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Submission #4837: zvsp's GBC Pokémon Puzzle Challenge in 05:11.62

Console: Game Boy Color
Game name: Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Pokemon de Panepon (J).gbc
Emulator: VBA-RR v23.5 svn421
Movie length: 05:11.62
FrameCount: 18612
Re-record count: 33074
Author's real name: H.M
Author's nickname: zvsp
Submitter: zvsp
Submitted at: 2015-09-12 02:17:56
Text last edited at: 2015-09-16 14:48:04
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
Download: Download (5687 bytes)
Status: published
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Movie begins from a reset; should begin from power-on.

Author's comments and explanations:



Play the movie as soon as the game started, or it will desync.

To use some locked Pokemons, this movie is recorded from reset. Verification movie

Game Objectives

  • VBA-RR v23.5 svn421
  • Starts from SRAM
  • Plays on hardest difficulty
  • Manipulates luck


  • Aims to beat all opponents on VS COM (Challenge in Eng ver) mode. Hardest difficulty V-HARD (INTENSE in Eng ver) appears when Select + A pressed in level selecting.
  • In this game, it needs to make opponents' lifepoint to 0 to beat the level.
  • First of all, I go to Options and enable "Exploding Lift". It enables me to lift panels whether explosions are occurring. (Only GBx Tetris Attacks has this option)
  • Selects different Pokemons because using same pokemon all through is boring. It effects nothing on game. Changing costs every 1 frame.


Large Combos inflicts significant damages, just equal to that of 20 Chains. (looks this isn't a glitch) But 27 or more Combos earn only equal damage to that of 26 (21 or more Chains do also), so I use 26~28 Combos. Because a 26 Combo can't make any opponent's life to 0, some Chains are put. The Chains need to become bigger as game proceeds naturally, and exceptionally in level 11, puts a Combo because Hitmontop have most lifepoints (than Murkrow and Dragonite) and putting Combo is faster than Chain. Combos can inflict damages immediately because numbers of Combos are decided when the Combos occured, therefore I can defeat opponents quickly.

ars4326: Updated movie file. Previous time: 05:12.49 (18664 frames). Current time: 05:11.62 (18612 frames).

ars4326: Judging!

ars4326: Hello, zvsp. This was a very fun watch in seeing massive combos chaining together to take out the opposition, in mere seconds. Switching things up with different Pokemon was a nice added touch, also. Well done!

Accepting for publication to Moons!

fsvgm777: Processing.

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