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Submission #4875: Qwerty & Mukki's GBA Sonic Advance 2 "Sonic, All Chaos Emeralds" in 35:58.27

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Sonic Advance 2
Game version: USA
ROM filename: 0906 - Sonic Advance 2 (U)(Independent)
Branch: Sonic, All Chaos Emeralds
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 35:58.27
FrameCount: 128908
Re-record count: 284118
Author's real name: LLA & I. Masterson
Author's nickname: Qwerty & Mukki
Submitter: Qwerty6000
Submitted at: 2015-10-11 15:39:44
Text last edited at: 2018-05-10 21:07:24
Text last edited by: ThunderAxe31
Download: Download (9296 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
GBA Sonic Advance 2 'All Chaos Emeralds' in 35:48.46 By Qwerty & Mukki

After 5 months of testing Sonic Advance 2, it's finally finished. Collecting all Chaos Emeralds with Sonic The Hedgehog

Game Objectives

Level Time
Leaf Forest 1 0:28.20
Leaf Forest 2 0:22.92
Egg Hammer Tank II 0:05.62
Hot Crater 1 0:31.13
Hot Crater 2 0:35.78
Egg Bomber Tank 0:06.55
Music Plant 1 0:55.97
Music Plant 2 0:39.90
Egg Totem 0:05.50
Ice Paradise 1 0:39.85
Ice Paradise 2 0:39.42
Aero Egg 0:05.50
Sky Canyon 1 0:37.60
Sky Canyon 2 0:55.88
Egg Saucer 0:07.08
Techno Base 1 0:53.02
Techno Base 2 0:45.87
Egg-Go-Round 0:06.35
Egg Utopia 1 0:47.83
Egg Utopia 2 1:11.83
Egg Frog 0:08.52
XX Zone 0:49.05

Qwerty's Comments Of All Stages & Bosses

Leaf Forest Zone Act 1: In this level i'm collecting all SP Rings, it improves more than 3 seconds than the previous TAS

Leaf Forest Zone Act 2: I used Mukki's input so i can beat this level fast as possible

Egg Hammer Tank II: No Improvements

Hot Crater Zone Act 1: I used Mukki's input so i can beat this level fast as possible

Hot Crater Zone Act 2: Collecting All SP Rings in this level, i was very lucky

Egg Bomber Tank: No Improvement

Music Plant Zone Act 1: Collecting All SP Rings again, this level was really hard to TAS and it's still improveable

Music Plant Zone Act 2: I used Mukki's input till he jumped really high and landed on the ring box, i jumped high aswell but i was rolling to the ring box so i can use the jump dash. I saved 14 frames on this level

Egg Totem: No Improvements

Ice Paradise Zone Act 1: Used Mukki's input

Ice Paradise Zone Act 2: Collecting the SP Rings, It was difficult to TAS this level

Aero Egg: No Improvements

Sky Canyon Zone Act 1: Used Mukki's input

Sky Canyon Zone Act 2: Collect All SP Rings Again, i also have a alternative ending of this level. Timeline: 0:56.12. it's 14 frames slower

Egg Saucer: No Improvements

Techno Base Zone Act 1: Used Mukki's Input

Techno Base Zone Act 2: Enter Special Stage Again, this level was a real pain. I had troubles with this level, but at least i'll finished it

Egg-Go-Round: No Improvements

Egg Utopia Zone Act 1: Used Mukki's input

Egg Utopia Zone Act 2: Collecting SP Rings for the last time, This level was one of the hardest to TAS, but it is done

Egg Frog: Still No Improvements

XX Zone: Used Mukki's input

Before i start TASing this video, i made a lot of testruns. Here is the time table

Level Time
Leaf Forest 1 0:31.95
Leaf Forest 2 0:37.00
Hot Crater 1 0:58.18
Hot Crater 2 0:36.82
Music Plant 1 0:58.10
Music Plant 2 0:58.47
Ice Paradise 1 0:56.18
Ice Paradise 2 0:40.23
Sky Canyon 1 1:16.73
Sky Canyon 2 1:00.88
Techno Base 1 1:14.67
Techno Base 2 0:48.48
Egg Utopia 1 1:26.77
Egg Utopia 2 1:13.99

Screenshot Frame: 89987

Thanks To

Apologies For

Enjoy this amazing TAS, Qwerty

GoddessMaria15: Judging!

GoddessMaria15: Hello Qwerty. Unfortunately this movie fails to meet entertainment standards and does not qualify for Vault either. The main problem being the lack of activity going on during the Special Stages after collecting the required rings to pass and the fact that it takes up most of the movie causes it to fall apart. Also the category itself is rather arbitrary in the sense that there isn't a clear-cut way to really make it stand out from either the any% published on the site already or a movie that were to strive for 100% completion. For those reasons, I am rejecting this movie.

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