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Submission #5190: V's Arcade Shinobi "100%" in 11:41.42

Console: Arcade
Game name: Shinobi
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: shinobi.zip
Branch: 100%
Emulator: FBA-RR v007
Movie length: 11:41.42
FrameCount: 42085
Re-record count: 4234
Author's real name: Vince Wong
Author's nickname: V
Submitter: V
Submitted at: 2016-08-11 09:03:01
Text last edited at: 2016-08-24 17:12:47
Text last edited by: feos
Download: Download (8469 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
100% TAS for the arcade release of Shinobi in 11:42.

(Link to video)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FBA-RR v007 (from tasvideos.org)
  • ROM: shinobi.zip (system 16A, set 6, unprotected)
  • fastest-possible, 100%


A 100% (ie: kill everyone) run of the arcade release of Shinobi. A game description can be found with the previous any% run of the same game.

An enemy is considered killed when the score clock increments (if they end up being killed off screen) or if they fall into a hole. The main idea is that an enemy is not considered killed if they simply move too far off screen and de-spawn.

There are points during the run where the player pauses or moves backwards. Although this may appear to be sub-optimal, this is so: 1) enemies don't de-spawn by going too far off screen 2) the spawning of the enemies is more favorable 3) enemies are killed on screen (otherwise, a large portion of the kills would be off screen)

In the bonus games, there are several missed/additional shurikens. It would've been preferable to kill each enemy with a single shuriken but there's some annoying behavior (bug/glitch?) where that doesn't seem possible with some of the enemies. At first, it appeared that some enemies simply took more hits than others. However, it turns out that those enemies can actually be killed with a single shuriken... provided that another shuriken is thrown afterwards (even if the additional shuriken misses). For example, there's a few instances were 5 shurikens are thrown at a single enemy but only one of them hits. If only the one kill-shot shuriken had been thrown (from the same position on the same frame), the shuriken would have missed. Throwing a second shuriken afterwards will get the first one to hit. Throwing a bunch more was just for the hell of it.

In the stage 3 boss fight, the spinning statues probably should've all been destroyed as well considering this is a 100% run. That was actually done for this run at one point but there didn't appear to be anything to it and it was kinda boring (just a lot of jumping and shooting). It seemed to take away from the flow/momentum of the run so that boss fight was re-run and the statues were skipped.

Samsara: Judging.

Samsara: File replaced with a trimmed version.

Samsara: I'm accepting this, since it's a lot tighter than your any% submission and the audience liked it a lot, though I still disagree with the "100%" category. Since enemies can be respawned by moving far enough back and coming forward again, it doesn't exactly "kill every enemy", though it does kill every unique enemy due to the fact that spawns are preset.

Though, with no one else bothering to put forth serious category names, let alone any at all, I'm just going to leave the name as "100%". It can still be changed at any time if someone happens to actually come up with something legitimate.

feos: Pub.

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