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Submission #4882: Jimmie1717's Genesis Disney's Toy Story in 20:30.73

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Disney's Toy Story
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Toy Story (U) [!].gen
Emulator: BizHawk 1.11.1
Movie length: 20:30.73
FrameCount: 73749
Re-record count: 27051
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Jimmie1717
Submitter: Jimmie1717
Submitted at: 2015-10-15 01:50:36
Text last edited at: 2015-10-15 02:19:52
Text last edited by: Jimmie1717
Download: Download (9403 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

This run is 42 seconds and 47 frames faster than Mukki's 21:11.93.

Although this run aims for fastest time I did have to make one compromise. It wasn't until late into this run that I went back to previous levels to look for possible improvements. It seems that the way the movement in this game increments is in a different amount of units than the framerate. Which means that every X amount of frames the game has to compensate X amount. I found that the offset for this is every 8 frames. Thus any previous level where I improved I had to save an amount that is divisible by 8. I ended up redoing the end of Buzz Battle and saved 74 frames. I tried to find an additional 6, but had no luck. So I ended up giving up 2 frames so that everything after would sync up rather than have to redo 5 levels. This only applies to levels where you control Woody (like the first level), for other's it didn't seem to affect anything.


The biggest improvement to this run over Mukki's was turning the "Storyline" off. By the beginning of the second level I'm already ahead by a few frames. The main improvements came on Revenge of the Toys, Buzz Battle, Inside the Claw Machine, and Battle of the Muntant Toys. The rest of the levels were mostly only a few frames with a few being a second or so. Mukki's Buzz Battle was horribly slow and this was the level I saved the most time on. Sid's Workbench and Battle of the Muntant Toys were the levels that took the most work in the whole run. I did each of those level several times testing all kinds of routes such as deathwarping and taking damage off certain enemies or not deathwarping at all. Although dying and respawning in this game is very fast it is not always the fastest.


That Old Army Game

This level is pretty straight forward. Free the soldiers, knock down the baby monitor, run to the end.

Red Alert

Again pretty straight forward. The main thing for this level is to free Rocky in time so that he can reach the end as fast as he can. Unfortunally he moves very slow so you end up having to wait at the end. The fastest you can complete this level is with 102 left on the clock so I don't lose time by sitting on the bed at the end.

Ego Check

For this level holding right the entire time is the fastest way to complete the level. Swinging on the hooks is slower than just normal running, however this is one section where this is needed to avoid taking damage. Part of this section has balls along the bottom that can be jumpped on but they are spaced too close together for continue moving right the entire time so swinging on the hooks here was faster.

Nightmare Buzz

Not much to do on this level. Just hit the fireballs around Buzz then hit him 4 times. I decided to use Woody's tiptoe animation as much as possible here just for fun.

A Buzz Clip

This level is interesting. By wiggling to the left or right you can maintain speed while moving in the given direction. This allows you to make slightly better turns by only at 45 degrees which helps maintain speed rather than turning at 90 degrees.

Revenge of the Toys

Probably my favorite level in the game. This level involves climbing towers to get past obstacles and free Rex. The goal is to get to the end with Rex. This level makes use of a tech I call Whip Canceling. When falling from high up when Woody hits the ground he gets a stumble animation that slows you down for a bit. By using the whip as you hit the ground it cancels this animation and allows you maintain your speed and control of Woody. Towards the end of the level I turn around and face to the left for a few frames. This is to manipulate Hamm's coins to be in a good pattern as to allow me to run under them without having to duck and maintain full speed.

Run Rex Run!


Buzz Battle

This level is very entertaining to watch. As Buzz moves left and right trying to attack you he drops bonus stars, all of which I avoid. To speed this level up you want to have Buzz far to the right so that he is close to his cooldown position where you can put the tire on him. But having him too close can be slow as you will take longer go hit the tire so a good midpoint is needed.

Food and Drink

Pretty straight forward. The Kid's Legs that come through are random and I never really found a way to manipulate them. So I ended up doing the level several times until I got something that I considered optimal.

Inside the Claw Machine

This level is loaded with all kinds of damage sources. But I run by most of them and don't get hit. I was surprised I ended up making a good cycle on the fans at the end so I was able to take an additional hit of damage earlier in the level and avoid it there.

Really Inside the Claw Machine

Creative level name. This level is the 3D Doom style level. I'm not entirely sure this level is optimal. I did what seemed to be the fastest. The hitboxes on the Aliens are kind of weird when they are in corners and you need to be facing the proper direction or you can just walk through them and it won't grab them.

The Claw!

This is the level I probably has the most fun on. Just hitting Aliens everywhere and bouncing them off the Claw. I let the Claw initially take Buzz far to the right, but not too far. Each cycle the Claw comes in it will always move Buzz a little to the right so I let it take him over but not far enough that I wouldn't be able to complete the level. The first few cycle the Claw moves all the way across the level, but the later cycles it only comes to Buzz then grabs him and tries to leave. This is why letting it take him far to the right is faster as it will have to travel less to get to him later on.

Sid's Workbench

The beginning of this level was pretty straight forward. After the second deathwarp is where it started to get complicated. In order to figure out was faster I had to test all kinds of routes for damage as well as then test the next level to to combine the 2 and see what all was faster. Avoiding damage and using the hit points for the yo-yo's ended up being the fastest.

Battle of the Muntant Toys

Combined with Sid's Workbench, avoiding all damage here ended up being the fastest. The deathwarp at the beginning of the level takes 99 frames and was rather slow. This level makes use of the one glitch used in this run. I call it the Hook Turn Around. Mukki found this for his run. When you are using the whip to swing on a hook if you switch the direction you are facing on the last frame before the hook Woody will flip around and swing the opposite way. This saves a good amount of time as it eliminates have the swings you would need to normally do to get up the hook sections. At the end with the big chain with yo-yo's I jump off and run along the bottom as this is much faster and allows to avoid damage than climbing across the chain.

Roller Bob



Pretty straight forward. Drive down the road can collect power cells to keep the battery from running out. Because of how the car turns it's not always possible to hug the walls round some turns.

Light My Fire

Another RC Car level. I use the wiggle again to maintain speed and get around obstacles.

Rocket Man

Again pretty straight forward. Just fly to the end and don't get hit. I fly inbetween stars and almost hit cars just for fun. I collect my final star on this level putting me at 199 total. Every 200 stars that you collect you get a mini game that would waste time to play.


  • CerberusGuns - The reason I started speedrunning this game and eventually made this TAS.
  • Joe Stanski - For his run on SpeedDemosArchive for which I used when first getting into the game.
  • YamiAmarillo - For running this game, helping push the time down, and for giving suggestions for this TAS.
  • Mukki - For his TAS of this game to take notes from and comparing.

I hope everyone enjoy's the run.

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