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Submission #5062: NidoqueenOfPain's GBA Dogz 2 "paw-around" in 14:49.71

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Dogz 2
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Dogz 2 (U).gba
Branch: paw-around
Emulator: VBA-rr-v24-svn422
Movie length: 14:49.71
FrameCount: 53140
Re-record count: 10137
Author's real name: Phuc D.B.
Author's nickname: NidoqueenOfPain
Submitter: EgixBacon
Submitted at: 2016-03-31 18:50:06
Text last edited at: 2016-04-03 21:53:38
Text last edited by: Mothrayas
Download: Download (2889 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:


Helloo! My name is NidoqueenOfPain, and after moths of delibaration, i have finnaly desided to join tasvideos.org and submit my first ever tas! As you can probbly tell from my usernaem, i am a girl gamer who loves pokamon and doto! Apologes for my bad english, im from viet nam and i still learning! ok, without futher adiu, lets begin!!1!

Dogz 2 (and its sista gaem Catz 2) are a pear of gaems from the well-nown Petz franchice, the sequels to Dogz 1 and Catz 1 (obviusly). The gamer bee advans verson is rather diffrent from the home consle verson, as insted af being an adventre game similar to the dog island, it is a pet simulater were you get to car for yor very own virtul pet (a puppy or a kitten, depinding on the game).

Beggining of the gaem

After silecting 'new game' i have to chose my caracter. for obvius raisins i chose the girl with the ligt blue outfit, cause its my fav color. Next, i put in my name. Cause the limit is six leters, i cant put in my hole usernaem, so i go for 'QUEEN' instead.

After that, their is the puppy survy. This aparrently dose not effect which puppys will appaer all that much, so i just go ahed and pick the first anser it defalts to on each qestion.

Day 1

After the intro cutseen, i wait a spesific nuber of frams on the final tex box befor entiring the shop. This manupilaets luk so that the dog i want to have spans on the shelf drectly in front of me.

quenn is very picky when it comes to puppys, you see. She wants herslef a Miniture Daschund, and she wonts it now! The clark offers to let her cary it arund for a bit, but aint nobody got time fo dat!

After coming hom from teh Petz Shop, queen finnaly gets to intrudose her litle dog to his new surounddings. Inspeared by her favorit carton caracter, she desides to name him 'Itchy' - a very fiting name for a Dashund, wodn't you think?

After traning her new pet for a bit, quenn piks him up and takes him otside so he can expore the gardin. going bak inside, she then has a coversaton with her daddy about the puppys new name (i wait a secund on ech paeg of text so yo can red whatn their sayng!)

Next, she takes te brush out of the coset, and takes it utside to grom itchey. quenn relly wants to maek shure itchys coat is nise and smoth, so she brushes him rigt thru until teetime.

Later, after fedding both itchee and herslef, quenn tries to take him outsid agin, but mom wont let her cos its to dark. So insted, she tekas him into the bedroom so he can hava a rest, swopping him with teh puppit. quuen then triews to go bakc down stares, but mum stops hre and sens her to bed bcos its nin o colck.

Doy 2

Beep-beep, beep-beep. its monday, tiem to get up. Fourtunatly, quenn has enough time to play sum puppey reversi b4 shcool. im not gong to spiol the resuts, wotch four youself!

Between brekfast time and gong-to-schol tiem, queen tries to giv itchiy sum moar traning. Howevewr, thigs dont quit go acording to plan...

In an efort to maek up for teh mishapps, Quenn tris to give her pet sum dog fodd for brekfist. BUt, mom innterupts and tels her its time to go to skool.

After coming home from scholl, queen gets out the vacum claener and uses it to give itchy a cleen. Then she gets out the stufed rabitt to ease him into anohter rond of trining folowwed by a drank of woter. Then she tkes him outide agan for som mor gardon eksploring.

quenn then plys with the cd plaer to kill som tiem util dinertime

more taining yay

sorry if im runing ot of tings two say. im not vry gud at etended riting theirs one more day but im not ging to spil it

ok bye dont forget to vote

Samsara: tried to watch this movie but i had to paws it early. it was a bit of a ruff watch: all bark and no bite really. eventually my stomach started growling, so i ate a couple hot dogs but they made me feel bloated and pug-ly, thankfully that all went away after a nice shih tzu. oops that got a bit personal, sorry for those far-fetched statements. i gotta go retrieve something from the lab, i'll catch you later. btw i think you'd be cute with EgixBacon, but that's just the schipperke in me speaking, i'm not gonna hound you two on it or anything. anyway, i'll be keeping tabbies on this submission.



Mothrayas: jugdin

Mothrayas: rejecting because of various forms of abuse, including against fleas, gardens, radio sets, housewives, and possibly also the dog. actually, never mind all of that, rejecting because you almost lost a game of puppy reversi to an actual puppy