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Submission #5244: Unknown394's Wii Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii in 1:32:27.33

Console: Wii
Game name: Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Game version: USA v1.1
ROM filename: Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.wbfs
Emulator: Dolphin 5.0 (Stable Release)
Movie length: 1:32:27.33
FrameCount: 2037516
Re-record count: 12641
Author's real name: Tianyu C.
Author's nickname: Unknown394
Submitter: Unknown394
Submitted at: 2016-10-07 22:04:39
Text last edited at: 2019-06-13 06:53:04
Text last edited by: Spikestuff
Download: Download (444907 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

This is a 18538 Dolphin frames (or 50.47 seconds) Improvement to he previous run. The process of making it took me 131 hours.

Wathch the encode on Youtube:

General improvements

Machanics: Mario's Xspeed is greater when he is sliding down most slopes in the game, but the are exceptions, like in 7-Castle, which slows Mario down instead. A wall jump boost is used every time when there is a wall close enough to perform it when exiting a pipe, which helps Mario to gain momentum incredibly fast. Some slopes are too steep to perform a enemy-stomping acceleration, but it is performed on possible slopes like in 1-1. When Mario is on a vine, his speed is actually faster than running, so jumping shortly after grabbing a vine allows Mario to maintain his momentum, but his jump off a vine is very low. Mario's Yspeed is greater when he is flying, so parts of vertical levels uses more flying than jumping to save time.

Here are the RAM IDs:

8153B8EC: Xspeed

8153B8CC: Yspeed

Note: Dolphin itself does not have RAM watch, you have to use Cheat Engine.

Penguin Suit: Mario looses his penguin momentum after 10 jumps, and in this run, just before Mario looses his momentum, I cancel his sliding state and restart a slide, which saves lots of time.

Boss Fights: more accurately timed combos and stomping glitches are performed to save time.

Glitches: this run uses glithes and one new glitch save time, for instance, collision detection glitches, boss fight glitches, etc.

Strategy & Route: Certain paths taken in the old run are scratched and replaced with new faster routes, like in 8-Tower 1, for example, and most vertical levels.

Game objectives: to beat the game as fast as possible

Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0 (Stable Release)

To play the dtm file of this movie, Dolphin's Dual Core and Idle Skipping should be disabled.


This run is meant to beat the game as fast as possible. In NrSMBW, there are eight regular worlds and five hidden worlds, and by completing World C, Sky City, skips Worlds 5 and 6, which are the most time-consuminng worlds. The run also skips as many auto-scroll levels as possible, although some cannot be avoided. In this new version of the run, glitches are used to progress faster.

Stage comments: Stages that utilizes certain skill(s) or glitches will be explained. The rest of the levels are regular speedrun without special technique.

A glitch previously found, known as the loading screen glitch, turned out to be ineffective and in fact wastes a few frames instead of saving some, so this glitch is not used in this run.

1-1 (Massive Improvement)

Unlike the previous two runs, I did not get the fire flower in this level. It turned out to be totally unneccesary and adds little entertainment factors. This saved tons of time. The chackpoint turns Mario big so I can get a propellar in 1-5.

1-Tower (Routine Improvement, Glitch Used)

Skips 1-4. In this level, nets are replaced by honey hives. This is a vertical level, and the goal is to go up as fast as possible. In this run, a improved route is used to save time. During the Boss fight, Big Fuzzy is invincible while he rolls on the ground, and the fastest way to finish the fight is to hit him as soon as his rolling state is over. The collision detection for Fuzzy is a little glitchy. If you ground pound him on the right spot, you will not get hit but bounce off of him. This does not help to save time, but is definitely fun to watch.


Landing below the fuzzy is improved. In this level, it is possible to perform a wall boost after landing on boxes, but in this case you have to pull Mario back onto the wall to get him to wall jump, which wastes 1-2 frames. But if Mario's Xspeed is very low, the wall jump will be the better choice, for example, in 3-2 after getting the star.


Uses Penguin Suit to swim faster. When Mario is changing angles while swimming with a penguin suit, his Xspeed decreases. So changing angles is done only as much as needed. Sometimes I freeze the enemy in front of me to avoid having to change angles to avoid it.


