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Submission #5380: Challenger's GG The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck in 11:23.0

Console: Game Gear
Game name: The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Lucky Dime Caper, The Starring Donald Duck (U) [!].gg
Emulator: BizHawk 1.11.9
Movie length: 11:23.0
FrameCount: 40927
Re-record count: 14533
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Challenger
Submitter: Challenger
Submitted at: 2017-02-01 18:17:12
Text last edited at: 2017-02-25 17:08:04
Text last edited by: fsvgm777
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
I present a GG TAS of this game!

Temporary encode

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 1.11.9

  • Takes damage to save time

What differences with SMS version?

  • While following the same storyline, all of the cutscenes is very different.

  • The level select screen on the Game Gear does not have any music.

  • Every stage of this version is very different than SMS version.

  • In the Game Gear version, bonus items are pre-placed in the level, whereas in the Master System version they are only obtainable by killing enemies.

  • The Master System game allows you to back track, the Game Gear version does not.

  • Collecting five stars in the Master System game gives you limited invulnerability, the Game Gear version gives additional points (Also, Donald can collect until 3 stars on this GG version).

  • When hit by an enemy, Donald loses his hammer weapon in the Master System version; it can be obtained as bonus item after killing an enemy. The hammer is not lost when hit by an enemy in the Game Gear version.

  • Due of different stages, no longer possible to perform some bugs that I used on SMS version.

  • SMS version was released on Europe and Brazil while the GG version, was released on USA, Europe, Japan and Brazil.

I'll forgo the stage by stage comments, because the objectives on each stage is the same of SMS version, expect for a extra damage on Stage 4 and Stage 7, respectively.

EDIT: For some reason, when I started to work on GG version, Bizhawk read this GG version as SMS platform.

feos: There are a couple places where this run looks sloppy, but in fact it isn't, I could only save 1 frame in one place. The overall execution is still very solid, and it even starts getting entertaining in the last level, but that's too late to get this run a moon, so accepting to Vault.

fsvgm777: Processing.

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