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Submission #4821: Dark Noob's Arcade Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams "playaround" in 18:16.72

Console: Arcade
Game name: Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams
Game version: Europe
ROM filename: sfa.zip
Branch: playaround
Emulator: FBA-RR v002-bin
Movie length: 18:16.72
FrameCount: 65803
Re-record count: 41109
Author's real name: Cristian Oliveira
Author's nickname: Dark Noob
Submitter: Dark Noob
Submitted at: 2015-09-05 01:08:09
Text last edited at: 2015-09-07 15:53:05
Text last edited by: Dark Noob
Download: Download (32097 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hello for everbody. This is my first time bringing this game here and also it is my first SF submission. Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams or Street Fighter Zero (ストリートファイター ZERO) as Japanese version and original version both released in 95 by Capcom as fighting game.

(Link to video)

SFA/Z is the first Alpha/Zero game from the Alpha series, as you can see at the tittle screen there are less characters compared with a2/a3, the combo-style are the same but with some limitations a good example are the ISM's and the Custom Combos exclusive to the successors versions which allow to do more combos and other additions, so this game isn't the same as the sucessors that easily or constantly can do infinite, 100% or 99 hit combos and also continue with turbo and normal mode.

About The Game

As Warriors Dream is the first game he will have some limits as I said Custom Combos and ISM's are example, concluding having only the super moves.
  • A new history, endings, alpha counters, combo system, air blocking, mid-air guard, characters was included in game as you can see: Dan, Charlie (Nash), Guy (Final Fight), Sodom (Final Fight), Birdie, Adon & Rose, a good new feature compared with predecessor Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

The old feature still lives in this new game, the secret characters as SSFT Akuma continue being a secret character and needs a code to choose him, in this game Akuma, Dan and M.Bison (Vega) need some sequences just place the cursor in ? box and do the sequences to have acess of these characters.

Another new in this game is the coming of dramatic battle wich 2 players enter in a battle against 1 enemy, but it isn't same as z2a/z3 to acess this dramatic fight you have to do a code with both players in Ryu & Ken and you will to a secret stage where Ryu & Ken will fight but the fight was interrupted by M.Bison, the true is that fight are a mode inspired by the final fight between the characters in SFII The Animated Movie, all know wich dramatic battle are good for TASes but in this you didn't see because are just a single fight.

Game objetive

  • Emulator: FBA-RR v0.0.2
  • Game rom: Street Fighter Alpha - warriors' dreams (950727 Euro)
  • Aims for entertainment
  • Combos, small glitches added
  • Reset Game
  • 2 players
  • AI manipulation
  • Plays on Hardest Difficult

Comments from me

I started this movie about 8/9 months ago after finished my runs with all the cast. I was with a lot of ideas about what add, but I stopped after the first 2p fight, so some weeks ago I decided to return and put all my ideas in practice and finally finished, first I choose this game because for me is a potential game yes I know that this game have been reject in past, but didn't convince me despite limitations of combos or glitches this game should make good fights and gratify who are watching.


FIRST of all: if you are expecting a glitched SF movie I feel to say that this isn't the movie you are searching, sorry this game really didn't have graphical, abuses of glitches, I search for a lot in google and in some japanese websites and didn't found nothing about "great abuse" of glitches in this version, Zero Koubou is a superb example of what I'm saying SFAWD compared with z2a/a3 are totally sad the successors versions are totally "glitched" compared with SFAWD mainly z2a that in future it's possible to a playaround too.

Tengu Walk

A glitch initially found by Zero Koubou and maybe it's the essential glitch to do some combos. Sodom is knocked down in the air, after this he can peform your special move called Tengu Walking (B,DB,D+K while knocked down in the air), after did this move he are totally vulnerable thus allowing you to junjuggling some moves (normal or super), have some frame limitations to do these combos of course you will see how it works at Sodom vs Sodom fight (Called OTG Throw Glitch), Dan, Akuma vs Sodom fights are another example, this glitch also works in a2/z2 version and this isn't works more in Japanese versions of Warriors Dreams idk why only in Euro and USA versions.

Juggling after Alpha Counters

I would say that is the only exclusive small combo/glitch in this version, Birdie (only) can be juggled after an Alpha Counter, after did the Alpha Counter you can do a Special Move or a Super Move and Birdie will took some hits, maybe is a fault or something similar because nobody still don't know why this happen.

The fast Soul Spark

It's not an glitch, is just a stuff found by an user playing on Anthology, this can be done only using Rose vs Rose,first both players go to the corners, now do the Soul Spark sequence and make Soul Reflects with both Roses, the Soul Spark projectile will go more fast after some reflects, I guess interesting.

Hm.. I don't know more what talk about, now will be you who will this will rate the run, I'm happy with this work and with this game.

Thanks to

  • Keikomars and your greatest Youtube channel and website wich help anyone who want to work with Alpha series.
  • Zero Koubou group for some combo ideas

Now I really hope you enjoy my work. Have a fun!

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