There is no ice in this level, but sliding with the penguin suit still saves time. The trick is jumping on the exact frame Mario lands during the slide, and Mario will maintain his momentum for 10 jumps, and after that Mario looses the momentum, so the slide is canceled and restarted. But sliding restrics Mario's jumping height so I have to use regular jumps to reach some areas.

1-Castle (Massive Improvement)

Instead of getting a fire flower to get rid of the piranha plants, I kept the penguin suit. Sliding with it helps me progress through the level quickly and I can still defeat the piranha plants by either freezing a plant on the top and it will kill the others as it falls down, or freezing a plant and sliding into it.

2-1 (Strategy Improvement)

At the checkpoint, I grabbed a koopa shell and threw it to kill the firesnakes ahead. The ice powerup can only kill fire snakes by shooting them in the head, but the koopa shell can kill them on contact at any spot, and it saved me the time of having to crouch under them and regain speed slowly.

2-3 (Massive Improvement)

I found a way to get through a moving pipe without having to wait for it to go all the way down and saves tons of time. Loading screen glitch canceled.

2-Tower (Routine Improvement)

A few different routes were taken to progress faster. The loading screen glitch is canceled because it wastes time.

2-5 (Glitch Used)

A secret exit is located at the top of a tall cactus, leading to 2-A. The glitch in this level is a minor glitch with the propellars you can pick up, when they hit something and bouce back, the collision detection will be ignored. It's only for fun.


A fast route is located at the top of the level, only accesible with a propellar suit. It basically skips the entire level.

2-Castle (glitch used)

Some routes have to be opended by stepping on switches that brings enemies to live. The collision detection for the last switch that revives the thomp blocking the pipe is not accurate, creating a glitch. Standing on the edge of the platform on the left triggers the switch, thich saves about 10 frames of acceleration time.


Hills that roll forward gives Mario a speed boost, so walking on them helps save time. Hills that slow Mario down can be easily avoided by jumping on the exact frame of landing on them. More slopes are used for acceleration.


Uses a star at the end to run faster and save time, and using the wall jump boost to accelerate after getting it.


This is a water level, so you might think playing 3-7 might be faster, but 3-7 has a section of maze and wastes a ton of time, which makes 3-6 faster. The loading screen glith is canceled.


The lst jump of a triple jump is higher than a regular jump, which can be used to reach areas without falling into water.

4-Tower (Glitch Used, Routine Improvement)

Another vertical level, uses a few different routes to save time. There is an about 3-5 frames range before ShyGuy becomes invincible after each stomp, and with accurate timing I was able to avoid all of his invincible time.


The secret exit in this level leads to World C, Sky City, a short world that skips Worlds 5 and 6. A wall collision detection glitch existed in version 1.0 that allowed Mario to jump through the wall and avoid all the swimming process after hitting the switch, but this glitch is fixed in the 1.11 version used in this run.

C-3 (New Glitch Discovered, Glitches Used)

This is an unavoidable auto-scroll level. The propellar glitch is again used to entertain the audience. A new glitch I found is with the collision detection of the small parabeetles. If you stand on the very edge and tap right, the game thinks you're falling off but catches you at the save time, creating this funny effect of Mario freaking out. Just for entertainment.

C-Tower (Technique & Routine Improvement)

If you jump on the frame you grab a net, the game does not think Mario has landed and doesn't allow him to fly again, so there is only one frame delay before getting off the net unless he has to change directions. Different routes are taken to save time. There is no boss fight.

7-2 (New Glitch Discovered, Glitch Used)

Another unavoidable auto-scroll level. Playing with koopa shells like in SMW for stage effects. If you stand next to a koopa shell without touching it but close enough and then shake the wii remote, Mario will carry the shell on his head. This is a glitch because Mario is never meant to carry shells like that. For entertainment only.

7-3 (Routine Improvement)

The only non-tower vertical level in this run. In the final section, the warping into space has to be done when Mario is on a vine, so that's why I waited for the vine instead of flying up. Some different routes are taken to save time.

