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Submission #4944: Flip's PSX Warcraft II: The Dark Saga "Orc Expansion" in 1:10:27.57

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Warcraft II: The Dark Saga
Game version: USA
ROM filename:
Branch: Orc Expansion
Emulator: PSXjin v2.0.2
Movie length: 1:10:27.57
FrameCount: 250665
Re-record count: 263072
Author's real name: Phil Hutchinson
Author's nickname: Flip
Submitter: Flip
Submitted at: 2015-12-21 15:14:03
Text last edited at: 2015-12-26 23:35:35
Text last edited by: Spikestuff
Download: Download (142807 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: PSXjin v2.0.2
  • Completes Orc story from "Beyond the Dark Portal"
  • Plenty of bloodshed to save time


The third of four. Thankfully the PSX version of Warcraft II also includes the expansion "Beyond the Dark Portal"; so now I offer you the continuation of the orc story. There's no longer any easy tutorial levels to sit through, and with the addition of our powerful new Hero units, expect nothing but hardcore battles and the total annihilation of all those who stand in our way.

Level Commentaries

1 Slayer of the Shadowmoon 1:55

Sacrificing an ogre or two to lead a guard pack out the way is certainly worth it, allowing Grom to be freed earlier. Seeing as Heroes have the most HP, we can use good old Hellscream to absorb all future death coils and survive. A true Warlord of Draenor.

2 The Skull of Gul'Dan 4:24

Standard level here, just doing early attacks before the enemies can amass any real threat.

3 Thunderlord and Bonechewer 9:02

Micromanagement certainly proves its usefulness here. Only a total of 6 grunts get used, yet they still successfully kill over 40 enemy units in their lifetime.

4 The Rift Awakened 2:57

Friendly fire for the win. The blue base is completely overcrowded with both cannon towers and ballistas, all of which just too eager to assist in the destruction of their own units. No more than a Blacksmith needed from our peons, as the initial army is more than capable of beating the level.

5 Dragons of Blackrock Spire 0:52

Highly dangerous mission here, needless to say the method used here wasn't the intentional route, given how well guarded their base is. Suiciding basically everybody grants just enough wiggle room to get to the end to rescue those dragons. Fear not brave orcs, for your lives have been given a greater purpose. May Ner'Zhul guide your worthless spirits into the ever after.

6 New Stormwind 6:19

A real toughie here, with two formidable opponents to defeat. The Green base who cower behind thick layers of rock will send in regular attacks from their non stop gryphon production, while blue send in more traditional footmen patrols. But no feeble alliance can possibly match the cunning or might of The Horde. Both are dealt with in a swift and timely manner.

7 The Seas of Azeroth 8:44

Supremacy over the seas must be established. This means both shipyards, 26 Destroyers, 8 battleships, 8 submarines, and 2 oil tankers all need sending to the bottom of the ocean. Not a task for the faint hearted, considering they already have upgraded units, guaranteeing a loss in any 1v1 match. Well, that is without the aid of super micromanagement anyway. Oh, and just in case you forgot: "You're the captain".

8 Assault on Kul Tiras 7:08

Another level where tower density severely limits progress, as multiple ballistas and towers are hidden behind walls, preventing quick zergs. A slow push on whichever units we can attract gives a steady pace to the level.

9 The Tomb of Sargeras 2:42

Kill the daemon at the end, using any rescued packs to help you. This renders all other enemy packs effectively optional, ideally resulting in skipping them. However, there is not enough room to sneak around them, nor can we use suicidal ogres to distract them because they're more interested in our DK anyway. This means the first few packs need to be killed properly, until the DK (once research finished) can clear some guard towers. Once that's done, it then becomes a mad rush to the end to kill a single daemon.

10 Alterac 6:04

An early dragon attack on red can lure peasants away into repairing. Kill those, and that'll render them totally broke, with no way to afford anything else. Red can then be slowly destroyed, while the rest of the army takes care of White. However, low remaining health means that not all guard towers can be done with our initial army, and so we need to return later with the additional help of the rescued units.

11 The Eye of Dalaran. 4:04

Nozdormu's power over time wanes while we approach the city of Dalaran, slowing down our mighty warriors to only half their regular speed. In order to overcome these dark magiks, we need to allow ample time before beginning our assault. (IE the frame rate is bad here if we don't let this level load properly, hence a delayed skip to get past the tactics screen). With no time to build a base, this means no extra catapults, no Bloodlust from ogres, and no Death & Decay for our DKs. These form the usual core behind any offensive attack on Cross Island, and so more cunning techniques have to be devised.

12 The Dark Portal 9:45

Medivh's work will not go unfinished. With the jeweled scepter of Sargaras in our command, and the dragon aspect Neltharion to cause destruction of cataclysmic proportions, the return to our home land Draenor can begin. Unfortunately, the alliance have bolstered their hold over the portal, with five of their toughest heroes standing watch over the shores. However, they are not immortal, as the simplest of auras can melt the flesh from their bones, securing another victory for The Horde. Other nuisances include enemy peasants who enjoy repairing, or just simply rebuilding entire structures. This means certain buildings are tactically not fully destroyed until we can work our way further in, to make sure potential replacements will not be built. Ten minutes are all that are required to lay waste to all.


Mothrayas: Judging.

Mothrayas: With every coming Warcraft II TAS, they just keep looking better and better. Fine execution of brilliant strategies, micromanagement, sacrifices, and everything else that makes these runs joyous to watch. Looking forward to seeing the Dark Saga concluded with the fourth and final campaign in the future. Accepting to Moons as a new branch.

Spikestuff: "Alright."

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