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Submission #5186: thanks.'s SNES Super Mario World in 16:19.19

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Mario World
Game version: USA v1.0
ROM filename: Super Mario World (USA).sfc
Emulator: BizHawk 1.11.6
Movie length: 16:19.19
FrameCount: 58848
Re-record count: 542
Author's real name: remove this.
Author's nickname: thanks.
Submitter: Wraith
Submitted at: 2016-07-30 22:13:16
Text last edited at: 2019-06-12 11:10:05
Text last edited by: Wraith
Download: Download (21120 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This movie is pretty simple overall, there are a couple of things that aren't possible in a normal run.

Game objectives

  • I used the bizhawk v 1.11.6 emulator.
  • I tried to beat bowser as fast as I can using game slowdown, save states and the star road. The star road warps me straight into the Bowser's Keep.


This is my first TAS movie, so it might be pretty mediocore in beetween all these amazing runs on this website, I was watching TAS videos since I was a kid, and I finally got myself to make one.

Stage by stage comments

Yoshi's Island 2

This is technically not the first level of the game, but the first level is useless for the run. There isn't anything special about the level, I just try to get through it as fast as I can.

Yoshi's Island 3

This level is based around the rotating platforms, as soon as mario steps on them, they start to rotate, sadly I didn't stand on them long enough in the run to show that off. I made a very small mistake wasting half a second.

Yoshi's Island 4

This level is a sort of a water level, but the water is only at the bottom of the screen. In this level, I make a mid-air shell jump to save some time.

#1 Iggy's Castle

The first castle, and boss in the game. The castle is split into 2 parts, one is a typical "Left to Right" level, with some climbable objects. The second part is a boring auto scroller where I get bored and start jumping and changing mario's direction rapidly. The boss of the level is Iggy Koopa, it's very simple, just jump on him several times and he'll fall into the lava.

Donut Plains 1

The first level of world 2, I skip most of the level using the cape power up that is placed at the very beginning of this level. It has 2 exits, one leading into...

Donut Secret

The first full water level in the game, it's a boring water level that has a pipe leading into a short vertical cave section, which skips a little bit of the level, but it also contains koopa's which will speed up the swimming speed if you take them out of this little section.

Donut Secret House

This is the first (or second if you took the normal exit in Donut Plains 1) ghost house in the game. It's a little bit of a maze, but you can make it a lot easier with the cape power up. I do somewhat of a tricky jump beetween the boo rings at the beginning of the level. We again, take the secret exit in this level, which we have to fight a boss for. After defeating the boss, the star road unlocks.

Star World 1

Extremely weird level that is filled with breakable turn blocks. I use the cape glitch to fall through most of the blocks and get the secret exit insanely fast.

Star World 2

A water level. Even more boring than Donut Secret. I have nothing to say, except that we got the secret exit again.

Star World 3

This level is 10 seconds long. Literally.

Star World 4

The first challenging level in the Star World, I have to fly under most of the level, so I can get the secret exit.

Final level, Bowser's Keep

This is the final level of Super Mario World, Bowser is waiting for the player at the very end. In the level you have a choice of 8 doors, all leading to a sub level that you have to beat to progress further. After you get through 2 of the doors, you get taken to the final hallway which has a light mechanic that I skipped. I had a little bit of trouble getting through this section, losing around 5 seconds. The final boss, is of course bowser. To defeat him, you have to throw back the mecha koopa's that he throws at you. Pretty simple, but I make it a little bit harder, but quicker, by flying over bowser when he's about to throw the mecha koopa's which instantly damaages bowser. After defeating him, you beat the game.

Super Mario World is a platforming game, with a simple story of Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario has to save them. The game was published by Nintendo.

Director - Takashi Tezuka Producer - Shigeru Miyamoto

Samsara: Hi there, welcome to the site.

There are several mistakes throughout this run, things that should never have been kept. You have an infinite number of retries via save-stating, use them liberally and make the run incredible before submitting. As Challenger pointed out in the submission thread, you're far slower than the fastest run we have for this category even with the blank input removed, and you will need to beat that to have a shot at publication. We have high standards for what we can accept: We are not a repository for any run that is tool-assisted. At our core, we are a records site for TASes, and every new run of a certain category has to be faster than the currently published run for us to be able to accept it. We do keep obsoleted runs for archival purposes, but note that they were at one point the fastest published runs, and were beaten in succession by runs leading up to the currently published run.

I'm always glad to see newcomers to the site, of course, so I hope the feedback doesn't dissuade you from sticking around and honing your skills. I recommend reading and learning from the other posts in this submission thread: Invariel's post will help you out quite a bit, for a start, but boct1584 and Spikestuff also give really useful information for newcomers. As for my own personal advice: You may need to spend months or even years learning all of the SMW knowledge required to make a publishable improvement, so I would recommend trying out other games just to hone your skills. SMW TASing has become insanely complex, it's one of the most optimized and technical games we have on the site and I'm almost certain it would be too daunting of a task to handle unless you're really, really prepared for it. Look around the forums and see if there's a thread for a game you know that isn't getting much attention, and perhaps try picking that up as a project. Keep your work within that thread and gain feedback from the rest of the people on the site, learn from your mistakes, and you should be making publishable movies in no time.

Good luck to you on your future endeavors!

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