7-4 (Technique Improvement)

When Mario flies right under a bubble, he will immediately gain full momentum after jumping out of it. This technique is used a couple of times.

7-Tower (Routine Improvement)

Different routes are taken to save time.

7-Castle: Important Explaination!

In the last part, I slowed down a little to avoid hitting an asteroid. This is because I progressed faster in the previous part of the level and this made the game give different locations to certain sprites, but there is no time lost because I was faster in the previous part anyway. You might notice that after this level, I saved my progress and returned to the title screen and re-entered the world map. The reason is there is a bug in the system here. If you do not go back to the title screen, the game crashes as soon as you complete the ship level. The re-entering action is done as fast as possible. 8-1, 8-2 Auto-scroll levels

8-3 (Technique Improvement)

Sliding down a slope after landing from a flight gives Mario momentum a lot faster.

8-Tower 1 (Routine Improvement)

Different routes are taken to save time.

8-4 (Routine Improvement)

I was able to save lots of frames by jumping over instead of flying over the lava after the checkpoint.


This is a trick the NewerTeam played on the players. This is not the final level of the game, but rather a entrance to the other half of World 8. No boss fight. Like in 7-Castle, I was able to save a lot of time in the previous part, which changed the location of the firebar sprite in the end, forcing me to fly over it. An acceleration trick is done after this: stomping an enemy (In this case, the big dry bones under Mario)give Mario full Momentum, so I was able to avoid time wastes.

8-6 (Routine Improvement, New Glitch Found, Glitch Used)

The glitch is similar to the parabeetle glitch, but done with the boat. By flying off the boat sooner in the final section I was able to reach the flagpole a lot sooner.

8-Tower 2 (Routine & Technique Improvements, Glitch Used)

Different routes are taken to save time. During the fight with Kamek, he will change his location if you move too soon, and I timed the moving better to save time. Also, when flying up, if you hit Kamek at thhe right spot it will count as a stomp, which can be classified as a glitch, and this saves the time of having to get him from the top.


This level takes less time to complete than 8-9.

8-Final (Massive Optimization, New Glitch Found, Glitch Used)

To get to the Bowser fight, you have to hit three switches in three diferrent areas. This time, I stomp the switch at the very edge of the collision detection to save time, and after the first phase of the fight I was able to save about 20 frames just by stomping the switches better. In the second phase, you're given a clown car with a cannon, and the fight is finished after you hit Bowser 25 times. A glitch is used in the final fight: you can shoot an obstacle and Bowser at the same time, which is not meant to happen. I was able to get 2 shots ahead by using this glitch, and save some time by sticking closer to Bowser. Around 250 frames save in total.

Remaining Time Comparison

This is a comparison of my previous best remaining time and the remaining time in this run of every level (the higher the number the faster the run).

Previous | Improved

599 | 601

572 | 572

422 | 422

420 | 423

456 | 457

484 | 485

503 | 506

498 | 505

440 | 441

467 | 468

473 | 472 (This is because I changed Powerups in this level. In my very first runs I changed powerups in the next level, which is slower. Considering that, this is still faster. The previous run was 471.)

461 | 464

463 | 467

468 | 468

463 | 463

403 | 403

466 | 467

484 | 485

471 | 471

630 | 630

387 | 387

445 | 445

234 | 234

416 | 417

395 | 395

490 | 490

443 | 445

445 | 445

447 | 447

628 | 629

445 | 445

414 | 414

334 | 335

448 | 449

553 | 553

522 | 525

441 | 442

671 | 674

442 | 443

693 | 693

420 | 420

408 | 408

360 | 360

240 | 240

439 | 440

676 | 677

431 | 432

422 | 422

058 | 062

323 | 325

613 | 617

557 | 560

594 | 595

679 | 680

175 | 179

Feedback Credits

I put a lot of effort into discovering the glitches and improving other parts of the run, but I also have to thank my friends who gave me feedback on my previous run, telling me what to improve and supporting my project.

























This is a list of my attemps for this run.










1:32:31.73 (Failed Attempt to Improve)

If you didn't enjoy my previous runs, hope you enjoy this one. Please leave comments or vote AFTER WATCHING.

Nach: Judging.

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