbossman had missed an animation cancel in the original run, so this is the first thing I improved.

Stage 2: I saved a few frames on the boss.

Stage 3: I saved quite a few frames optimizing the climb, keeping the screen scrolling as much as possible.

Stage 4: nothing new, but re-syncing the boss fight was pretty tough

Stage 5: I made the boss spawn sooner, which saved about 10 frames.

Stage 6: nothing new

Total improvement: 102 frames

Other comments

I stumbled upon this run while browsing through this list. I noticed that this run had no youtube encode (despite it being the very first run.) Looking at the submission thread, I noticed the improvement right at stage one. Since I don't like seeing known improvements just sitting un-implemented, I decided to pick it up and ended up saving a bit more time as well. I guess you could say I like spring cleaning.

Re-syncing the spider boss was the hardest part, luckily brute force saved me, although it took many thousands of re-records to do so.

ars4326: Judging!

ars4326: Hi again, Alyosha. Very nice improvements made on mmbossman's 2009 run, which was already tightly optimized. Watching both files side-by-side, it was interesting to observe how the smaller optimizations added up, throughout the game. Great work, as you've been showcasing, and hope to see more improvements (by you and others) from the 'First 500' project!

Accepting as an improvement to the published run!

feos: Pub!

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